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Rocky wasn't quite sure how long he had been sitting outside in the rain, but he figured he had better get going. He was feeling some what better, but then again, this feeling could never be taken off his shoulders.

"I wish I could…but the only way would be if they…"

'No' his mind told him ' try and forget..try and forget, it's gets easier with time'

He didn't want to think about the past anymore, so he put his mind in the present. He knew he'd been out for quite some time and hadn't told Ginger when he'd be back and he figured she was probably wondering where he was at.

'I'll probably get hell when I walk in the door' He thought to himself as he chuckled slightly. He'd caught hell from Ginger before, and it wasn't something he was looking forward too.

The rain had started to ease up becoming just a light spring shower. He always loved days like this. It was calm and quite….he didn't know many other chickens that would be out in the rain around here. While walking, Rocky glanced around the island that he now called home. It was strange, he'd spent most of his life going from here to there, he was never in one place for too long but he had somehow grown accustomed to it. So it was almost like breaking an old habit having to stay in one place. To finally call one place home.

'But you did call something home….home was with them'

Rocky winced at the thought. But he pushed it out of his thoughts as he came up to his hut, determined not to show how he was really feeling….

When Rocky entered the hut, he was surprised to find that it was quite. He glanced around the hut, but then figured that Ginger had already turned in for the night.

'Well maybe that means she didn't notice" He muttered

So he went upstairs and pocked his head in their bedroom to see Ginger already sound asleep. So he quietly dried himself off, and was about to go to bed himself when he heard a little sound coming from the other room. Rocky went to go check, not wanting Ginger to wake.

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