Holding On

Olivia knew this wouldn't be easy, but she had to tell her partner what she was feeling. He'd understand, at least she hoped he would. "Elliot, could I talk to you for a sec?" she called as she saw him exit his office. "Sure, Liv, what's up?" he asked as he came over to her. She sighed.

"Another case just came in, but I feel funny about taking it." she confessed. "A friend of mine's baby was taken yesterday, and she called for our help, but I feel a conflict of interest. What should I do?" "Well, how bout I serve as backup?" Elliot proposed. Olivia nodded. "Ok, but where do we start?" "Well, who's closest to your friend that you know of?" Elliot asked. Olivia gasped. "Ms. Mcguffy!" she exclaimed. Elliot glanced at her, confused. "She can't have kids of her own, and she's always seemed a little too attached to Bella. Let's see if she'll tell us anything." Elliot nodded as he followed Olivia out of the precinct.