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"Eh…Eh!" Naraku had shouted out. I jumped up immediately, twirling off my bed. I looked back at the clock. It read 2:33 am. 'Was I really thinking that deeply?' I thought, and looked back at Naraku.

"What are you thinking about?" Naraku ordered. Naraku didn't seem to be beat up, any. He wasn't slumping or bruised and bloody.

"Where were you?" I asked without thinking. I sat back to flinch, but I was not afraid of a strike.

"We were at… None of your business. What were you thinking of, my sister?" Naraku asked in order and annoyance. I smelled alcohol on his breath, and realized he was drunk. 'They must have stopped by a local bar. Then Sesshoumaru is safe!' I thought happily, but was afraid of what Naraku may do next.

"None of your business." I replied. I had no intention of telling him anything, ever. I never had. Even though no one knew about it, I was still afraid he might find out the truth. 'Finding out about Sesshoumaru…he'll be determined to kill him, even more than now. And he will crush my heart like a defenseless bug…' I thought, and decided, since he was drunk, to take another turn with my answer.

"I mean, when will I get out of here? I have my own life." I had said. 'Perhaps talking to him when he is drunk revealed more truth then when he is sober.' I thought, and an evil grin drew across my lips secretly.

"You mean, marriage?" Naraku automatically said, like it was planned. "Renkotsu has grown fond of you. Marry him."

'What!?!' I had thought angrily. "That's not what I'm talking about!" I shouted out in anger. Oh I was angry. Treated like a fool, treated like a toy doll, a slave. I was outraged. As I waited for him to yell at me, I realized he was on the floor, out cold. 'He's unbelievable! I can just kill him now. Right now…' I thought, but I knew I could not. Being the demon I am, he had my heart in protection. And he has his heart somewhere, hidden. Neither he nor I can be killed without crushing our hearts. That is why I had to listen to his every order.

But he was out cold on the floor. There was nothing I could do about it. I dragged him upstairs to his room, without even caring about the steps each knocking against his head. 'How much I want to destroy him…' I thought, and gritted my teeth. Dropping him at his doorway, I went back to my room and locked the door behind me. I teared.

Last night I had thought about running away, but previous experiences told me it was a bad idea. I woke up with a start this morning, at about 6 am. 'I need more sleep…' I thought, yawning.

"Wake up. Get educated." Naraku said.

"What?" I woke up quickly. I couldn't trust my brother around me, it meant certain striking without caution, and I needed to be alert to avoid strikes.

"You are to follow my every order. Or I will kill you. You must go to Shikon High. Spy on the Furred." Naraku said.

"Why can't you?" I said angrily, but fake. I would normally object, but I was enthralled. I used to go to high school, a few months ago. Then Naraku pulled me out, saying it was dangerous. But he never pulled out my 14 year old sister Kanna. 'I can…see Sesshoumaru!' I thought delighted.

Naraku ignored my question. "Spy on the leader, Sesshoumaru. Tell me his weaknesses." Naraku said and left the room. I closed the door and quickly got dressed. 'I rarely saw Sesshomaru. Last night, I snuck out to find him. There were no other real occurances…' I walked out the door, walking toward the Shikon High.

"Oh, its you." The principal Kaede said blankly. "Your brother caused trouble here, hopefully you can be silent and obedient like your sister. Here is your schedule." Kaede handed a sheet of paper to me.

'Well of course Kanna is silent, she's completely emotionless.' I thought angrily, looking at my schedule and heading to my first class. I spotted the first seat empty and sat in it, glaring chalkboard. A tall slender figure stood in front of me.

"Out." The figure said. I looked up. It was Sesshoumaru, and I was sitting in his seat. I got up quickly and sat at the next empty seat, the last one left. The whole class had been watching me. 'I get it, this is a class of Furred.' I spotted a few people I used to know. 'Kagome, Inuyasha, Kouga, Shippo, Ayame, Sesshoumaru…' I thought. During so, a few giggles caught my attention. I looked over to where it was coming from.

It was that young girl, Rin! She was sitting behind Sesshoumaru, talking to him. He was not smiling, but I could see it in his eyes. He was also laughing, in his head. I couldn't believe it. I suddenly felt very foolish and stupid. 'I should have known. Of course. He already had Rin.' I put my head down, outraged.