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"Ms. Kagura. Ms. Kagura." I heard the voice, calling my name over and over. It was my teacher. I woke up slowly.

"What?" I said annoyed, not caring who I was talking to.

The teacher didn't care, as he replied, "Projects. And your partner will be Sesshoumaru." There was a small gasp as he pointed over to Sesshoumaru and handed me a paper labeled "Teens Today." I skimmed over the paper, and then I looked back at him.

"What's this for?" I asked rudely. I had no intention of working with any Furred in here, especially that Sesshoumaru. I was just too angry, too jealous of that Rin. The teacher once again ignored my arrogance.

"You will research your topic. And write an essay on it. You and your partner will present it to the whole class next week." The teacher said, turning back at the whole class. He paused, then turned back at me. "You shall do well to pay attention next time, Ms. Kagura."

'Whatever.' I thought. I rolled the paper up and put my head back down on the desk, not paying attention to the extra chatter and the sounds of moving desks. I felt a presence over me, and I looked up. It was him. I was in awe. 'All these feelings…' I thought. 'Rushing back…' I stared at him for a few seconds, as he looked at me oddly in a blnck expression.

"…" Sesshoumaru looked at me irritated. "Foolish." He mumbled.

"Screw you." I told him. There was an odd silence in the room, and I felt the minds of the class think 'How dare the sister of Naraku…insult the leader of the Furred!?!' I did not care. I handed Sesshoumaru the paper, and the bell rang. 'Thank god.' I thought, and I got up out of my desk and walked passed Sesshoumaru, shooting a glare at his eyes. To my surprise, the eyes were looking back, somewhat oddly, somewhat kind. I shrugged it off and left the classroom. I didn't bother to go to my next classes.

'I am such a fool. He probably thinks I'm bipolar.' Kagura thought and she grinded her teeth angrily. 'I had to warn him last night because…?' I leaned against the wall outside and sighed.

"Kagura!" Someone called out to me. It was Inuyasha. 'What does he want?' I thought, gritting my teeth in annoyance.

"What do you want?" I said, turning around and facing Inuyasha, a guy with long silky white hair and two dog ears on top of his head. He was Sesshoumaru's younger brother, his half brother. Behind him were three humans and a small fox child.

"Why did you warn us?" Inuyasha asked rudely.

"I lied." I said, and I really was lying. I wondered why Inuyasha knew that I warned Sesshoumaru.

"I know you did. But why?" Inuyasha yelled. Kagome whispered something to Sango's ear, and I knew with Inuyasha's ears he could hear it. "Hehe…" He smirked.

"You like Sesshoumaru, don't you?" Inuyasha said smirking.

"I do not!" I shouted. 'But I do…' I thought to myself. I folded my arms across my chest and sighed angrily.

"Keh. Liar." Inuyasha said.

"Yeah!?! You want to prove it!?!" I shouted out at him, pulling my fan out from my yukata.

"Bring it on!" Inuyasha yelled, sharpened claws ready to slash. Kagome told InuYasha to stop, and he did, like he had something really important to do soon. "I'm not going to waste my time on you!" He said arrogantly, and they turned around and left.

'What was that important for him to stop a fight with me!?!' I thought. A death-ful thought stuck my mind. "Naraku…" I muttered and gasped. I hopped in my feather and quickly followed them.

By the time I caught up, they were already fighting. I hid behind a tree, but I knew members of the Furred caught my scent. Inuyasha turned around, unfortunately.

"Hey, it's the stalker!" He said, smirking. Several others turned around and eyed the tree, and I stepped out of hiding. There was no use running away. Sesshoumaru, however, did not look at me. He focused on Naraku, watching his every move.

Naraku eyed me suspiciously. "Kagura, I expected you to keep your task in hiding." He scolded, and eyed the other members of the Spiders. They nodded, and dashed away, leaving me alone.

"…" Sesshoumaru looked irritated, and he started walking away. Before doing so, he eyed and glared at me. I lowered my eyes and hopped on my feather, driving away.

The feather swerved. "Dammit!" I said, looking at the gas. 'Empty…' I thought, stopping the feather and parking it at the side of the road. It was a long walk home, and Naraku would squeeze my heart if I'm late. 'I don't care anymore…' I thought, and I started walking up the side of the road, home.

It was getting late. '7 pm…I'm going to be crushed for sure…' A long black limo drove by. 'Funny…a limo…here?' I thought. It stopped and backed up. A window rolled down.

It was Rin. "Kagura, I know it's a little odd, but do you want to go to a ball with us?" Rin said, moving to a point where I could see Kagome and Sango, all three dressed in beautiful gowns.

"A ball?" I said, twisting my face in discust, but I nodded. 'Is this a trap? Ah well. Might as well do some odd things before Naraku crushes my heart.' I thought. "But I have nothing to wear." I said, sounding a bit girly.

"We'll prep you up." Rin said. The limo door opened, and I got in. It was some what silent in the limo, an awkward silence.

'Is this a trap? Why did they want me?' I thought. "What's this ball for?" I asked, breaking the silence.

"It's the official Shikon City ball. Everybody who's anybody will go there." Kagome answered.

"But why me?" I said without thinking. "I mean-"

"Well, you live here, in this city, don't you? Even Furred and Spiders are going. Without gang fights, of course. There will be layers and layers of security." Rin said.

"Gang fights…" Sango muttered, shaking her head. "Why do they happen anyway…? It just causes pain…"

'Pain…? Of course, Sango lost her whole family and her brother Kohaku to the gangs. Kohaku still lives, but where is he now?' I thought. "Yes…it does cause pain." I agreed. The limo stopped.

"We're here. Well, at Kagome's house. The ball doesn't start till another hour."