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"Wha…?" I asked. This was the one time I let my defenses down. I was shy and timid and not who I normally was. I was just a girl.

"I have a gown that would look wonderful on you, Kagura." Kagome says randomly, as we all walk into her house.

"A gown?" I asked. 'But I hate dresses…' I thought, but I went along with Kagome. 'Why are they being so nice to me?' I thought puzzled. Kagome handed me a crimson colored velvet gown.

"Why? Why are you doing this to me?" I said out loud. Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked upon me. "I mean…" I mumbled, covering my face with my hand.

Suddenly Kanna walked out of the bathroom. "…" She just wore a long ghostly white gown, no sparkles, just plain and simple. I looked at my sister in awe.

"Kanna…?" I said. I couldn't believe it. 'Was everyone getting ready for this ball? Except me?' I thought. 'Why hadn't I known about it?' I looked back at the crimson colored gown and went into the bathroom, immediately, pushing Kanna out of the way. I closed the door and locked it. Outside I heard several mumbles, like they were talking about me. I leaned my ear on the door, listening in.

"That's odd. Is she always like this at home?" I heard Rin ask. And from the next statements I could tell that Kanna shook her head.

"Really, never?" Kagome said.

"She's unsure." Sango said quietly, wisely. "About her life. What she was meant for. And now she's in this odd situation, and she let her guard down."

At that I sat up from the door. 'True…all true.' I thought, but I didn't want to believe it. I really was unsure about everything. 'There really is no one to yell at in here…' I thought, and I looked at the gown. 'Might as well…'

'Wow…I actually look…feminine…' I thought, looking into the mirror in awe. I heard someone knock the door.

"Are you ready in there?" Kagome asked.

"…" I winced. 'I'm not going out there, not in this.' I thought, but the door opened and Kagome stuck her head through.

"I told you." Kagome said, opening the door completely.

"Told me what?" I said somewhat arrogantly.

"That it would look good on you." She replied, and Sango and Rin looked in. Kanna was sitting patiently.

"Its pretty." Rin said, holding a brush. Sango agreed and nodded as she was applying a familiar pinkish colored eye shadow. "You need some make up." Sango said.

"Wha…? Make up…!" My right eye twitched. Sure, I wore some red eye shadow, but I wore that ever since I was in grade school. Some people thought it was actually part of my face, being a wind demon. With that they avoided me. And I liked it that way. But really girly make up? 'Hell no.' I thought. I shook my head.

"Don't be silly." Kagome said, and I spotted both Rin and Sango head toward me. 'No…' I closed my eyes and cringed.

"All done." Sango said. I opened my eyes, twirling around towards the mirror. It wasn't even a lot of make up. I looked toward my ears. 'My earrings!'

"Where are they?" I said, somewhat yelling.

"Oh, your earrings? Right here." Kagome said, holding them in her hands. "Here are another pair." Kagome said, walking toward me with white feather earrings. There was a red shape on each one. "Now put these in and take your fan." She handed the earrings and my fan to me.

I shook my head and put the earrings in.

"Time to go!" Rin shouted happily, and everyone looked at the clock. It was 7:45 pm. "I'll be in the limo." Rin said, walking out the door with Kanna.

"Kagura…" Sango and Kagome said. I paused, looking back toward them from the door.

"This is hush-hush, but, Rin likes Sesshoumaru." Kagome said.

I felt my heart fall. I had forgotten about him, and they had to bring it up right when we were going. "So? Why so I care?" I said, the tone in my voice changing from content to furious.

"That's not all of it, Kagura. Inuyasha told me Sesshoumaru only liked Rin as a sister." Kagome said quickly.

I felt my heart hover a little. But I said, "Don't believe Inuyasha's lies." At that I turned around and headed out the door. Both of them headed toward the door also.

"He likes you." Sango said, passing me. Neither of them made eye contact. I stood there shocked, watching the both of them get into the limo. The driver waited, keeping the limo door open.

"I…" I said, and I rushed into the limo. "But…!" Neither Sango nor Kagome said anything, and I realized that Rin was in the limo. I silenced myself.