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The privacy window rolled down, showing the driver's face in the driver's mirror. "There was a small fight at the City Hall. Do you still want to go to the ball?' The driver asked.

"Yes…" Sango said without thinking. The privacy window rolled back up. "I'm not going to let any gangs ruin my night." She said, and looked out the window.

"…" I twitched, but agreed. 'She must be planning to be there with someone very special…Miroku.' I thought. 'Oh my gosh… What about me? Who do I dance with? What if I must dance! How do I dance!' I thought in panic and worry. I was never taught any feminine-ness, dancing, use of make-up, obviously, such. 'I am going to make a fool of myself, I know it!' I thought, and I winced at every passing road, knowing that with each second, I'd be closer to Shikon City Hall.

Suddenly the privacy window rolled down again, and the driver turned up the radio.

"The Shikon City Ball, located at Shikon City Hall, is now a masquerade ball, due to some conflicts between various citizens. Please do no come without a masque. The ball is now delayed to 8:15 pm to allow attenders to retrieve their masques. That is all."

Then the radio cut off with the normal station. "Where to? The 'Fancy Masques' store on Kaede Avenue?" The driver asked afterward.

"Yes." We all said, with the exception of Kanna. The privacy window rolled back up once again, and a sudden U-turn was felt.

"Like it'll make any difference. People will notice the long hair of Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru, and Naraku." I mumbled.

"Girls won't be as easy to distinguish from others." Rin said.

"But it's not the girls who start the fights." Kagome said.

"…" Sango continued to look out the window and Kanna just ignored everything all together. I turned my head towards the window, looking out at the rushing traffic.

"We're here." Sango said, seeing the 'Fancy Masques' outside her window. The limo parks over three lots and we all got out, opening the door to the store. It was rather crowded with fancy dressed citizens, obviously ones who were going to the ball, shopping for their own masques.

"Here." Kanna said, and she handed a white masque to Kagome, one with a very light blue tint.

"That was fast." Kagome replied. And so we browsed for masques.

'Where will I find one that matches my dress?' I thought noticing the others had already picked out their masques and were waiting on me. Kagome was holding a butterfly winged one, baby blue, matching her dazzling glittery sky blue dress. Sango was holding a green one, somewhat shaped like wings, like Kagome's but different, matching her Amazon green dress. And Rin was holding a bright violet one, matching her light lavender colored dress. I still needed one, and I browsed a non-crowded area to avoid the other customers. There it was. A crimson red colored one with fettered fairy wings. I quickly tried it one, looking into the mirror.

'Is that really me? Of course not. Not in reality…' I thought, and I gave it to Kagome. She paid for all the masques, and we headed out back into the limo.

"Find you masques?" The limo driver asked, opening the door for all five of us. I nodded.

The driver drove to Shikon City Hall. We were there. All these rushed panicked emotions came to me, but I ignored them, feeling safe behind my masque.

"Please sign this guestbook." A man said at the door. We all signed it.

To tell you the truth, the City Hall was beautiful and colorful. I entered the lounge, and saw fancy dressed people in masques sitting on the fancy couches. I realized I was standing there in awe, and I quickly rushed to the others, thankful that I had a masque. The next room was the ball room, a large room with many people, all dressed for the ball. The lights were somewhat dimmed, and there was a small orchestra at the stage, playing music created for waiting.

"Caviar and cigarettes
Well versed in etiquette
Extraordinarily nice…"

"I can't find InuYasha." Kagome mumbled.

"He might've been one of those who started conflicts." Rin said, but Sango shook her head.

"Its still 7:10 pm, the ball won't officially start until five minutes pass." Sango said.

But there were still many people, although most of them were sitting in the lounge.

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