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Date Finished: February 9, 2005

WARNING: There are two chapters for the ending. This one (7), titled Death, is sorrowful. If you would be deeply sorrowed by the main character's death, then please go to the next chapter (8) titled Live Love.

It was Naraku. He punched Sesshoumaru, although it did no damage. Then he slapped me, tears streaming down my cheeks. "Naraku…!" I shouted.

"You think killing Renkotsu and taking his jewel shard will help you any? You're more foolish than I thought." Naraku accused. Security soon gathers, but his jyakididn't allow them to get through.

"What? I did no such thing! Naraku… I just want to be free!" I shouted.

"Give me the shard, and I will spare you, returning your heart." Naraku said, holding out his hand to take the shard from me.

"I did no such thing!" I screamed at him, tears still rolling down my cheeks.

"Keep your heart." Naraku replied, and he dug his arm into his abdomen and took out a pumping red heart. He squeezed it, and I shook in pain. He shoved it into my left rib cage as I was bending over in pain.

"What…? I don't…have the…shard…" I sputtered out, not able to breathe.

"Spare her. I do." Sesshoumaru said, and stepped in front of me as I leaned for support on his shoulder.

"A leader of a strong clan, my rival gang, fell as low as to steal the shard? This changes things." Naraku replied, and he raised a gun toward my head.

"Spare her." Sesshoumaru ordered, and he held the shard up in Naraku's reach.

"Very well." Naraku sneered, taking the shard and lowering his gun. And he pulled the trigger.

"You basterd!" were my last words as the bullet blasted through my neck, digging into it. Falling into Sesshoumaru's arms, I died…

I opened my eyes, and looked upon Sesshoumaru's face. "Is this heaven? Am I…free?" I asked him. I heard nothing but his voice, saw nothing but him in a white misty aura. I saw tears stream down his cheeks, so I reached up and stroked them, and I cringed at pain in my neck as I did so.

"You are. You are free." He replied. "I love you, Kagura." He whispered in my ear and kissed my lips.

"Why…I love you too…Sessh…Sessh…Sessho…" My voice faded away.

Sesshoumaru walked home from the Shikon Hall. It was a year and a half after Kagura's death, on the day of graduation. Sesshoumaru had been a special speaker, for a presentation he had to do a year and a half ago. About society's teenagers and gangs.

The wind blew, brushing his long white hair past his shoulders. Leaves picked up, swirling around him.

"I love you…Sesshoumaru…" The wind whispered to him.

-The End-