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Notes: Well, I've decided to have two endings, and you may choose which one you would like to read, or you may read both. This one is labeled Ending 2: Live Love so no one dies, or at least permanently, except the most hated character. To tell you the truth, I personally hated this chapter.

Date Finished: February 9, 2005

WARNING: There are two chapters for the ending. This one (8), titled Live Love, is the alternate ending. If you would like to read the original that I planned to write for this fanfic, then please go to the previous chapter (7) titled Death.

It was Naraku. He punched Sesshoumaru, although it did no damage. Then he slapped me, tears streaming down my cheeks. "Naraku…!" I shouted.

"You think killing Renkotsu and taking his jewel shard will help you any? You're more foolish than I thought." Naraku accused. Security soon gathers, but his jyaki didn't allow them to get through.

"What? I did no such thing! Naraku… I just want to be free!" I shouted.

"Give me the shard, and I will spare you, returning your heart." Naraku said, holding out his hand to take the shard from me.

"I did no such thing!" I screamed at him, tears still rolling down my cheeks.

"Very well. Keep your heart." Naraku replied, and he dug his arm into his abdomen and took out a pumping red heart. He squeezed it, and I shook in pain. He shoved it into my left rib cage as I was bending over in pain.

"What…? I don't…have the…shard…" I sputtered out, not able to breathe.

"Enjoy your demise, Kagura, for it was you who caused it. And to think you'd ever be free…" Naraku replied, and he raised a gun toward my head, and pulled the trigger.

"You basterd!" were my last words as the bullet lowered its aim and blasted through my neck, digging into it. Falling into Sesshoumaru's arms, I died…

Or so I thought. I opened my eyes, and looked upon Sesshoumaru's face. "Is this heaven? Am I free?" I asked him. I heard nothing but his voice, saw nothing but him in a white misty aura.

"You are..." I heard him say, and he stroked the tears off my cheek as I fainted into his arms.

"What the hell happened?" Naraku sputtered, and blood drew from his neck, bleeding horribly. Naraku raised his hand to his neck, seeing the blood. He collapsed.

"A shard. When you place a shard in clan member's heart, it switches with the most powerful one in the clan. You are a wise fool, Naraku." Sesshoumaru said coldly, and he reached for the heart within me, pulling out the shard. The heart changed, it was black, but now it was red, and pumping, and it teleported back into my body. It was mine forever and forever.

"Sesshoumaru…It was you…" I mumbled unconsciously.

Sesshoumaru and I walked home from the Shikon Hall. It was a year and a half after the City Ball, on the day of our graduation. Sesshoumaru had been a special speaker, for a presentation we had to do a year and a half ago. About society's teenagers and gangs.

I blew the wind and it swished the leaves all around us, swirling Sesshoumaru's long white hair.

"I love you…Sesshoumaru…" I had the wind whisper to him.

"I really do..." I added.

"I'm free. Truly free…" The wind sung.

-The End-