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June 3rd

Dear diary,

I guess it had to happen sooner or later, I mean considering who my parents areā€¦ I mean were, but why now? Man, I sound like such a whiner, but all I want is to go home. Ms. Monroe is the one who suggested I keep a journal, said something about it helping me sort all that's happened. The Professor said it was a good idea. I like the Professor. You could say he has become like a father to me. I just hope that he won't disappear as well. I can't do this! I've got nothing against writing what's happened to me, but I need some time to myself.

June 7th

Dear diary,

Lucky me. If you couldn't tell that was suppose to be biting sarcasm. I never thought I'd make any friends at this 'school' but I was wrong. I should have known I'd get to like my roommates, all of them are great, even if they're all a year older then me. Anyway I'm lucky enough that one of them, the closest friend I've had, is also friends with a claw wielding psycho. Like I said before, lucky me. I guess it is my fault. And how was I suppose to know the guy had a temper, yeesh. It's not like I meant for them to come out. I suppose your wondering what I'm babbling about. Let's just say it ties in with my first entry. Again I'm going to have to stop and fight back the tears. If I wasn't so afraid of people seeing me cry I'd keep writing. I suppose the only thing I can do is promise you is to write the entire truth tomorrow. So, until then.

June 8th

I look at the last few sentences of my last entry and realize how stupid I am. You're a book. An inanimate object that is used for recording purposes, nothing more. Then again, maybe you are more. I guess you could say I look at you as me. I mean as an inward me I alone can talk to. Okay, where the heck did that mumbo jumbo come from?! Uhh, I must have been with the Professor to long. Anyway I hate to say this but I need to skip telling you about myself. Don't worry I swear to tell you more tomorrow, if I live that long. For now I have to wait until Mr. Summers comes to kill me. I warned him that I shouldn't be put near anything valuable. But DID he listen? NO! So now I'm doomed. Such melodramatics. Uh-oh, he's knocking on my door I'll talk to you later.