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Robins point of view
How could I let them kill her? How?I'm such an idiot. I sould have stayed with her.

Robin yelled aimlessly at the wall.


He thrust a lamp, it shattered loudly as it hit the wall. The pieces fell to the floor, but he didn't even think of picking them up. He could still remember how it happened, it kept playing again, and again in his mind. It would plague him forever, and all eternity. Robin shuddered as the images flashed through his brain...

"Titans GO!" Robin shouted as he took out his bo staff and rushed toward the minions of their newest enemy. He called himself Dominus.

The man snickered after hearing Robin's battle cry. He was wearing a black robe with encantations written on it, possibly the blood of his victims. His long, white hair swayed in the wind as he walked forward. He drew his twin swords and motioned for the titans to come and fight.

Raven lifted a feild of the iron bars that were left in the abandoned wearhouse. Starfire jumped into the air and flew over Dominus, throwing a miriad of starbolts at him. Beast Boy quickly turned into a tyrannosaurus rex, tried to bite at the villain, but missing, as Dominus leaped out of the way. Cyborg shot sonic blasts from his cannon, Dominus however,dodged all of them.The boy wonderrushed at the deranged man, hurling birdarangs and flinging energy discs at him. Dominusdodgedall of the flying projectiles, stumbling into the pile of iron bars that Raven had managed to muster. Themadman laughed hysterically.

"You actually think that you can hurt me..." Dominus questioned them as he stood up and dusted himself off. "When I have an entire army at my command?"

"Say what?" asked Cyborg with a puzzled look on his face.

Dominus moved his hand in the air. A sudden crashing of windows diverted the Teen Titan's attention. A stream of undead climbed out of the windows and into the wearhouse. They knocked the door down and swarmed in.

"Necat furcifures." Dominus commanded as he pointed to Raven, and the others. Raven's expression changed quickly. She appeared to be thinking about what Dominus just said.

"... kill the pests..." Raven whispered to herself, then quickly turned to Robin. "They're under his control- and we're their next target, his next victims."

"Congratualations Raven, you've figured out my power." exclaimed the insane villain as he jumped on the pile of crates that Starfire was perched on earlier. "I control an entire army of undead, but my army needs a final touch- you, Raven. You shall be the banshee queen, their ruler."

"No, you won't hurt friend Raven!" shouted Starfire as she threw more starbolts at him. Dominus counter attacked by sending swarms of undead mobs at the alien who screamed in pain as they pulled her down from mid air. Beast Boy turned into a ram and charged at Dominus, propelling him into the wall. Cyborg shot him with his sonic cannon, he narrowly dodged the blast, leaving a large hole in the wall. Dominus dashed toward Raven.

An energy disc hit Dominus, knocking him down onto the floor.

"Don't touch her." Robin ordered while charging head first at the leader of the undead. Dominus' pride was shattered for a split second, too much time wasted, Robin had already pinned him against the wall. His bo staff held Dominus about an inch off the ground. Robin was sweating fiercley, while the deranged lunatic cackled.

"Looks like you've already lost, Robin." Dominus stated boldly as he pointed toward Raven. Robin turned his head to see Raven. The undead were viciously attacking her, and it seemed that she couldn't fight back.

"Robin!" screamed Raven as a horde of undead cornered her, and started slashing at her. "They're imune to my powers! I can't fight them off!"

"Raven!" Robin shouted in response. He dropped Dominus to the ground, and ran to the crowd. The other titans just stood on the side, fighting off the rest of the mob. "What are you doing? Help her!"

Brutally slaughtering every zombie that came in his way, Robin came to Raven as fast as he could. He managed to make a path through the mob, and stood besides a now dying Raven. The telekinetic tried to heal herself as Robin fought off the rest. One of Dominus' minions came rushing at her, but Robin thrust a birdarang through his skull,, and colapsed to the floor. Robin couldn't feel anything, except for the horrible feeling of pain.


The rest of the Teen Titans rushed to help fight off the horde. This assaultgave Robin time to crouch next to Raven. He face was covered in scratches, and blood. She held her hand over her stomach, then took it off, revealing a large gash which was bleeding profoundly. Robin's eye's widened as she showed him her wound.

"Raven... I, I... are you going to be..."

"I can't heal myself Robin." this diety of darkness admitted this with great pain, her voice was shaking, much like Robin's voice. "I'm not going to live..."

Robin swallowed back the tears, but his throat was amazingly dry. He couldn't speak properly without sounding hoarse.

"No... no, Raven... you can't do this."

"I'm sorry, Robin..."

Robin gently kissed her, the taste of blood filled his mouth, but he didn't notice. With this final goodbye, Raven closed her eyes, and took her final breath. The bird boy picked up her body and started heading to the door.

"Titans, flee!" shouted Robin while nearing the exit. "Just a few more steps and you're out..." he wispered to himself."

"Where do you think you're going?" Dominus asked as he hit Robin in the back of the head. Robin stumbled for a few seconds, then fell to the ground unconsious. Everything went black, but he could still hear the horrible laughter of Dominus.

Cyborg and Beast Boy told Robin what happened after Dominus had knocked him out. They said that he took Raven's dead body and escaped. Starfire went to bedcrying, for Raven, Beast Boy tried to play video games with Cyborg, but Cy just frowned at him and told him that he wasn't in the mood.

(To: Robin's room)

Robin punched the wall several times, trying to get rid of his anger. The plaster started to crumble, Robin turned around, only to turn back and kick the wall one last time.

I should have stayed with her. Why did I leave her? God damn it.

Thebroken,masked herofell onto his bed.

(To: Dominus' Lair)

"There." Dominus walked back to admire the pentacle, and circlethat he had just made with ground up animal bones. "Now I just need the subject."

He struggled to pick up Raven, then finally laid her down in the middle of the summoning circle. Then Dominus took out a spellbook that he had had for ages, and flipped to the page that he was looking for.

"Ah, 'Raising the Dead'."

Dominus had done this so many times, but he wanted this time to be perfect. The madman swayed his hands in the air.

"Excitat mortuus, committit meus imperium."

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To answer some questions...

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They're in Latin, infact, his name means master. I guess you guys can connect this to his power, eh?

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