Wake the Dead:Chapter II

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Italicized means thoughts, sometimes flashbacks.

What happened, I can't see anything... I can't feel anything.

Raven desperately tried to muster enough strength to open her eyes. When she finnaly did manage to, Raven blinked her eyes several times. Everything was blurry... everything was shaking. Raven looked all around her. She was in the same ware house in which the team had battled Dominus.

So this is how it feels like to be dead... I don't feel very different from before.

Raven slowly stood up, and walked toward the door. She tried reaching for the handle of the door, her handfaded through the metal.For a split second a smirk passed her face.

I feel like I'm in my soul form. I can phase through matter, but now I can't change back.

Raven walked through the door and into thedeserted streets of Jump City. The only inhabitants of the street at the time were rats, they ran around the dark alleys in a blind fashion. The street lamp shut off, one by one, as the city fell into a deep slumber. Moonlight bathed the streets in a pearlecent color of white.

The dark girl turned her head as she flew down the street. Titans Tower imediatley caught her sharp eyes. A wave of emotions passed Raven as she stared at the moonlight tower.

I wonder how the team is doing...

Robin lay in his bed, still in his torn uniform, dreaming.

The apprentice of the dark night was standing next to a burning field. The field was never turned to ashes, it just stood there, as if it was frozen in time. He ran away from the smoke as a shadow started to engulf it- and everything nearby. As Robin ran farther and farther away, he tripped on the root of a dying oak tree. An ebony sheild sprung up and covered him as the shadow crashed down. A shadow appeared before Robin as he picked himslef up.

"Raven... is it... is it really...really you?" asked the boy wonder as he stumbled toward the cloaked figure standing before him. He touched the unknown entity's shoulder lightly. The cloaked figure turned around quickly, its cloak rustling with the air. The figure turned around and pulled the cloak's hood down to reveal her face.

"Robin." Raven whispered as Robin stepped forward. "I never thought that I would see you again."

"Neither did I."

A long silence followed the few words said previously. Raven ran up to Robin and hugged him, he held her tightly, never wanting to let her go.

"But this is just a dream, Raven... you'll be gone when I wake up."

Raven looked down at her feet, then her eyes drifted to the ashen feild. Her voice was soft, and almost silent. Her face showed pain as she opened her mouth to speak.

"I'm sorry, Robin... This is why I have to tell you what to do."

Robin stared at Raven, he took off his mask. His eyes expressed so much more than sorrow, they expressed love, and bravery.

"What do I have to do?"

"You have to go to my room, and get a small black book with writting on in. The writting should bered ink. Read the book, it has so much about me that I couldn't tell you during my lifetime. No one besides meknows about that book. Please don't tell anyone about it... or anything in it."

"I won't."

"ROBIN! Dude, wake up!" shouted the bothersome voice of Beast Boy.

"Goodbye, Raven. I love you." with this final word, Robin kissed her lips, as she faded into the darkness, and he returned toreality.

"Robin... I won't ever forget you."

Robin slowly opened his eyes and tried to stand up. His entire body was aching from the previous night. Beast Boy was standing infront of him, as if he was hoverin g over his bed. The boy wonder's hand shot out from under the cover and grabbed the changeling's thin neck. Beast Boy was struggling to take in enough air to breath.

"Du...de." Beast Boy managed to gasp, while trying to get out of Robin's tight grasp. He knew that his leader could easily snap his neck if he tried. Robin was fuming with anger, as he got out of his bed. Beast Boy was struggling for air, as Robin slammed him against the wall.

"Why the fuck did you wake me up?...and for that matter, how the hell did you get in my room?"

"You've... been... asleep... for a long... time..."

Robin hurled Beast Boy onto the floor. The green titan rubbed his head as he slowly pulled himself up from the ground.

"The others told me to come up, they were worried for you."

The boy wonder looked down to the floor, wincing in pain, as if someone had just punched him in the stomach.

They shouldn't be worried for me... they should be thinking about her.

He shifted his gaze towards his teammate. Beast Boy stared at him in awe.

"Get out of my room."

The changeling slowly backed away from the torn image of Robin. His pace quickened as he ran out of the room.

Robin sighed as he returned to his soft bed. The hero tried to fall asleep again, his attempts resulted in vain. He crawled out of the bed to his dresser. About six pairs of his uniform were neatly folded and stacked.The bird boy closed the door to his dresser in disgust. He found a pair of black pants that were lying on his floor. Robin picked up the pants, and put them on after changing out of his tattered uniform. He rummaged through the pile of clothes on his floor, looking for a clean shirt to wear. After deciding on a plain black shirt that he usually used for training, the dark night's apprentice exited his room, and walked to the kitchen.

The room silenced as Robin entered the room. Beast Boy and Cyborg stopped fighting over the first controler for the Game Station, and Starfire suddenly stopped talking to them. The team stared at Robin, as if he had just committed a horrible crime... A crime that couldn't be justified no matter what. The clanking sound of Robin's shoes meeting the ground broke the silence, as he walked towards the refrigerator. As soon as his team mate finished breakfast, Cyborg walked towards him.

"Hey Robin. I know it's been hard for you but-" Cyborg managed to start as soon Robin got up. The leader of the Titans tossed his plates in the sink, as if he hadn't heard his teammate, and left the rest of the Teen Titans alone in the Kitchen. The doors closed behind him as he walked down the hallway, the hallway where his and Raven's rooms were situated. He stopped as he passed infront of her room, then after a few minutes of thinking, opened her door.

The room was just as Raven had left it the last time that Robin had been in there. Raven normally wouldn't let anyone in her room, except herself. Robin was different, she trusted him... she loved him... and he loved her.

Get a small black book...

The words echoed through his mind as he slowly approached the bookshelf that Raven had told him to look in. The shelves were full of poetry, mystery, and horror novels. Robin scanned down the rows of books, one book, however, stood out from the rest. It was small, and it had red ink on it, just like she had indicated. He picked up the book, and turned the cover, revealing the first page of the book.

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