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By: Blackfphoenix

There are some in this world who don't deserve to have life yet then there are some who don't want life and want to give it to someone else but what if that receiver wanted to share it….

She looked at the mirror the grand round mirror in front of her reflecting her outer beauty yet the mirror should've been cracked, should've made her lovely face distorted and broken just like she truly was inside. She raised her pale white hand to the mirror and touched it spreading her fingers out wanting to reach that perfect image of herself or rather kill that perfect image of herself.

He walked outside in the bitter cold left over from the snow his whole demeanor frigid and stoic. His dark blue/black hair shadowing his azure eyes which were somewhat empty of emotion. The pure white snow contrasting his darkly clad figure just like the world and him would never get along because they were opposites he was there in the turmoil yet the world didn't think of it as turmoil just as a small incident.

She looked outside the snow almost matching her unblemished skin looked inviting so inviting she grabbed her coat and ran out the door. Her fingers immediately began to get colder but she didn't mind she was used to be cold inside and out. She wished she had someone to make her warm but there was no one. no one at all.

He passed his descendant's house and saw the beautiful maiden outside of her gates looking at the snow standing like a statue. His lips briefly twisted upwards in a crooked smile as he walked towards her. After all misery loves company and what better than a miserable beauty. "Tomoyo-san" he breathed out softly.

Their eyes locked with one another, and both were missing something.

"Eriol" She nodded in greeting. The wind biting into her and chilling her already morbid soul. "What are you doing in front of your house?" He asked politely. "Looking at the beauty" She answered gesturing to the snow. "All beauty can cause pain at some point Tomoyo-san" He looked at her. Yes indeed all beauty can cause pain just like she caused him a terrible pain. The pain of love.

"That is true yet it is nice to look at it isn't it?" Tomoyo yet again locked eyes with him. "Yes it is" Eriol nodded. They both were silent conveying cryptic messages through their eyes yet neither knew what the other tried to say. "But you can't get too close or it will pull you in too deep" Tomoyo seemingly told him yet it felt like she was just saying it to the wind. "Too deep that you cannot get out it seems…am I right Tomoyo?" Eriol dropped his formality trying to break through to the ice maiden the one who was like him always wearing a mask.

"Yes yes it'll trap you and never let you go until your devoid of life" Tomoyo raised her voice a bit sounding a bit mad. Yet Eriol knew she was struggling to keep her sanity already damaged from painful blows to her heart making her more fragile than before. "Tomoyo I think that is not true because some are yet here they survived the entrapment of the beauty" Eriol told her. "But they are filled with peril" "As you are Tomoyo?"

"Yes" a tear ran down her cheek.

"Then let me help you" Eriol was breaking through her glass barrier, but he only hoped that by breaking her glass barrier it would not break her. "That would be nice…yet what will happen when the beauty turns into ugliness?" Tomoyo asked him. "It never will" He said as he embraced her cold figure. It was the end of the cold and the beginning of the warmth.

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