Chapter 10: The Rescue

The events seemed to occur in slow motion to all those present. Ginny apparently had been somehow alerted that something was about to happen as she had sought cover on the floor seconds before the doors opened and revealed her husband. Upon the doors sliding open the orb of energy held in Harry Potter's hand exploded and hurled his brother-in-law up into the air, over the heads of those present and several feet backwards. Ron landed with a sickening thud and skidded down the hallway. Despite being surrounded by loved ones no one moved to help him. They were all transfixed on Harry and Ginny.

Every wizard and witch not related in some way to Harry Potter quickly drew their wands and pointed them in the young wizard's direction. Harry, eyes glaring at his numerous opponents, extended his right leg as if to anchor himself to the spot he stood extended his hands. He looked like the lion for which the Gryffindor's mascot represented, fingers poised like claws and many from this day on would swear that he roared like an angry lion as whatever spell he used forced all but his family flying from their feet onto the floor.

When she knew it was safe Ginny quickly stood and moved to embrace her husband who quickly closed the distance between them. Harry moved a few strands of Ginny's copper hair that obstructed her lovely features and gave her a soul-searing kiss.

"Sorry to keep you waiting so long luv." Harry declared. Ginny didn't respond with words, she simply gave Harry another soul-searing kiss to express her feelings. The feel of his lips upon hers was all the reassurance Ginny needed to know that Harry had been worried sick about her.

"We missed you." Ginny said referring to herself and their child. Harry replied in kind.

"Now then, let's get these off you now." Harry stated.

"Please." Ginny said lifting her arms.

Harry then ran his hands over Ginny's manacles and the locks sprang open.

"Thank you." Ginny simply stated as she rubbed her swore wrists.

Molly and Arthur stayed back during the entire altercation. Despite being law-abiding citizens they had no desire to see their only daughter, a daughter carrying their first grandchild no less, imprisoned in Azkaban. Charlie and Bill didn't know how to react to the situation so they opted to follow their parent's lead. The twins did their best to look impartial but inside they were rooting for Harry all the way. They had long ago come to believe, much like their sister, that Harry was innocent. They were however in no position to lend any assistance at the moment but would find a way some how, and if not now, at a later moment.

Hermione had stood mystified as the scene played out before her eyes. She had no idea how her brother-in-law could master such feats in the time he was imprisoned. Nor could she determine what spells he was using to dispatch the ministry aurors. All she knew for certain was that he was like a force of nature, and the aurors were the opposing force standing in Harry Potter's way. As Harry and Ginny embraced upon their reunion, Hermione had made her way to the spot where Ron had landed. Her copper haired husband was currently lying on his back on the floor some distance away from where Harry was dealing with his associates. Ron's eyes were open and he was simply staring at the ceiling tiles.

"Ron?" Hermione said wondering if he could hear her.

"Yes luv?" Ron answered inquisitively.

"Are… are you all right?"

"Fine. Head feels like I got hit with a bludger but otherwise I'm fine." He answered.

"Ron, why are you still lying on the ground then?" Hermione wondered.

"Waiting… luv."


The aurors were now coming to and several were getting to their feet. Ginny clutched Harry's arm but Harry would not be deterred. The wizarding world considered him a threat despite him doing very little to earn this reputation. Now however they had crossed the line. Harry kissed his wife and after ensuring that no magic would be able to harm her moved towards the aurors.

The first wizard to his feet took aim at Harry and launched a barrage of spells at the young man. Harry deftly avoided each one, grabbed the wizards arm and proceeded to yank his arm out of it's socket. The auror screamed like a little girl and dropped his wand and fell to his knees. Harry lifted his left leg and kneed the wizard in the face knocking him cold. The next two aurors, a wizard and witch didn't even get to cast spells. Harry motioned his hands together and the pair were lifted off their feet slamming into one another, Harry then separated his hands and the smashed into the corridor rendering them unconscious as well.

Harry then found himself face-to-face with the two wizards that had roughed him up during the day of his trial. The duo sought to physically assault Harry but Harry was more than ready for them this time. Harry caught the first of the first wizard and a loud clap was heard upon the impact. The wizard grunted in pain but nothing escaped his lips save continuous moans and groans. It wasn't until his partner reached for him that all realized what Harry had done. Harry had somehow crushed every bone in the man's body, he could not scream because even the bones in his jaw were broken, thus he could not open his mouth.

The partner was furious and quickly cast a petrifying curse upon Harry. Only Harry, the youngest Seeker in a century, deflected the curse back upon its caster and the auror was turned to stone. It quickly became apparent to all that remained that Harry Potter had come not to fight, but to destroy. They had imprisoned his wife and threatened his child, there would be no reasoning, no bargaining, it was retribution.


Ginny surveyed what could only be described as the devastation that her husband wreaked in the name of her self and their child. She wondered what her family would think of her if they knew how proud she felt of her husband at this moment. Harry had been nothing but generous up until now in his dealing with his former captors. Wrongfully imprisoned, mentally abused, and all that before joining the wizarding world. To then be imprisoned in Azkaban for a crime he didn't commit, no, Retribution was finally his.

"Potter!" A voice called out from behind Ginny. Everyone turned and watched as Amos Digory apparated behind the doorway where Harry first appeared accompanied by a detachment of hit wizards.

Upon arriving Amos took in the scene and knew that this was only going to end one way… or so he thought. Wizards and witches were scattered about in various states on the floor. Many looked dead, several looked like they wish they were.

"The game is over. You've nowhere left to run." Amos declared.

Harry didn't respond to the Minister of Magic. He turned to his wife politely and asked her to go stand by her family. Once Ginny did so, with a smile on her face and a knowing look at the Minister or Magic, Harry raised his hand and clenched his fists. All light in the corridor vanished save for the light from stunning spells. Moments later the light returned and the only people left standing were the Weasley's, Amos Diggory and Harry Potter. Harry was not standing face-to-face with the Diggory.

"You were saying minister?" Harry retorted with a stoic expression upon his face.

While trying to feign indifference Amos was actually terrified at the turn of events. Dumbledore's assessment of Harry's abilities were spot on and Harry had done the impossible and done it in mere moments.

Harry was about to say something further when he was sent flying forward to the ground. Unlike the person that sent him there, Harry managed to extend his arms, push off the ground and flip so that he landed on his feet and was now facing Ronald Weasley.

"Ouch." Harry said not really meaning it.

Ron was staring down Harry he held no wand yet Harry sensed that Ron was no more than he was last time they faced one another.

Ron cast as series of spells from his hands and Harry chose to either block or avoid them. Ron could not understand why Harry was not treating him like the Aurors and Hit Wizards before him. Despite his best efforts, Harry would not fall, nor was he tiring like last time.

"I see now." Harry stated. Your wand's core merged with the remnants of your arm." Harry stated.

"Yeah, thanks for that mate." Ron retorted casting a fireball at the dark haired Gryffindor. Harry stopped in centimeters from himself and sent it towards Diggory who dived to the ground to avoid it.

Ron was about to try and tranfigure Harry into something when his brother-in-law disappeared from his sight. He scanned the corridor and it wasn't until he heard the sound of someone clearing their throat behind him than Ron even thought to look behind him. Spinning around quickly Ron extended his right arm, only for it to be caught and quickly wrenched around behind his back. Harry was standing behind him now in complete physical control over Ron. Ron struggled with all his might and tried to escape from the hold. While Ron was a good brawler was not a skilled fighter and the more he tried to get out of the hold the more pain and pressure he felt.

"Unless you want your arm ripped out of its socket I suggest you cease struggling Ron." Harry informed the angry red head.

"Ron, enough." Arthur Weasley ordered. Ron reluctantly obeyed his fathers wish.

"Harry take Ginny and go." Molly pleaded.

Harry pushed Ron into the arms of his wife. Ron knew he was beat and further fighting would only lead to someones death, maybe even his own.

Ginny was about to go to her husband when another person arrived, one that caused you the young woman some concern.

"Harry." The voice stated.

"Albus." Harry Replied.

"I'm sorry it has to come to this." Dumbledore said as he leveled his wand at the young man who still had not turned to face him.

"I'm not, it's been a long time coming.

Harry decided to take the initiative and cast two fireballs at Dumbledore. The ancient wizard stood his ground and took control of the orbs. He merged them together and the took the form of Harry Potter. Fire Harry then lunged at the real Harry only to be extinguished by Harry whose eyes were literally glowing green.

Dumbledore then tried to petrify Harry but the young man vanished from the spot he was at. Dumbledore unlike Ron, stood his ground but moved, wand always pointing in the direction he was looking, in a circle. Harry reappeared when Dumbledore was facing the Weasley's rushed the old wizard and lifted him and a physically threw him at Amos Diggory. Dumbledore crashed into his colleague and the two fell to the ground.

"The problem with wizards and witches today is that they don't know how to rely on more than just magic." Harry taunted. "You have to be able to get your hands dirty. Also, it helps if one of your hands isn't encumbered by a wand."

Dumbledore quickly cast a spell sending chunks of the stone walls at Harry. Harry in turn extended his arms, to stop the rock and then propelled them at Dumbledore and Diggory. The two apparated from the spot where they once stood and reappeared near the fallen aurors. Unfortunately for them Harry had anticipated this and had disappeared from sight again. The duo stood back to back wands pointed outwards. Harry then reappeared when they were facing the corridor walls and proceeded to drop kick the two sending them once again to the floor.

Albus pulled himself up and as Harry approached again he cast a blasting curse. Harry opted to block the curse but the sheer power sent him sail. Harry lay twitching face down on the floor as the Minister of Magic and Hogwarts Headmaster moved towards him. Amos knelled down and turned Harry over. Ginny stood worried as her husband lay on the ground in much the manner he did the night of his fight with Ron.

"I'm sorry Ginny." Albus stated.

Ginny stood her ground, the words of comfort lost on her. Amos stood and was about to call for assistance when he was suddenly propelled against the wall. Albus turned but only in enough time to see Harry standing with a ball of energy centimeters from his face. The orb shattered and Dumbledore was knocked to the floor unconscious.

"How..." Amos started but was cut off by Harry.

"An illusion. I made you all think that I lost to the old man." Harry informed all present.

"The great Albus Dumbledore is unconscious and will remain so for some time, be assured of that." Harry informed all present. "I could have killed you and all that you pitted against me minister, but I didn't. I am not a murder. Nor am I fool enough to believe this is the end of things between us. But now you have an inkling of what I am capable of. Come after my family again and I'll bring this whole ministry crashing down upon you Amos. You have my word on that.

Ginny left her family and took her place by Harry side. The duo turned their back and proceeded to leave.

"Thus Endeth the Lesson." Harry announced to all present.

Ron was preparing to fire off a spell at Harry when his wife stood between he and his target. In truth Harry knew that he was preparing for another round, but also knew that Ron's threat, no matter how powerful he might be, was minimal due to his current state.

"This is your final warning Ron, don't try and fight me again, you'll lose... badly." Harry stated.

Harry's statement, coupled with Hermione's pleading eyes convinced Ron to back down.

"Anyone else care to have a go?" Harry asked looking at Amos Diggory first, then at the Wizangamot who had stayed out of the fight. When no one spoke up Harry and Ginny took their leave..

"Give my regards to Peter Pettigrew and tell him he can expect a visit some time in the very near future." Harry announced.

"I'll send you a card when the baby's born." Ginny informed her family as all present watched the Potters faded from sight.