I L-word You

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Dairine woke to a rare commodity in the Callahan house these days: silence. She stretched and took in the blissful lack of noise, careful not to wake anyone in the vicinity. It wasn't that she didn't like having house guests, but with all the problems with the sun and the War just ending, she had hardly had any time to breath, let alone relax with her own thoughts.

But that's not the only reason you can't relax… A little nagging voice at the back of her mind that sounded annoyingly like Nita taunted.

Dairine quickly quashed it and sighed at the realization that her thoughts were the last thing she wanted to be alone with. With a grudge against the morning in general, she dug through a pile of unfolded laundry until she found just the thing to take her mind off of her treacherous subconscious: her oldest, most dog-eared Star Wars novel. She hadn't had much time to read anything but the manual since she'd taken up wizardry, but even when she had small breaks she soon found out that all the books she'd loved before seemed a little bit off since she'd received the real deal. Little discrepancies were enough to make her eyes cross in frustration. Still, she somehow managed to keep up her love of the Star Wars series. Padding down the stairs, she opened the book to her favorite battle scene, and yet, today it didn't seem right. Of course, anything with blasterbolts made her a bit uneasy since the birthing stall. She threw it onto the counter in exasperation as she heated up a cup of water and stirred in some hot chocolate mix. While it cooled she looked around the kitchen. It was surprisingly normal at the moment. No casual observer would have thought the missing cabinet drawer was because of a hungry alien centipede's misunderstanding of earth food or that a prince of an entire planet had dined here with wizards as equals.

Not prince. She reminded herself forcibly, King.

Somehow the news of his father's abdication seemed to change Roshaun's attitude completely. It wasn't a vacation for him anymore. He was going to follow up on the progress of the sun and return to his planet to reign and marry and wait for the one time when he let his guard down and—

Well, you didn't expect him to stay forever, did you? Logic reprimanded, Royalty doesn't just stay on vacation forever. Especially royal wizards.

But that's what you want, isn't it? Just tell him and— The Nita-voice insisted

Dairine was strongly reminded of shoulder angels and shook her head in an attempt to clear out the cacophony of confusion.

"Much more of this arguing with myself," She said in the slightest of sighs, "and I'll have to self-diagnose myself with schizophrenia."

She cast her gaze around the room for anything to get her mind away from the problem at hand. Fortunately before the mind-nagging started again, her gaze fell to the Lord of the Rings book Carmela had lent Filif the previous day. Carmela had mentioned Treebeard to him and it the two had got into a conversation so complex that he hardly needed to read the books. Dairine, as a fantasy/sci-fi enthusiast had naturally already read the trilogy several times, but in her desperation she decided she just needed something to think about before not thinking about certain other things drove her crazy. She flipped to a random page, curled up, and took a sip of hot chocolate. It took a few moments to register, but at last she realized where she turned: the houses of healing with Faramir and Eowyn. It was official: she had the worst luck ever.

"In a book with nine effing guys as the main characters, I just have to turn to one of the three lovey-dovey scenes. I give up! Damn it all to—" She raged before hurling the book across the room.

"Ow." A slightly dreary and half-awake alien king muttered blearily, "What was that for? Did I do something offensive already?"

"Oh god… I'm so sorry… I thought I was alone, and…" She trailed off feeling pretty lame as her face burned with embarrassment.

"Oh, don't worry." Roshaun blinked, "I really should work on my reflexes for when I go home anyways. If someone as small as you can take me out, I probably deserve it. At any rate, I'm fine."

"Oh no,no,no." Dairine grinned, "That book's thick enough to take out a fully-grown elephant if aimed properly. Now. Sit down… your majesty."

She all but shoved him into a nearby chair, to his surprise. No one at home would manhandle him like that--

But when it's Dairine doing it, it's ok. Isn't that right? Even kind of…

A blush crept to his face, which he tried to cover as she rushed to the freezer, which treated him to a rather nice view. She returned with a green bag and stroked the afflicted area.

"Now… let's see here. Oh, it's already swelling and turning red. Here." She said, thrusting a bag of frozen peas at him.

"Huh?" He said cocking his head with some degree of pain, "Is eating these vegetables considered a remedy on this planet or something? It seems rather ridiculous—"

Her face cracked into a wickedly cute grin.

"No. You hold it to your face like this."

She pressed it against his forehead and he yelped in surprise.

"Ye gods, that thing is cold. Why can't you just use magic?"

"Because you don't need it. Though your cheeks do feel kinda hot. Are you sure you're feeling ok?"

"Well, I did want to ask you if—"

A sudden clattering indicated that Sker'ret was up and attempting to learn the secrets of the frying pan. Namely, by trying to eat it. Some things just didn't change.

"Listen, Roshaun. I'll be right back and—"

A louder crash interrupted her and she ran to the other end of the room to start making breakfast before Sker'ret could do any more damage. Chaos had taken up its reigns in the Callahan household once again. And like clockwork, the rest of the house was roused.

And here I thought I'd actually be able to ask her today. Roshaun sighed dejectedly, Note to self: Punish Sker'ret dearly for interruption.

"The problem is that she's too hard to get ALONE…" Roshaun grumbled.

A loud clearing of a throat behind him made him painfully aware that someone was listening.

"So trying to pull some funny business on my daughter, eh? Let me guess: she gave you that black eye." Mr. Callahan grinned.

"No!… Well, errr, not on purpose, at least." He winced as Mr. Callahan gave him a wry look, "And I'm NOT trying to pull any 'funny business'. Understood?"

"Whatever. Then what was all of that about getting her alone, you sly—"

"I AM NOT INTERESTED INA MERE—" He began, only to realize his rant wasn't true.

"A mere what? It seems to me you're equal in wizardry. Be careful… that's my youngest you're talking about."

Roshaun sighed and stomped off as respectfully as possible.

"I guess adolescence is the same no matter how far away the planet…" Mr. Callahan grinned.

Meanwhile, Dairine sullenly stirred the frying pan of two dozen scrambled eggs.

Why did I have to run away? I knew that Sker'ret would wait, but noooo… I have to go rushing off. She sighed. And he was so cute when he was blushing…

She shook her head to clear her mind, oblivious to the fact that the eggs were near burning. I am Dairine Callahan. I don't let myself get distracted by that kind of thing, especially when I know things will never work out.

Just then, the eggs let off a thick cloud of dark smoke.

"Whatcha got cooking, sis? It smells…err.. great."

Dairine jumped and nearly burnt her sweatshirt on the oven top.

"What, the ninja in training didn't hear me coming? You're losing your touch if I can startle you. Either that or…"

"Don't you even finish that sentence, Nita." Dairine snarled.

"Or someone else has you distracted." She gloated gleefully, "I knew it! Awww… it's sissy's first cwush!"

Dairine's arm shot out and twisted her sister's arm into a very uncomfortable position.

"OW, dammit! No karate tricks or I'll go Advisory on you!"

Nita and Kit's position in the War had led to them becoming Advisory wizards. It had also led to them finally becoming a couple. Now Nita was unbearably happy. And waaaay to eager to try to hook Dairine up with anything that moved.

"C'mon… tell me who it is!!! I'm your sister…we're supposed to share our feelings! Let me guess: he's blonde and snooty and—"

"He's not snooty… he's just—HEY! It isn't him! REALLY!" Dairine said, reacting to her sister's look of skepticism.

"Whatever. Just don't take as long acknowledging it as Kit and I did. It'll make life a lot easier for you. Now, what say we try to find something other than eggs for breakfast?"

Dairine looked down at the pan to find that the eggs were still runny on top and burnt black on the bottom. They bubbled at her in the way only something never meant to be created could.

So much for not being distracted…

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