The Tale of a Dragon
Ch19: All's Well That Ends Well

It was raining heavily this particular Halloween. Luckily, Flitwick had cast a spell very similar to the bubble-head charm, which formed an invisible dome over the school's Quidditch pitch that the rain ran down.

It could only be described as magical, but, then again, all marriages involving at least one pureblood were. Mainly because it was traditional for all purebloods to have their weddings on Halloween.

The muddy ground and wet grass looked like someone had come in with a very large oval sheet of glass and put it down. The grass was squashed, which made interesting green pattens, but felt like solid ground.

Though the students had been sent home for the two days, many pairs of feet were dancing over the surface.

In the middle, on a slightly elevated part of the floor, two figures were dancing slowly, despite the slightly up-beat song.

The newly proclaimed Katherine Elizabeth Snape rested her head on her husband's collarbone easily, while his arms, which were around her waist, squeezed her slightly.

"This is perfect." Severus whispered into his wife's hair, ignoring the silver flowers that she had put in her bun.

From a table that had a large variety of foods on platters that looked like crystal, but had silver threads through them, Harry stood, watching the newlyweds.

Severus wore dress robes of that looked dark green up close and black from a distance. His hair was clean (Harry could barely believe it) and was pulled back with a dark green ribbon, leaving wisps of hair in front of his face.

Draco was convinced Kath's dress was white, but Harry pointed out that when the light of the floating candles hit her, it looked like the dress had the colours of the rainbow woven into the fabric.

A noise from the bungle in Harry's arms and brought his attention back to the two-month-old baby he was holding.

Draco came back from his little stroll with two classes of cheep champagne. He had explained that expensive champagne wasn't always better. Harry didn't have anything to compare the cheep stuff to, so trusted what Draco said, but still thought Snape was just a cheapskate.

He put the glasses down on the table behind them. "Has he woken up?"

"He's about to." They both looked down at their adopted son, who had an odd tendency to sneeze a few minutes before he woke up, which meant that one of them could get from their bed room to the baby's room before he woke up.

"Dominic." Draco cooed to the infant. Dominic opened his innocently big wine-red eyes and smiled up at his guardians. Harry smiled back and handed him over to Draco before grabbing a glass.

"This is perfect. Isn't it?" He rested his head on Draco's shoulder. The response was a content sigh, and some happy, incoherent babbling from Dominic.

Hermione and Ron danced past, Ron doing a dreadful job, and Hermione trying to coach him and giving words of encouragement.

"You can't dance this clumsily at our wedding. Everyone will be watching." Ron visible paled at this. Draco gave a chuckle, while Harry rolled his eyes.

Across the room Dumbledore sat on a conjured chair and watched everyone silently. His heart lightened at the site of everyone having a great time. He had, of course, cried when Severus and Kath were giving the rings to each other.

He watched as everyone forgot their past suffering, and were oblivious to what was to come in the futureā€¦

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