The sleek ship with large white sails glided across the water. When the sun caught the sails in just the right angle you could make out a tint of blue that glittered in the sunlight.

The ship was a Large Frigate known at the White Dragon. Its captain was Seto Kaiba aka The Dragon one of the most feared pirates around. Currently Seto was working for the English as a privateer by sinking and attacking Spanish and French ships and cities.

Seto was currently making quite the living off the English. The various governors paid him well and there were always plenty of Spanish colonies, villages, towns and cites he could attack.

"Captain what are your orders?" Seto's first mate, Bakura, asked. Behind them in the distance was the hull of a burning ship. Its French flag could still be visible as the ship sunk below the waters.

"Head for Kemet Island," Seto replied after some thought. "We've been at sea for a while and the men deserve a break. We'll divide the plunder and those who want will sail to home with us."

"Aye Captain," Bakura replied before wandering off to shout orders to the rest of the crew.

Kemet was a small island belonging to the English, colonized and later governed by Governor Akunumkanon. Akunumkanon was only one of the many governors that Seto work for but Kemet was the closest and it was on their way home to Seto's private Pirate Haven, Draco Island, where Seto and many of his permanent crew called home.

As the sun beat down upon Seto's tanned skin, the pirate captain stared out at the sea. He would never get enough of this life. The sea was his home.

Originally Seto had become a pirate to find his lost brother. Orphans from an early age, Seto had promised Mokuba a better life in the Caribbean. After months of collection money in various ways, a then ten-year-old Seto had paid for passage for the two of them to travel from France to the Caribbean. However the ship they had been on was attacked by pirates on their way. As Seto tumbled into the water and clung desperately to a piece of debris, he watched in horror, as his five-year-old brother was lead aboard the pirate ship. That was the last thing Seto remembered before he drifted into unconsciousness. He woke briefly sometime later to find himself being hauled aboard another ship. Later he had wakened up in the English city of St. Kitts without knowledge of who had rescued him. That had been ten years ago.

Since then, Seto had learned the craft of being a pirate in hopes of find what happened to Mokuba. Instead Seto had ended up becoming the greatest pirate of his era.

While learning the craft, Seto had heard the stories of the famous pirate "The Pharaoh" and his flagship, Horus. The Pharaoh led a fleet of privateer ships against the Spanish. Then all of a sudden eighteen years ago the Pharaoh disappeared into the night. There was no record of him ever being caught, so most assumed that the pirate's ship was eventually sunk or he retired to some remote island to live out his old age. It was rumored throughout his career, the Pharaoh had been in favor of a wealthy English governor, but other then that little was known about the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh was the person that Seto tried to most be like and looked up to while he was learning the trade.

Turning his eyes away from the water, Seto glance at the rest of his crew. The White Dragon had at least 100 crewmen aboard it at the moment, all of them personally handpicked by Seto himself. Only a handful of the crew however were close to the pirate captain.

Blue eyes fell upon the white head of his First Mate, Bakura. Seto had met Bakura early on upon walking in St. Kitts. Bakura, who was only a few years older then Seto, had been a pickpocketer at the time. The future pirate captain ended up saving Bakura in a tight situation. Since then the pair had been friends despite often going their separate ways. Then four years ago, they had met again in Tortuga. Bakura was doing nothing at the time so he had joined Seto's crew. Two months later they had captured a French Large Frigate, an extremely rare find in the Caribbean, and renamed it the White Dragon. Ever since then, the White Dragon was a terror to be reckoning with in the Caribbean. Although Seto had yet to achieve legend status like the Pharaoh, but he was damn near close.

Seto's eyes then fell upon a tanned, blond headed individual, who was lounging about on the deck doing no work whatsoever. Malik Ishtar and his older siblings had been members of Seto's crew from the very beginning. Like Seto, the Ishtars were orphaned at a young age. Growing up in the sandy land of Egypt, Malik was an expert with the stars, which made him a superb navigator.

Malik's older sister, Isis, was the surgeon on the ship. Many lives were saved over the years thanks to Isis' skills. Although it was uncommon for a female to be aboard a ship, let alone a pirate, Isis would not have it any other way. Right from the very beginning she had always insisted that she be allowed to go along with her brothers. She always said they would be dead by now if it hadn't been for her skill hands keeping them all alive.

Their adopted brother, Rishid, was the eldest of the group. Bigger then the slim Malik, Rishid was an excellent fighter but he also processed the skill of a sail maker, which was especially useful to the White Dragon so her sails would stay intact during her long voyages.

Below the decks, the ship's cook, Ryou, was hard at work. Ryou had been working as a prostitute in Tortuga when Bakura had discovered him shortly before their latest adventure. The pretty looking Ryou had been forced to dress up as a woman and please the pirates of Tortuga who wanted a different type of sexual encounter.

Upon discovering Ryou, Bakura had killed the man who owned the tavern where Ryou worked. Bakura had planned on taking Ryou straight to Draco Island and leaving him at the colony there but Ryou had proven to be a great cook and became a permanent part of the crew.

It came as no surprise to Seto when he learned that Bakura and Ryou had begun sleeping with each other. Over the years, lonely nights had brought Seto and Bakura together and Seto had noticed almost immediately when Bakura's visits had become less and less.

Although Seto was now alone again he didn't mind. It had only been sex between him and Bakura, nothing more. With Ryou, Seto saw the connection that the white-haired cook shared with Bakura. Seto was happy for the both of them.

Jounouchi aka "the mutt" was the carpenter onboard. Even a grand ship like the White Dragon needed repairs every so often especially on long trips. Seto and Jounouchi really didn't get along very well. Seto took great pleasure in teasing the mutt whenever possible.

There were three reasons however why Jounouchi put up with Seto and remained a loyal crewman. One was the money, there was no pirate around who made as much as Seto. Two, Seto allowed Jounouchi's sister and mother a safe place to stay on Draco Island where his alcoholic father couldn't reach them. Third was Mai Valentine.

Mai was a blonde bombshell and the only other female on the ship besides Isis. Despite being very gorgeous, she had chosen the life of a pirate when her wealthy parents wanted to marry her off to someone she didn't love. Jounouchi had fallen instantly in love with the beauty as soon as he laid eyes on her but she had yet returned his affections, not wanting to seem dependable upon any man. Nevertheless Jounouchi stayed around in hopes of eventually winning her over.

There were other members of the crew as well. The White Dragon could be manned with only about 18 men but a lot more then that was need to successfully raid and plunder cities and other ships. Most members of the crew had sailed with Seto before. Some even had homes on Draco.

"Bakura the ship is yours," Seto said as he strolled over to his white-haired first mate. Bakura nodded his head in acknowledgment and Seto strolled off to his private cabin for some much needed rest.

Heavy crimson eyes fell close as the owner of the eyes stopped his attempt to stay awake.

"Atemu wake up," a voice whispered and Atemu cracked open his eyes to look at his younger brother, Yugi, who was sitting next to him at the table. A few feet away in front of the table their tutor, Shimon, was busy writing something on the chalkboard that had been set up. Since Shimon's back was turned away from the boys he did not see the teen almost fall asleep, which was a good thing for Atemu.

"Yugi, I'm 17. I don't need these stupid lessons anymore," Atemu quietly replied to his brother who was a year younger then him.

"Your father and myself think otherwise," Shimon said as he turned around and gave Atemu a stern look. "Perhaps if you had not spent so much time hiding in pots as a child your lessons would be completed by now."

"Perhaps if you had not wasted time by giving me boring etiquette lessons I would be finished as well," Atemu angrily shot back as he brushed a blond bang away from his eyes.

Both Atemu and Yugi had spiky tri-colored hair but where Yugi's hair was neat and tidy, Atemu's hair was messier. There were other small differences in the teen's look as well. Atemu was slightly taller and slimmer than Yugi, although both were shorter than most and he shared the darker skin their father had where Yugi was pale like their mother had been. Their eyes were also different. Yugi's eyes were large and violet where Atemu's eyes were narrow and crimson.

"Perhaps you should write a report on the importance of etiquette?" Shimon suggested as he walked over to the table and glared down at Atemu. Although Shimon was shorter then the two brothers he mad an imposing sight. "Or you could prove what you've learned over the years at the ball tomorrow night?"

"Shimon. . ." Atemu warned.

"I think that's an excellent idea!" a new voice said. Looking towards the door the brothers and Shimon watched as Governor Akunumkanon entered the room.

Unlike his sons, Akunumkanon was a tall man with an imposing figure. Unlike most English men who liked tight, stiff, clothing and powdered white wigs, Akunumkanon preferred looser clothing like robes and cloaks. Also instead of the white wigs and being clean-shaven he preferred his own gray hair and beard. It was clear that the English Governor was not originally from the motherland. No one however dared to ask Akunumkanon where he was from and only a few knew the truth.

"Father!" Atemu protested. "You know I don't like that kind of thing!"

"You'll never find a wife if you don't go," Akunumkanon replied with a small sigh. In times like this he really wished his wife was still alive. His wife had also been the child of a governor and knew all too well the importance of such a role. Akunumkanon had always vowed that his sons would have a good life, unlike himself who had to work to get everything he owned.

"I don't want a wife! I want an adventure!"

"That's enough Atemu!"

With a frustrated growl, Atemu smashed his fist to the table while standing up. He then stormed out of the room brushing past his father in the process.

"Father you need to let him have his freedom," Yugi softly told his father.

"What he needs is to learn respect for others," Shimon huffed.

"That will come with time," Yugi argued. "Forcing him to do things he doesn't want will only make him resist everything else so much more. He's like you Father. Do no deny that you did not crave adventures when you were his age. Is that no why you came here in the first place?"

"Yugi, you're dismissed," Akunumkanon quietly ordered and his youngest child gathered up his and Atemu's books and hurried out of the room.

"Shimon what should I do with him?" Akunumkanon asked with a sigh as he sunk down into the seat Yugi had been sitting in and rested his head in his hands, which were propped up on the table.

Shimon and Akunumkanon were long time friends that went back far before Akunumkanon became the Governor of Kemet. Back when Kemet was known as Anubis, the Pirate Haven for the Pharaoh, and when Akunumkanon was called the Pharaoh. As the Pharaoh, Shimon had been the first mate aboard the flagship, the Horus. Upon his retirement from the pirate's life, Shimon had joined Akunumkanon on the newly renamed Kemet Island. Since no one, not even those who had lived there, knew the exact location of Anubis, no one had realized that the two places were the same.

"I think Yugi could be on to something," Shimon reluctantly admitted.

"Yes. . . Yugi will turn into a fine gentleman someday," Akunumkanon mused. "It's a shame Atemu had to inherit my lust for adventure."

"Indeed but if you could settle down so can he," Shimon replied with a small smile on his face as he thought back on his memories.

"But I spent twenty years as a pirate before settling down," Akunumkanon reminded his old friend with a small sigh. "I will not have Atemu be like that."

"The boy is lashing out. You need to do something!"

"But what?"

"You're his father. That is something you'll have to figure out for yourself."

"Hey," Yugi said as he poked his head into his brother's room. Atemu was busy staring longingly out the window and didn't bother to acknowledge his brother.

"I bought you your books," Yugi said trying again as he walked into the room and placed them on Atemu's desk. That got a grunt out of the elder brother.

"You should burn them. They'd make better firewood."

"Atemu don't be like that," Yugi begged while sighing. "Father loves you! He just wants you to be happy!"

"I'll be happy to be let out of this prison," Atemu grumbled as he turned away from the window and looked at Yugi. "I'm not like you. You're happy here. Happy in this home. If you marry Anzu like you want, your life will be perfect."

"Unfortunately Father is determined to marry you to her instead."

"That won't happen," Atemu scoffed. "I want to love someone that can take me away from here. Not keep me trapped."

"You will not ever find a girl like that."

"Who said I'm after a girl?"

"Atemu!" Yugi cried in protest. "You know what the Bible says!"

"And you know that I follow Father's gods."

"Father does not even believe in them anymore!" Yugi protested.

"I am not Father!" Atemu angrily yelled at Yugi.

"Atemu," Yugi sighed. "No one is asking you to be like Father. We just want you to be happy."

"Then why are they making me into something I'm not?" Atemu argued. "I'm happy being me!"

"Father is the one you have to convince. Not I," Yugi answered. Walking over to his brother, Yugi wrapped his arms around Atemu and tightly hugged him. "It will be okay Atemu. We all have our own paths to follow in life. Once you find your path you'll be happy. And once you find it don't let anyone, not Shimon or even Father, try and stop you from following it."

"Thank you Yugi," Atemu whispered. "I won't forget that."

"You better not," Yugi replied as he whispered back into his brother's ear. Despite their differences, in both appearance and personalities, both brothers loved each other dearly.

After a few minutes the brothers broke their hug and Atemu gave another sad sigh. "I still wish I did not have to go to that ball tomorrow night."

"I wish I could go," Yugi replied with a frown on his face. "It's not fair! I'm only a year younger then you. But Father's being difficult."

"That's because you're the baby of the family," Atemu said with a laugh. "He's trying to protect you from the harsh reality of the real world."

"Put in a good word with Anzu for me will you?" Yugi hopefully asked.

"You can could on it!" Atemu answered with another laugh.