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This was something I never thought that could ever happen. Something we only imagine and that, someday when we last expect it, it just bangs at our door. In my case it banged too hard on a completely unsuspecting door.

My name is Ariadne. A strange name, I know. My mom always had a thing for mythology and Greek…well…it was just begging to be used. Those are her words, not mine. Both of my parents may have a fuse very badly connected on their minds but I could never have asked for better parents. For being able to withstand both me and my older brother, they deserve the greatest award possible.

Lugh, that's my bro, used to say our folks just had one moment when he couldn't stand them. Usually when he did something completely stupid and had to listen to their scolding. Quite frankly, I always agreed with him in that point. Our relationship was a normal one for a family of the twenty first century. Understanding parents and an overprotective brother that spends half of his time arguing with you. Normal.

That night he had given me his speech for the already-lost-count time before I could even leave my room. It had been first because of my clothes. Apparently my what-great-legs-brother didn't think that a mini-skirt was a good outfit for his little sister. I told him to shove it where the sun doesn't shine before I did it for him. Wrong thing to say. Language was the cause for the second reprimand, completely ignored because I was thinking what a great idea it would be to learn to keep my mouth shut. Something I had been trying for the last thirteen years.

So I pretty much waited for him to vent the rest of his anger and escaped to the living room. My father was there, an amused look on his sympathetic face making it impossible to me to say anything. He only opened his arms and gave me the hug. You know. The one fathers give to their daughters when there are no words that can help. Yeah, that hug. I love my dad. He is so understanding that it should be forbidden.

My mom entered the room at that moment, her expression screaming "What did he do this time?" Have I said how much I love my mom? I just gave her the don't-ask look and said my goodbyes. I had promised to be home soon and I intended to fulfil it. Those lectures may be amusing on the outside, where you can see them with a popcorn bowl on your hands, but I preferred not to see them first hand. I may be somewhat crazy but I was never the suicide type. So sue me.

I grabbed my backpack and with a last wave I got to the car where my friends were expecting me. From the entire group only Joshua knew how to drive and even he…believe me, if another could, we would hand over the car in a jiffy. As I have already said, I am not a suicide and Josh…He still doesn't know that red somehow means stop and that the break is to be used. I think that, for him, the best way to stop is against a wall. Seriously. It would not be the first time. I had to walk around with crutches because he didn't remember that the white line on a red circle usually means that it is not a good idea to go that way. I would have killed him but he was in worst state than myself…and my dad had said that it wouldn't be courteous. I remember giving him the strangest glance I could. But he answered with that look, the one that, as I have said before, simply takes the will to even try to hurt him. That is another thing I've been trying to learn.

I am getting out of topic. So it was me, Josh, Maria, Anne and Philip, with Josh being the oldest of the gang. It was our usual stroll around the city, something we actually loved doing, especially me because it meant to see the ocean and that was my favourite pastime, when someone had the great idea to stop in the booths near the beach. Those tiny little stands on the sand? Yes, those. Anne was on her usual raid and I barely noticed when she shoved a bag to my hands and merely placed it on my backpack.

There are things that you learn easily and one of them is not to argue with Anne. She is worse than my brother. The only thing that had caught my attention had been a small pendant in phoenix shape. It was made in a dark red colour, so dark that it was almost black. Maria joined me and, in a few minutes, I had the pendant on my neck for half the price the woman on the stand had asked. One of the very good reasons why I always took Maria with me when I went shopping. That girl can do anything she wants with the salesman. Almost literally. Kind of scary though. She has these really big blue eyes that can, pretty much, convince a lot of people to agree with whatever stupid thing she wishes. It takes a lot to ignore them but, eventually, we all learned tears aren't necessarily real and blue eyes aren't a signal of innocence.

So we went back to the car, arguing about whatever we should do after we left, when something hit us. Something strong enough to throw us against windows and benches, to make the shrill alarm pierce through our ears as it went off. The last thing I remember was someone screaming before pain filled my head.

And then darkness…

When I woke up, I was being fussed over by a woman saying something about irresponsible youngsters. Yep, that was us. And, by her expression, the results of the accident had not been very good. But what accident had those, after all? I looked around slowly, blinking at the white space it met my eyes. A hospital. I hate hospitals. Too white, too impersonal and too depressing. The woman realized then that I was awake and started to rant. They always do that to me. It had happened on that previous accident, so why would it stop now?

"Those idiots. Hurting innocent bystanders with their unconsidered trainings. Can't they use the gym? No, they have to go to the city and cause mayhem"

She was not ranting at me but to me. I guess talking to the unconscious patient was better than talking to the walls.

"Are you alright?"

I began to nod but stopped, once my head choose to make the injury throbbing on my forehead known.

"You were hit by some debris caused by our students," she said "You are now in Galbadia Garden where they took you. There wasn't enough space in Deling City's Hospital."

All my body froze when she said those words. My mind screamed real loudly "WHAT?" but my lips remained closed. If my head wasn't hurting so much, I would think I was dreaming. If the doctor wasn't, at the time, making some lights at the deep gash on my leg making it disappear, I would have called her delusional. Unfortunately both things were happening before my eyes.

"Where are you from?"

I raised my eyes as if I was too far away and my mind acted on its own accord.

"I don't remember." All hail movie marathons.

"Oh dear…" It was the only thing she said. A moment after she had left me alone, whispered words informing me she was going to call the headmaster of the Garden. I barely noticed it her absence.

I was too lost. I was in a videogame for heaven's sake. I was alone. My parents had stayed behind as well as my brother. And my friends. And my life. I was alone. A tear fell, and then another and another, until all my face was wet and shining from them. I fainted then, praying the last moments had been nothing more a dream.

But when I woke up, everything was the same as before. The white room, the cold feeling, the pain in my head and the numbness in my heart. A man sat at the bottom of my bed as well as the doctor.

My new life began from there.

Four years later. 3rd person POV

"Aria?" The door to the small room had been opened without request, barely any noise bar the calling. To answer it, there was only one person. A brown haired girl was sitting on the only chair, eyes shifting as she continued to read the book resting on her lap.

"What's wrong Stef?" She said, closing the book abruptly. That had been the only reaction to the rather unexpected entrance. And the only hint of curiosity shown.

"The headmaster is calling for you," her friend informed promptly "He said you have a new assignment." – A sigh left her lips, an expression very close to annoyance taking over her expression as she stood up.

"It is not fair Aria. He didn't let you rest. You only arrived last week." Ariadne didn't pause as she reached out for the weapon behind the door, clasping the two sheaths quickly to her back.

"You worry too much, Stef. Aunt Chris would kill him if something happened to me and it is true that I hate doing paperwork." Stef scowled briefly, a look that didn't suit her, otherwise, serene expression. Any comment she wished to add remained unsaid, as she hugged the other girl.

"The doc will not be the only one to kill him if something happens to you. Be at the front gate in fifteen minutes."

The brunette merely nodded before proceeding to gather her equipment for, yet another, mission while Stef left for her class. When she found herself alone, Ariadne sighed again and clutched the small pendant on her neck before going back to her task.

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