On ice-cream, love and melted hearts


Warnings/notes: Katan -in love with- Rociel, major ooc, weird/silly, suggestive, failed drabble (since it's more than 100 words).

Disclaimer: I don't own Angel Sanctuary. This plot is a little like 'Not Seeing It', a Yu-Gi-Oh ficlet of mine, but I hope they're not too much alike.

written at 27th december 2004, by Misura, for Rainekitsune, as a small Christmas-present.


There were days when Katan sincerely regretted ever having introduced Rociel to ice-cream. Regretted it almost as much as he was glad of it.

Because, well, to see Rociel's lips close over a spoon, his eyes closed in enjoyment, or to see how Rociel's tongue darted out to lick the last few drops off the spoon was both a privilege and an agony.

Katan did his best to enjoy it, of course, firmly telling himself that he ought to be content with what he got -and doubly so since Rociel made it abundantly clear that he was pleased. And when his master was pleased, Katan should be content also.

Few enough things managed to cheer up Rociel nowadays, and Katan should count himself lucky for stumbling over one. Especially since getting ice-cream was much easier than most of the other things that Rociel had declared to be essential for his happiness, like Alexiel reawakening and loving him.

Alexiel ... Katan sighed, his mixed pleasure in watching Rociel vanished abruptly.

"You should eat some of your ice-cream too, Katan," Rociel chided, apparently having opened his eyes for a moment. "You said you liked it."

"Yes, Rociel-sama." Katan obeyed automatically, hardly tasting the cold treat.

"It reminds me of my sister, you know," Rociel mused. "So sweet, yet so very cold as well."

Katan managed not to choke, giving a curt nod instead, that he hoped Rociel would take for a sign of understanding.

"Still ... ice-cream melts easily enough if you wait sufficiently long," Rociel continued, pensively turning his spoon around in his bowl. "Perhaps Alexiel will soften as well, melting after a while."

Rociel smiled at Katan, taking another spoonful of ice-cream.

Katan swallowed his first response; that melted ice-cream was little more than a too-sweet, sticky mess, which no one in his right mind would want to eat. Its cold was an essential part of its taste; if you took it away, what remained was worthless.

"I am sure she will, Rociel-sama," he said instead. Because Rociel's smile was simply too beautiful to risk wiping away by not agreeing with his hopes, no matter how unrealistic Katan might consider them to be. "How could anyone resist your beauty?"

Katan, for one, could not, no matter how hard he had tried.

Rociel rewarded him by widening his smile and dipping his spoon in his ice-cream again. Katan's gaze followed it in helpless fascination as Rociel lifted it to his mouth.