This is my first fan fic for this movie so bear with me…

Summary: Coyote Ugly is still up and running and surprisingly Violet still works there. What happens when someone from her past appears? (Sean Farris will be in here. He will play his character Dino Whittman on Life as we know it. No one from Life as we know it will be in here. Just Dino.)

Disclaimer: I don't own the movie…wish I did. Don't own Coyote Ugly…but I will work there. And I don't own Sean Farris (or his character on LAWKI)…though I wish I did.

"Jersey give me the Whiskey." Cammie yelled at the end of the bar. And then CRASH! The new girl that they used to replace Rachel while she was away had dropped another bottle.

"Lil, I don't think she can take it." Violet yelled.

The new girl, Bella, the girl from Kentucky that had run away from her boring town to live a life of fun had been hired about 2 weeks ago and she still couldn't flip a bottle or serve shots or drinks as fast as she should when you work there for 2 weeks should.

Lil walked over to Bella. "Look Bella, you realy need to step it up. We are really gving you a break here but if it doesn't turn around in 3 days your gone. Got it?"

"Yea. I got it. I'm just nervous."

"Girl you've been nervous for 2 weeks?"

"Being here in New York away from Kentucky it just doesn't feel real."

"Well, hunnie it's real. As real as it can get." Lil said handing a customer a beer.

The song "Sine You Been Gone" came on and Jersey, Cammie, Zoey (who came back after seeing that law school wasn't her thing) got on the bar and started dancing.

"Get up there Bella."

"Oh no, I don't dance on bars."

"Then what the hellare you doing here?"

"Excuse me?"

"What are you doinghere? You knew coming into Coyote Ugly that we dancedon bars. Being a Coyote isn't just being a bartender. It's being that and that." Lil said pointing to Jersey and Cammie dancing. "If you can't do it then get out."

"Well, what do I do?"

"Just go on up there and shake your ass."

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