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Chapter 1

"I am Raven, I am a Teen Titan, I am a hero. I save the day, that's my job. I rescue people when they need help, I don't believe in miracles I believe in faith. I hold onto hope, but let go of belief. I am Raven I am a Teen Titan and this is my life"

Everyday is the same here.

Beastboy and Cyborg play their car game. I wonder if they ever get bored of playing it every single day.

I sit in a corner and read my books

Starfire plays with anything new, that she has learnt about

Robin trains; sometimes I think he tries so hard maybe even to hard

And almost every day, the siren goes off

"Titan's trouble" Robin yelled as he went over to the computer

"What is it?" I asked looking at him

"Someone or something is braking into the bank" He replied "Titan's go!"

Cyborg got into his T-car, which I helped him build

Robin got onto his motorcycle

Beastboy morphed into an eagle

While Starfire and I flew there

When we got to the bank we saw Doctor Light standing on top of a truck

"Ah the Teen Titans, come to save the day have we?" Doctor Light laughed

"That's right, Doctor Light we're here to stop you" Robin replied

"I'd like to see you try" Doctor Light laughed once again

"Titan's go!" Robin yelled as he jumped down from they car we were standing on

Robin had the first hit, like always. He went after Doctor Light doing hand-to-hand combat. Doctor Light blew Robin back with one of his light bombs, next Starfire started to attack him with her Starbolts, while Cyborg picked up a big piece of metal and begun to swing it, Beastboy morphed into a wolf running up to him trying to bit him, while I picked up cars with my magic.

"ENOUGH" Doctor Light yelled as he put his arms up to his chest and pulled them to his sides "Good bye Titans" He laughed as a bright light came from inside him. It was so bright I couldn't even see, I closed my eyes as I was blown back. Everything went black I couldn't see anything.

When I finally got to opened my eyes I held onto my head. I looked around and only saw Starfire, I got up and ran over to her

"Starfire?" I called her name

"urge" Starfire moaned as she slowly opened her eyes

"Are you ok?" I asked looking around for anyone else

"I am" Starfire sat up "Where are our friends?"

"I don't know" I replied

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"Starfire I only just got up and I saw you"

"Oh Raven, your leg is bleeding"

"I'll be fine, we need to find the others" I told her as I got up and started walking around

Starfire got to her feet as she looked around "Robin?" She began to call

"Starfire look for them, don't call out them" I told her knowing that she desperately wanted to find Robin

I walked over to pieces of roof, cement and broken car bits

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos" I chanted as I moved the piece of cement of the top of the pile. I saw Robin just lying there "Starfire" I called out to her

"Yes?" She replied

"I found Robin" I told her as I pulled Robin out of the pile

"Oh friend is he ok?" Starfire asked me

"I don't know Star" I looked up at her "Stay with Robin I have to go find the others" I told her as I got up and left to find Beastboy and Cyborg. I looked around near the bank, as I slowly looked around to see if I could scan anyone. I saw Cyborg as I ran over to him to see if he was ok

"Cyborg?" I called "Cyborg?" I tried again

"urge" Cyborg moaned as the computer half of him lit-up

"Cyborg are you ok?" I asked looking down at him

"Awe my head, what happened?" He asked sitting up

"Doctor Light did something" I replied "I have to go find Beastboy" I got up

"Wait what about Star and Robin?" He grabbed onto my arm

"Starfire is fine, as for Robin we aren't sure she is just over there" I pointed in the direction of Starfire

"Rae?" He called letting go

I turned around "What?" I asked

"I think Beastboy is somewhere over there" He told me as he pointed in the direction

I nodded my head in thanks as I walked in the direction in which he pointed. There was a hold lot of mess and I couldn't tell if anyone was there "Beastboy?" I called wondering if he would be able to hear me "Beastboy" I yelled this time

"Raven?" I heard his voice call my name

"Beastboy where are you?" I called out walking through the mess

"I'm over here" He coughed

I looked around then finally I saw him "Beastboy" I called as I flew over to him

"urge. What happened?" He asked trying to get up

"Doctor Light" I replied is I flew down next to him "I'm going to get you out ok"

"Umm ok" He replied

I put my hands out in front of myself as I began to chant "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos" I picked up the rock that was crushing Beastboy, then moved it to the side

"Thankz" He looked up at me, when he looked up at me I couldn't help to feel warm inside

"Yer, yer" I replied helping him up

"My head hurts. Where is Cyborg, Star and Robin?" He asked

"Umm Cyborg and Starfire are ok"

"And Robin" He interrupted me

"He is, ….. well we don't know" I looked up at him

"Come on" He began to run as he grabbed my hand, I felt myself blush but then realised Robin and stopped.

We got to Starfire, Cyborg and Robin

"Is he ok?" Beastboy asked letting go of my hand

"We need to get back to the medicine room" Cyborg looked up at Beastboy

"Then what are we waiting for?" I asked

"Nothing" Cyborg replied

"Then let us go" Starfire got up of her knees

"Ok" Cyborg picked up Robin as he walked over to his car and put Robin in the. "Go to the tower" Cyborg order us, we didn't really disagree we just turned around and flew off towards the tower.

When Cyborg had brought Robin in we went into the medicine room, it didn't really have a name so I guess we all went along with that

"Will he be the alright?" Starfire asked holding onto my clock

"He'll be fine Star" Cyborg replied

"Oh joyous" Starfire smiled letting go of my clock

"When will he be better?" I asked looking at Cyborg

"In a couple of hours" He Replied

I nodded as I turned around and began to walk to my room

"Raven?" I heard Beastboy call out to me

"What?" I asked turning around

"Come back out in two hours ok" He looked into my eyes, I couldn't help but look back into his

"Umm ok" I replied looking away from his eyes. I turned and walked off as he just stood there in the hallway, I couldn't help feel that I was mean to him. The door to my room opened as I walked though it, I walked over to my bed and fell onto it, I looked up at my ceiling as I sighed. I sat up "I wonder if Starfire is ok" I said to myself as I got up and walked out of my room and down the hall to Starfire's room. I knock on the door "Starfire?" I called out from out front her room, I walked into the main room where Beastboy and Cyborg where playing their car game "Have you seen Starfire?" I asked

"She is still in the medicine room" Beastboy replied not even looking back at me, to entranced in his stupid game. I sighed as I walked out of the main room and down the hall to the medicine room

"Starfire?" I called her name

"Yes?" She replied

"Umm do you want to know talked?" I replied rubbing the back of my head

The door opened "You wish to talk with me?" Starfire seemed surprised

"Yes" I replied nodding my head

"I wish to talk" Starfire smiled as she pulled me down the hall and into her room "What do you wish to talk about?" Starfire sat down on her bed

"You" I replied joining her on her bed

"Oh. What do you wish to know friend?" She asked me

"Well how are you?" I asked

"I am great everything is wonderful" I could tell she was lying to me

"Starfire I know that you are lying to me" I told her

Starfire sighed "Everything is not great nor wonderful, Raven what dose it mean when you really want to be with another person?" Starfire asked

"Ummm love I think" I replied not really sure

"What dose love mean?" She asked as she got of her bed and walked over to her desk that had stuffed toy and drawing all over it, I had never really been in Starfire's room, it was to …. bright for my liking

"Love?" I though for a minute "Starfire I don't know" I finally replied

"Oh" Starfire looked down at the ground. I never told her this but when she is unhappy everything in the room goes doll and lifeless, she brings a sort of happiness into each room. I think that is why I hardly ever let her in my room.

"I think it is when you can't live with out the other person, and you think about them when they're not there and when they are there you still can't stop thinking about them" I told her

"Friend Raven I think I feel that way about friend Robin" Starfire told me, Starfire and I hardly ever talked like this, I guess at first she kinda got on my nerves with her being so happy and always thinking positive but then I realised that people see the world differently and she obviously saw her world as a happy place, where nothing was ever bad or if it was it had a good reason.

"Maybe you should tell him?" I suggested

"Oh no friend Raven, I can not tell him" She replied

"Really why?" I asked as I didn't really care, but I guess I just wanted to try and help

"Because if he dose not feel the same way it would be how you say it 'A total disaster' Starfire replied, I never knew it before but Starfire tried so hard to fit in, to be like earth people

"Starfire, how will you know if you don't try?" I looked up at her

"I would not" Starfire sighed

"Exactly" I replied as I got up and walked towards her door

"Raven" She called just before I had gotten to the door

"Yes?" I turned around not saying what

"Thank you" She replied

"It's ok" I slightly smiled as I left her room. I really did help Starfire with her problems sometimes I surprise myself about how much I actually do help. I smiled as I entered my room and laid down on my bed. I closed my eyes as I fell to sleep.

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