Summary: Phoebe of season 2 cast a spell to know who was her true love. It took her to the future. ColePhoebe.

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A/N: Phoebe of Season 2 and Cole of season 5 after "Y tu mummy tambien".

Part 1

Phoebe hung up the phone. She had tried to call three of her friends and none were home to chit chat with her. How should they anyway… It's a beautiful Friday night and she should be dating with a nice guy instead of being alone at home. Prue and Piper were enjoying their time with Jack and Dan somewhere. Finally Phoebe exhaled a long breath, her sisters had suggested her to join them, but she thought she'd got enough experience to be the fifth wheel among them.

Men. It's always an interesting topic to young women. She did concern about it. She hoped she could be wrong, however, they're untrustworthy in her eyes. Cupid told she needed to open her heart for love, but she's so afraid of getting hurt. Perhaps it's just they weren't her right one. People would meet their better-halves someday, Phoebe dragged her hand along the empty side on her bed feeling how cold it was. It seemed that wonderful day were still too far away.

It would be more complicated in her case. Prue and Piper never thought about letting Jack and Dan know their little secret. Human simply would found it hard to accept a witch-girlfriend/wife. Her mother and her father, for instance, they hadn't been able to conquer it, though they had loved so much and had three daughters together. And Gram, she had tried seven times.

It might be the witch' fate. Being a powerful witch, Phoebe could write a spell to look into her own future, but using magic for personal gain wasn't allowed. There would be a consequence. She suddenly remembered a spell book, the one her classmate had given her the day before. Such a crap, she had thought when her classmate'd slid it into her hand. At least it could help her fall into sleep now…

Phoebe searched her bag pulling out a small book with red covers. Thirty minutes later, she started feeling sleepy. The book had enough interesting spells for a young girl. "To be attractive for a night", "To get the attention of someone", "To have a good test"… When Phoebe's about to close it, she found another spell "To reveal the true love", she smiled, that's every girl wanted to know. In her childhood, she had imagined her true love must have been a charming prince, he would come and take her with him someday, then she would be wearing a radiant gown dancing with him in some splendid palace. What a beautiful dream… Phoebe took a quick look at the spell. Some empty rhymed lines. She wouldn't believe it's effective. This spell book couldn't be a magic book after all. She rubbed her fingers on the title of the spell "To reveal the true love", so much tempting… Her Cinderella dream wouldn't come true, but her true love's still an unknown after she already reached the age of 24. She wondered who he was, where he's living now, and would he hold her in a happy family making up for her long and solitary time waiting for him. Phoebe sighed and read it loud :

"From strike of twelve count twenty-four,

that's how long the spell is for,

if to abate my lonely heart,

reveal the love in I'll take part."

It happended to be 0:00 AM at that time. After Phoebe finished her chant, bright light spots appeared spinning around her, she vanished from her bedroom to a totally strange living room.

They keep going around for a few more circles then disappeared, she threw her look about the place, it was great and empty, suddenly she felt a chill along her spine. So it worked. She looked down realizing she's wearing a pink top and a pair of jeans. She actually wore them today before taking the shower and changing into her pajamas. Perhaps her clothes had changed back under the effect of that spell. And she was there for the same reason.

"Hello!" Phoebe called clearly.

No one answered. She should be glad since no one was home. How could she explain them the way she had ended up there. But it might be her true love's house, Phoebe thought. Yeah, it made sense. She must have been brought to his place. The thought made her smile. He had such a good apartment, she amused. Her eyes caught a photo laying on the fireplace. Her wedding one.

"I'm married." Phoebe cheered. She seized it on her hands admiring herself in the wedding gown, she looked so beautiful with her natural brown hair color and a big smile on her face. It seemed the photo had been taken in a church, her father was behind her, it's strange, they're out of touch with him for so long, Phoebe had no idea where he was right now. But future was future, perhaps they would make peace with each other someway. And her eyes were looking happily at her husband. It's him, the man that spell was giving her a chance to see. He's tall with dark hair looking so charming in his tux. His eye had some wrinkles at the end, about in mid thirties years old, she guessed, and a dimple on his cheek. He's also smiling brilliantly with her, they both were profoundly happy. Phoebe seemed to be able to feel their strong feelings to each other. This man would not be a fling, he would become her husband, her true love, she wished she could remember him so that she would immediately recognize him in her timeline. Unfortunately, they didn't display their wedding portrait, Phoebe's just able to see his profile in the picture.

"Who are you, cutie?" Phoebe asked.

She fondly caressed his image, the destiny didn't treat her very terribly, she got a handsome husband and a luxurious house. The most important thing was she loved him, and she couldn't doubt that he loved her too.

Phoebe put it back on the fireplace and walked towards their bedroom. It wasn't less cold than her current one. It's midnight at the moment, she assumed he and her future self had to be having a night out together. Another picture was found on the side table which she's wearing a hat and smiling at him, it's just his profile again, she couldn't see his face completely, this man seemed to be mysterious. She wondered whether he knew her being a witch, and how about the power of three when she's living there with him. Phoebe found a calendar showing the year was 2003 when she heard a sound from the front door.

"They're home." she walked out to see a slovenly man come in. Dishevelled hair, thick beard and wild eyes, he's wearing a black t-shirt and holding a bottle of brandy in his hand, the smell of alcohol from him was horribly strong. Phoebe did notice he's tall and dark as the man in those pictures. But what had made him turn out like that???

"Phoebe!" he stuttered heavily.

"Just a hallucination." – he mumbled, passing by her straight to his bed then fell on it like a log.

"Hello my true love." Phoebe greeted sarcastically. She followed him and sat on the edge of the bed. His face looked too gloomy and tired even in sleep. Everything happened for a reason, but it's hard to sympathy for a heavy drinker. She didn't want to discover anything else about her future. "Should I ignore him in the first time I see him?" Phoebe pondered. She wanted to be back to her own timeline, but happened to remember the spell would have to last for 24 hours. She groaned.

"Should I do something for him?" she wondered, he made her feel more than disappointed, she had just expressed her thanks to the destiny a moment ago for giving her that husband, but now he turned out to be a very bad man. It's too bad that she couldn't just leave there, Phoebe knew she shouldn't interfere to this future time, she wasn't supposed to be there after all. She started worrying about what she should do or explain until the spell finished. However, she should pay more concern to her future, perhaps it's a warning, just like the future where she's burnt in the stake, she had to make sure those bad future possibilities wouldn't really come.

"Have I decided not to get married to him?" Phoebe wondered, maybe!!! Nevertheless, she went to the bathroom and came back with a wash-cloth. She helped him clean his face and his arms.

"Phoebe!" – the man stirred up and spoke vaguely.

Her heart skipped a beat, perhaps he's the first and only one calling her name in sleep.

"Phoebe!" he murmured, his hand grapped hers.

She held it back half uncoinsciously in a moving, he immediately entangled his fingers to hers, and seemed satisfied with it, his face was a little relieved. His action was reminding her that he loved her, what she had found out by herself while seeing his look to her in the pictures. He loved her, he truly loved her… She saw a ring on his fourth finger. "The wedding ring." Phoebe thought "Meaning they're still together." Where was her future self??? Did she know he's blind drunk there??? Why did she let him that untidy considering he used to be very decent and charming before???

"Love you." The man whispered.

Phoebe tightened his hand. If everything happened for a reason, why didn't she come to the time they just met each other or fell in love with each other? Why was she there now? To see him in such a situation. But that's the most sincere expression she'd ever heard. She believed in his love.

C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P- C/P

Phoebe woke up realizing she was lying on her right side, the clock showed almost 11:00am at the moment. She remembered she had felt tired and sleepy last night after contemplating so long about her future, her husband, their common life, surmising how their marriage could be… and decided to lay down when he had changed his position to his left side. Phoebe turned around but he wasn't there. She got up and went to the bathroom.

It's about 13 hours left, and she would be back to her real life. Her so-called husband going out to get drunk again was quite possible. Phoebe splashed water on her face and reached out for the towel nearby, it's new and clean. She hadn't seen it there last night. The front door was opened. Phoebe got out and walked fast to the living room. Her husband in her future walked in carrying a lot of shopping bags. He dressed well today and totally sober. His eyes sparkled seeing her.

"Morning." He smiled.

"Morning." Phoebe replied. Now she could see his amorous blue eyes, his best charm. He's rather good looking anyway. Though his beard didn't make him look like her prince, he seemed strong and manly.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked.

Phoebe nodded.

"I'll prepare for lunch." He continued.

"You've no surprise who I am. I definitely not your wife." Phoebe said following him to the kitchen.

He put all the bags on the table and looked at her "Are you from the past?". His smile was friendly and nice.

"Why you know?" Phoebe questioned.

"You look younger. And your hair." he kept looking at her ardently and smiling. He had got up finding out a sleepy young girl next to his side. It's no difficulty to realize her. He hadn't had a slightest idea what's going on but seeing her sleeping peacefully on his bed was the best thing to soothe his heart and keep him sane. Whatever the reason was, he knew she wasn't scared of him, and he should make her feel comfortable staying there until she left. So he had cleaned the house up, and gone out to get some food.

"I read a spell to…" Phoebe paused to see how he would react when hearing about magic, he seemed to be used to it, and cooly waited for her to finish her sentence "… see my true love."

"And it brought you to me." – he grinned.

Phoebe nodded, it's obvious that he felt happy, however, she wasn't totally content. If he was someone like Jack, Leo, or Dan, she would be willing to discover why she had married him. Because it's him, she felt hesitant. He's dependent on alcohol, which was the worst taboo for a successful man. A drunk definitely didn't have a good life, plus, he surely would never be a good husband. The man started his cooking.

"Just wait a few minutes, sweetie!" he said, acting as if he was her ideal husband, calling her name in sleep, cooking for her…

"What's your name?" Phoebe asked.

"Cole. Cole Turner."

She could help him now, but he's still strange and her feeling for him wasn't too much. He might love her, but Phoebe didn't feel the same. He had touched her a little, it wasn't enough. "Don't tell me those little things won my heart and now I'm suffering a drunk." She thought.

"Where is she?"

"Your future self?" Cole paused looking up, he's silent for a moment and said "She's attending a convention in New York."

Convention. Phoebe found excited knowing she had a job, a good job maybe.

"What does she do?"

"A columnist. A very successful and famous one." Cole washed his hands and walked back to the living room "Come here, read your works!" he gave a pile of Bay Mirror newspapers to Phoebe. He searched one and pointed out "Ask Phoebe, that is."

Phoebe spent as much time as she wanted to read all the papers. Her future self was so smart, clever, and experienced. Yes, she seemed to understand deeply and thoroughly human feelings. Phoebe adored her, and felt proud of herself on the other hand. That's how she would become, she also saw her pictures there, mature and beautiful. This future wasn't quite bad… She glanced at her watch, over 1:00pm. She had smelt the dishes before but she hadn't been able to take her eyes off the papers. Now it's time to take care of her hunger.

Cole stood up seeing her enter the kitchen. He smiled "How are they?"

"Great!" Phoebe smiled back. She took the seat opposite to him, he uncovered the lids of the dishes, they're warm and tasty. All were her favorites. It meant he did care for her and understand her.

"Do I travel a lot for business?"

"Sometimes." He answered, and suddenly asked "You wrote that spell?"

"No. It's in a spell book. Published on a large scale." She explained "I didn't think it'd work. It'll finish in the midnight."

Cole thought about it while Phoebe was still under the impression of her work.

"When will I get this job?"

"Last year. A month before we got married."

She looked around, he instantly handed her a pepper jar.


"You're welcome!" he said softly.

"How are my sisters? Prue and Jack? Piper and Dan?"

"Jack? I don't know him. She's…" Cole didn't want to spoil her trip to the future with Prue's bad news "still alone."

"Yes, I went to the future once, she's still alone." Phoebe smiled "How about Piper?"

"Married to Leo. They're expecting their first child."

"Yay, they did it." Phoebe chuckled, she felt happy with her sister, they must be waiting for Melinda according to her. Dan was a good guy, but she liked Leo more. Leo would make Piper happy for sure.

"I love my sisters." Phoebe said.

"I know. You said you thank God for having them everyday. You couldn't lose them." Cole nodded.

"What else did I tell you?" she mused.

"A lot."

"What's you remember at most?"

Cole looked deeply to her eyes being hesitant for a moment…

"You said you loved me, and you always will. Nothing can change that."

Those words were too much beautiful. Phoebe choked, she didn't know she would tell someone something like that. She would be very happy hearing a man tell her that, about an eternal love… And how much it meant when she told that to a man. It must be the man she loved with all her heart, her life, and everything she could have. The man she was married to, Cole Turner. Should she complain about it… She could fel how invalued those words meant to him. His eyes were full of love for her, his voice's soft, and he's pretty caring…

"Who are you?"