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Chapter 15: May strikes! The end…

It was a peaceful two weeks later when May struck.

Really, he should have been expecting it. But he hadn't. In any case, Moltres had to help him and Zapdos fight them off.

Namely, May n' Serebii.

Ash wondered where the Houen legendaries were.

"Are you all right?" Charlotte asked, landing next to him, flaming wings a-glowing.



"Yep." Ash said, narrowing his eyes. "Good thing I still have access to the dream realm."

She nodded. May was currently being 'escorted' to a detention area by Lance's twin Dragonair.

The Dragon Master was smiling oddly.

"You sealed her powers, right?"

"Hai." Lance replied. "That's one of my stronger magic powers."

"But how long will it last?"

"Long enough. Two weeks is plenty to decide her fate."

Ash nodded in understanding as Lance wrapped her arms around him, and kissed him gently.

"Love you…"


"Kill or seal?"

"Kill, of course." Ash said, smiling. "Sealing is too gentle."

Lance smiled, dark light flickering in her eyes as she placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Kawaii koi…"

Ash smiled at her and leaned against her chest, wings folded behind him.

Charlotte excused herself, smiling at them.

Elsewhere in the castle, 15 minutes later…


"Fire Blast." Charlotte muttered, trying to shut May up as she sat outside the cell.

"HELP! I'm on fire!"

Charlotte turned the page of 'The Three Musketeers' and continued reading.

Approximately 3.5 hours later.

"Dark Thunder." Ash muttered quietly.

May shrieked.

Lance smiled as she kissed him, covering his eyes in the process. It wasn't a pleasant sight to see someone electrocuted to death, after all.

A few seconds later, they broke apart.

Ash blushed pinkly.

Charlotte coughed and looked in a completely different direction while humming 'Dixie'.


"Oh, it's nothing to me. As long as you keep it within reasonable bounds…"

Ash blushed.

Charlotte smirked a bit and walked in the opposite direction.

"She sure knows how to irk you, doesn't she?"

Ash shrugged. "We're semi-related, I don't mind. She's pretty tolerant."

"Well, I'm glad of that."

Lance smiled. "I think you should get some rest now. Dark thunder takes a lot out of you."

"Hai…" Ash whispered, yawning.

"See? Get some rest, little one."

Ash nodded and trudged upstairs, before falling asleep on his bed. Lance tucked the covers over him and then headed off.

T-minus two days later.

Ash calmly stared at the ruffled Serebii. "Yes, I did. And need I remind you that you are my chosen pokemon?"


The pokemon continued to splutter incoherently.

Ash smiled. "Serebii. It doesn't matter what you do now. Can't you see?" He took Lance's hand in his, and flared his aura.

Their auras were already meshing together, blending and swirling around them. It was truly, two as one.

Charlotte dropped down in front of them, landing on one knee with the Fire Blade in her hand pointing at Serebii.

"Do it, and I'll cast the Phoenix's curse on you." She said, smiling viciously as the flames swirled around her.

The other legendaries appeared in flashes of light, surrounding them.

Let it go, Serebii. Change intoned in his deep, resonant voice. Let it go, my child.

Father? Serebii stared. But you're-.

Dead? Resurrected in the spirits of the cards, my child. Let it go. Let our guardians live in peace. Let your siblings live in peace.

Serebii sighed once, and then stopped.

Very well… I release you. Let the prophecy be fulfilled naturally.

Ash cheered. He didn't care if it was childish of him. He felt Lance scoop him up in her arms as she kissed him. Lights flashed around them.

Be well, my children. Change smiled, as he disappeared. Be happy, and live well…

And as the portals of time closed on that dimension, they smiled.

The end!


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