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Severus couldn't believe his eyes.

There's no way in bloody hell that Harry Potter is walking up to this castle right now.

But, apparently, and much to his horror, there was indeed a way in bloody hell that Harry Potter was currently making his way up to the Hogwarts doors, laden down with a large trunk and what appeared to be his broom.

Still toting that broom around. How very predictable of you, Potter.

Snarling in disgust, Snape's seized a fistful of the heavy curtains on either side of him and wrenched them shut, instantly plunging the room into darkness.

Harry nearly collapsed under Hermione's weight, which, though quite insubstantial, was a bit troublesome when hurled around without warning.

"Oh God…Oh Harry…I can't believe it's you…" she was murmuring incoherently into his shoulder, clutching onto him for dear life.

Harry ran a hand tentatively up and down her back, hoping that this comforting gesture was working to hide his utter amazement. He had been expecting a reaction from Hermione when he turned up unexpected. He had expected a surprised grin, perhaps a warm hug. He hadn't counted on being smothered by a hysterical woman who seemed reluctant to release him despite the fact that she was crushing several of his internal organs in her vice-like grip.

"Her…Hermione," he managed to choke out, freeing one hand to fix his askew glasses. "What on Earth is the matter, love?"

It was only then that Hermione stepped back, giving him a watery grin.

"Nothing," she whispered, now running her fingers delicately along his cheek. "Nothing at all now that you're here."

Harry hesitated a moment, then grinned, placing a hand over her own.

"Glad to hear it."

But something suddenly flashed in Hermione's eyes, quite apart from the joy he'd seen there a moment ago. Something that looked akin to fear.

"Not to sound rude," she said softly, now gathering both his hands in her own, "but what are you doing here?"

"Well, I didn't want to tell you in the letter, because I wanted to surprise you," he said happily. "I've decided to move into the castle permanently. Dumbledore and I talked it over and we agreed that it would be the best place to centralize the effort for Snape's recovery."

His face flickered out of focus before her eyes.

Harry, natural Quidditch reflexes springing to life, just barely managed to catch Hermione before she slumped to the floor, unconscious.

A long curtain of black hair hung in front of glittering, obsidian eyes. Eyes which were currently staring down into a scarlet bedroom, where a young man with untidy black hair was easing a petite, brunette woman on top of a sprawling bed. He covered her gently with the duvet and summoned a pitcher of water for her. Leaving it atop her bedside table, he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Concealed in the shadows, able to detectonly his own muted breathing, the intruder's sharp ears distinctly heard the young man whisper, "Just rest here for a while."

Black eyes glinted as the young man turned and left the chamber, closing the door soundly behind him.

A small, pale hand reached up to push an unruly mass of curls off the woman's forehead. She lay perfectly still then, for what seemed like an eternity, then carefully swung her legs over the edge of the bed.

Glancing around, she stood and quickly approached the wardrobe, pulling out an old pair of black robes.

She appeared to study the ornate weave along the seams, before gently beginning to trace it with shaking fingertips.

"Miss Granger, I believe that you have something which belongs to me."

The air vanished from her lungs as a terrible, dark thrill surged through her at his words. She found that, though she could certainly feel his presence behind her, she could not lift her eyes from the robes she held in her hands. His robes. The robes she had kept after their last encounter.

A warm hand grasped her upper arm, turning her around to face him with a surprisingly small amount of force.

She watched as he stretched a large, slender-fingered hand over the fabric on which her eyes were currently trained. The contrast of his ivory skin against the ebony of the fabric made Hermione shudder a bit.

"Time for your next lesson, Hermione."

"And if I refuse?" Her words were quiet.

"You won't."

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