Where's my 'Y' for sympathy?

Title: Where's my 'Y' for sympathy

Author: Therm PG

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters but Gabrielle Rose is mine.

Summary: Hawkeye falls for a new nurse, much to Margaret's chagrin.

Warnings: Fluff in places, some loved up characters, Maybe a few naughty words, nothing bad.

Notes: The title of this story comes from an episode where Hawkeye and Margaret play double solitaire scrabble. He tells her if she needs a 'y' for sympathy, she can have one of his (letters).

Drinking and making friends

Major Margaret Houlihan took another gulp of beer from the bottle in front of her. As the liquid slide down her throat she hoped that it may extinguish the fire that had been burning her for the longest time. A fire of passion it may be but she sure as Hell wouldn't be admitting that to anyone. She casually glanced their way again.

She'd been watching them for a while now.

The new nurse Lieutenant Rose was sitting literally inches from Captain Hawkeye Pierce as he worked his charm on the naive woman.

She couldn't have been much past twenty-four and if she was, she certainly didn't look it. She had green eyes and blond hair, natural blond, from what Margaret could tell.

She had the urge, the need, to go other to the woman and tell her all about their chief surgeons history with all the other nurses in camp, she wouldn't be quite so interested in him then.

"Hey, Margaret." Captain BJ Hunnicutt said as he stood next to her and the empty chair at the table. "Mind if I join you?"

"Of course." Margaret said, distractedly, but careful not to look at Pierce and Rose any more, at least not while she had company.

"Is that 'Of course I don't mind' or 'Of course I mind'?" BJ asked still hovering.

"Oh would you sit down already!" Margaret said, gesturing to the chair. From the corner of her eye she saw Pierce move closer to Rose and instinctively she looked round at the two as they shared a kiss. This was the first time she had seen them kiss and Margaret wondered if there had been many more.

BJ sat down and noticed Margaret's eyes were elsewhere. He followed her gaze to his friend who was busy introducing the new nurse to the way of life here. BJ waited a few minutes for Margaret to speak, but she didn't. She remained silent, watching.

He decided he'd have to start up the conversation.

"She seems nice, Lieutenant Rose. Have you spoke much to her?" BJ asked.

"Not really, Captain Pierce seems to have attached himself to her and it's hard for anyone else to get a look in. I take it she's settling in well, but you're better of asking him than me!" Margaret ranted. She picked up her beer, drunk the remainder of the bottle then slammed it down on the table, gathering a few odd looks. "Excuse me." She said to BJ as she left the room in a hurry.

Margaret passed Colonel Potter on his way in, but she barely said a word to him in her hurry to get away from the Officers club.

The Colonel watched as Margaret stomped off past him. He simply shook his head as he watched her go, before continuing his journey inside.

He saw BJ sitting on his own and joined the young man. BJ noticed the man coming over.

"Hey, colonel. Pull up a chair?" He asked sincerely.

"Sure, let me just get us both a drink." The colonel said, ordering two beers and taking them over to BJ's table.

"What's with Margaret?" Potter asked once he sat down and took a sip of his drink.

"Don't know. I'd only just sat down when she stormed off, ranting about them." BJ said, pointing to Pierce and Rose a few seats away.

"Well, I know she doesn't like people fraternising with her staff, and vice versa, but I thought she'd chilled a little by now. Oh, that woman's a mystery to me, Hunnicutt." Potter said.

"Agreed." BJ said, although he could understand her feeling a little.

Since Lt. Rose had moved here, he'd hardly seen Hawkeye which didn't bother him all that much. He got on with Charles pretty well now, but it wasn't the same.

Hawkeye eased tensions. He did stupid things just for the sake of doing them. He made the war a little lighter. It wasn't as though he were gone, but usually with a new nurse Hawkeye would spend a day or two with her before she chucked him out of her tent and knocked back any further advances.

He'd been with the new girl for just over a week.

BJ wondered if this new nurse was being taken for a ride by his friend.

He didn't like to think that a talented young nurse might get hurt by Hawkeye, maybe not intentionally, but hurt nonetheless.

Potter noticed BJ go quite and picked up the questioning lines again. "So, where's Charles? He gonna join us tonight?"

"Er, yeah, I think so." BJ said, trying to concentrate on the conversation again.

"Good. Hopefully Margaret will come back over later on, it's still pretty early and I'm sure Klinger said he'd be coming by later too. Father Mulcahy would make the full set but he's gone visiting the orphans."

"Never wastes a day." BJ said, smiling at the thought of the man.

Hawkeye listened carefully to all that Gabrielle Rose told him about her old life in the States, before she came out here.

He loved to hear all stories about home. It may not have been his home town but home was America and that's all that really mattered.

"So tell me about your family, Hawkeye." Gabrielle said.

Hawkeye smiled as he began his story. "Well, I live with my father in Crabapple Cove, Maine. His also a doctor. His the only close family I have and he means everything to me. I hate the fact that I can't be there with him now. It's just the fact that he's so alone with just his work and... I miss him. I want to be there in case he needs me for some thing." The smile had disappeared by the time Hawkeye got to the end of his piece, the thoughts of is dad alone had upset him, that why he didn't keep a picture of him out in the swamp, it just reminded him that he wasn't there to help him if he needed it.

"I'm sure he knows that there's no where you'd rather be." She gently placed her hand on top of his.

"Listen to me, killing the conversation. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound so... pathetic. My dad's doing great I just..."

"Please don't apologize. You don't have to tell me these things if it upsets you."

"You're incredible, Gabrielle, you know that. I've never wanted to share things with someone they way I do with you." He said.

"I'm very flattered. And please, call me Gaby, Okay?"

"Sorry. You want another drink?" Hawkeye asked her. They'd only had one since they arrived and they'd been here nearly five hours, just talking.

"Yes please. My mouth is a little dry."

"Tell you what, this place is a little busy with all the drunks. I mean, I'm usually one of them, but I'd much rather talk with you. Come back to the swamp with me?" He asked her.

"You have to answer me a question first. Do you have a drink there?" She smiled shyly at him.

"Do I have a drink there. Me and Beej make our own. Do you have taste-bud insurance?"

Gaby laughed at him. "I guess it's gonna be too late after tonight."

Hawkeye smiled at her. "Come on." he said, holding out his hand for her to take. She moved round next to him, noticing a few looks they garnered from some of the others there. She gently placed her hand in his, large, warm hand.

They walked past the table where BJ and Potter sat, now joined by Charles and Klinger, all looking a little worse for wear.

"Hey Pierce." Potter called out to him before he left. Hawkeye stopped and waited for the CO to continue. "If you see Margaret, tell her to join the party."

"Sure thing, Colonel." Hawkeye said.

Before he could move off, Charles called out.

"Hawkeye," He said. Pierce could tell he was drunk from the use of his nickname, he very rarely called him Hawkeye otherwise. "Don't you two do anything that I wouldn't." He laughed along with the others at the table and a few other people in the room whistled and called out.

"What exactly does that leave then Charles? I mean you got married last time you were drunk." Hawkeye said, loud enough for all to hear. More cheers followed. Hawkeye opened the door for Gaby to go through and quickly adding to a group of nurses near the door he said "Watch it if he starts to buy you drinks. You'll be on your honeymoon tomorrow."

With that Hawkeye left too.

"That was mean, wasn't it?" Gaby said.

"You feel sorry for Charles?" Hawkeye asked her sincerely

"No, but won't he be mad tomorrow?"

"Nah, I doubt he'll even remember it tomorrow. And if he does, I'll just remind him that most people there were also drunk and that they've probably forgotten by now."

"Well, that ought to do it." She said.

When they arrived back at camp, Hawkeye took Gaby to the swamp and poured her a Martini. "Here, this'll have to do for the minute. I just need to go see Margaret and tell her that the Colonel wants to see her."

"Okay." She said, taking a sip of the drink in her hand. "Oh, that's..."

"Horrible." Hawkeye filled in for her. "Wait for me." He said as he left the tent.