Nasty Boyz

Opening comments: This is a work of fanfiction. It uses official characters from X-Men: Evolution, whom are copyrighted to Marvel. All other characters mentioned are also copyrighted to Marvel, and have been adapted for use in the Evolution continuum. As far as continuity goes, this story takes place late in the first season, not long before the original Cerebro console is destroyed. Rated for violence.

Nasty Boyz

By Crash

Highway 78, just outside of Newark, New Jersey...

"Ah still say we should 'ave taken the Blackbird," said Rogue, irritably. She was sitting the passenger seat of a red convertible. A convertible that was moving at a snail's pace, stuck in the middle of a particularly bad traffic jamb.

Scott Summers, sunglasses and all, sat in the drivers seat. "Give me another hour, then I'll agree with you," he replied stoically. The car behind Scott honked angrily, prompting Scott to reply in the typical fashion. "Hey, shut up! I'll move when I can!" Scott turned towards Rouge with slight scowl on his face. "Okay, half an hour."

Rogue sighed, disgustedly. "Tell me again why we're drivin' intah this here rat infested swamphole?"

"Do you ever listen to briefings?" Scott asked, sarcastically. Without waiting for a reply, he continued. "The Professor said Cerebro detected a mutant signature in central Newark. We're going to find the mutant, talk to her, and then try and recruit her to the Institute."

"Ain't that usually Jean's job?"

"Yes," Scott replied, patiently. "But the Professor thinks you're the right person for this job. According to the profile we got on the girl, she's a rather anti-social girl. Inner city, single parent who's away on business trips, few friends... That sort of thing. Jean couldn't possibly connect with a girl like that. Jean's too peppy, upbeat..."

"...Popular," interjected Rogue, rudely.

Scott smirked. "Exactly. Our new girl would see Jean as just another snotty popular girl and wouldn't listen to a word she says."

"Still, there's got ta be someone bettah than me..."

"Like who?" Scott prompted.

"Oh, Ah don't know," said Rogue. "Evan, maybe..."

"Egotistical, loudmouth jock," replied Scott nonchalantly.

Rogue stared at Scott for a moment with a incredulous look on her face. "Kitty..."

"Young, overactive ditz..."


"An overeager goof who falls over his own feet..."


"Old and aloof..."


"Do I really need to give you a list for him?"

Rogue regarded Scott with a stunned expression on her face. "It's so nice ta know you have such a high opinion of us, Scott."

"Pretentious, arrogant, and generally believed to have a stick shoved up his posterior... Don't think I don't know what people say about me..." Abruptly, his tone softened. "Rogue, you're the only one of us that will be able to connect with this girl. The Professor thinks that makes you the best person for this job. So do I. If you don't trust him, trust me."

Finally having run out of arguments, Rogue gave in. "All right, all right... So what's this new mutant look like, anyway?"

Scott pointed to a folder laying on the seat between the two. "Here's the girl's profile. It has everything Cerebro found out about the girl. Her picture should be near the front."

Rogue picked up the folder and started looking through it. "Erin Valchek," she read, rather unenthusiastically. "Age: 17, one parent, yadda, yadda yadda..." Rogue flipped to the next page, which displayed a picture of the girl. "Oh look. A blonde. Just what we need on the team..." With a sigh, Rogue closed the folder and leaned back in her seat. "Hey Scott, d'ya think you can put on some music?"

"Sure. But Kitty phased through my car the other day, so now the radio doesn't work."

"Great," mumbled Rogue. "So what CD's do you have?"

"Well, lets see..." With traffic now at a dead stop, Scott rummaged through the glove compartment. "I've got some Pearl Jam, Oasis, Smashing Pumpkins..."

"What about this one?" Rogue held up an unmarked home-burned CD.

Uh, that's Kitty's CD," Scott said, slowly. "Play it at you're own risk."

Disgustedly, Rogue tossed the CD back in the glove compartment. "Lets go with Oasis. Anything's better than Kitty's stuff..."