Title: Only on the Hellmouth

Author: Appomattoxco


Pairing Giles/Anya

Summary: The wish is resolved a little differently

A/N written for Buffyverse1000 community on LJ Wishverse!Giles/Anyaka later Giles/Anya. Thanks to Jane for the beta.


He didn't shove her away and race to the dresser but he didn't roll over and fall asleep as she wanted him to do either. "Giles, no, please!" Anyanka moaned as Giles rose gracefully from the bed then bent to pick up one of his discarded shoes. "Don't destroy it!" If she was honest, she had to admit to feeling shocked; he was just a battle-weary Watcher; she had no idea that desperation could make a man so sexy or inventive. Her legs refused to hold her weight on the first attempt to stand and go after him, now she was the desperate one.

She decided it was worth lowering herself just a bit and allowed her eyes to fill with tears. It was the oldest trick in the book but it just might work with a white hat like Rupert Giles. She would keep her bargain but nothing said she couldn't try to get Giles to back out of it.

"Nice try, Anyanka, but we made a bargain," Giles said when she finally made it across the room. "Are you going to tell me I haven't fulfilled my end of it?"

"What if I said I loved you?" Anya asked, angry and instantly dry eyed.

"Unless you destroyed this yourself I would never believe you," Giles said, clearly not expecting her to do anything of the kind.

"Damn you. You won't remember a thing about this."

"I know that," Giles said, after a final, lingering kiss. It was her last act of vengeance that he would never know if it was love or perversity that drove her to take the shoe and be the one to crush the pendant under the heel.