Giles rubbed at the ache starting between his eyes. Buffy had brought Faith and the others back to the library. He had just finished introducing Anya and giving an edited version of his involvement with her. While Oz seemed typically unfazed Buffy, Willow and Xander appeared convinced that he had lost his mind. Xander in particular kept looking at Anya as if he were sure that she would transform any minute and strike him down. It didn't escape his notice that now that he was no longer holding Anya, Buffy had place herself between them and that Faith casually kept close to Xander. "Buffy, your concerns about appearances are valid but we have a more urgent matter to attend to than my personal life."

Anya took over and told her story ending with "Decide whether or not to slay me later; Glogo demons only eat young when they are in their mating cycle and I for one, like pink-toed little humans better than sticky-toed frog things with teeth."

"Glogos are frogs with teeth!" Willow said, gripping Oz's hand tightly and turning pale. "Buffy, Giles is an adult; if he wants to hold demon orgies again I say he should go for it." Willow's laugh at her own joke was a little thin. "The important thing is to slay those Glogos."

"Right," Buffy patted Willow on the back comfortingly. "So what's the plan? Stake out the mall? I'm not liking the idea of waiting around for them to attack another baby in order to slay these things."

"I don't see what choice we got, B. If mama demon is craving babies like they say it makes our job easy; we stake out the hunting grounds and get them before they get their next snack. It should be a snap," Faith said.

Giles disagreed. "Glogos are fast. I don't think you two could get to the female and her mate before the baby was dead."

"Maybe a decoy would work? One of us could hold a doll," Buffy asked giving Faith an inquiring look.

"Yeah, I'd look real convincing as a mommy." Faith rolled her eyes at the thought.

"I don't know about that." Xander spoke up "She looks a little Inca-ish to me. What do you think Willow? …Just around the eyes maybe?"

The glare she sent Xander's way Faith had clearly heard about Ampata. Giles had almost laughed when Faith moved away from Xander as if to say, be like that and you're on your own, "I doubt that a doll would deceive them anyway. They would be able to tell it wasn't warm blooded."

"Another fighter would help." Angel said as he separated himself from his place in the shadows. "I can concentrate on getting the prey out of there and you and Faith can get rid of the Glogos."

That Angel still thought of humans subconsciously as 'prey' put Giles on edge but a third person would be a great help. "Buffy..."


Be careful, he thought."Take crossbows, don't get close unless you can't help it and aim for the belly."

"Looks like we have a plan," Faith said. "Let's go."

"Call me when you're home, Buffy. I'll be at my flat." Giles saw a subtle change in Faith's eyes and the way she stood. It could be her putting on her 'game face' or disappointment over being excluded. The look Anya gave him suggested that she thought it was the later so he added, "You call or stop by too, Faith."

"Um, sure thing." Giles was rewarded with a bright smile "Let's go frog gigging guys."

Willow turned to Anya before leaving with Oz and surprised Giles by giving her a brief, awkward hug. "I think you were pretty brave and resourceful today."

"But I couldn't save anyone but myself?"

Oz said, "Sure you did."

"Every one that would have died after tonight." Willow finished Oz's thought before Anya or Giles could reply.

"Thank you, I don't really agree but could you tell Buffy that anyway, so she doesn't slay me?"

Willow said, "Just give Buffy some time she'll warm up to you. The ex- demon thing's a little off putting to a Slayer and she's a little protective of Giles."

"She thinks I'd hurt Giles! Why would she think that?"

Oz said. "Hurting guys was your gig."

"But that's silly, I wouldn't do that now even if could," Anya gave Giles an alarmed look.

"I know you wouldn't dear." Giles said.

"Buffy's not blind she'll get it." Oz said.

When Oz and Willow left Anya said to Giles, "Are you going to be all right tonight?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that? You've been through a lot today."

"You're worried about Buffy though, you love her, and I could see it on your face when she left."

"It's not that kind of love."

"I know that, that's why I'm so concerned. You love her like a daughter and you want to protect her and it hurts you that you can't."

"I'd rather it wasn't true instead of keeping Buffy safe I have to hand her a sword and send her into the darkness. That's why the Council frowns on Watchers becoming too attached to their Slayers."

Anya was quite for a while apparently deep in thought. "I'm not sure the two are as opposite as you think. Isn't that what a parent does once a child is no longer weak and helpless? Inform and arm them the best they can, then send them out into the world to do the job they were meant to. I doubt that parents ever learn to like though."

"Do you realize you just made me feel better by telling me that it's acceptable to be miserable?" Giles marveled.

"No I didn't I just said it was all right to admit you care. Lying about it won't make you worry less. Will it?"

"For someone who just recently became human you're awfully perceptive." Giles was a little annoyed at just how perceptive she was being. He wasn't fond of laying his emotions out for all to see.

"I've been watching talk shows after school" Anya said, her face completely serious. "There is something I don't understand. Why did you let everyone think we were a couple when you regretted kissing me back right away?"

"I regretted getting carried away in public with a student. Whoever you were, that's who you are now and we need behave accordingly. I let Buffy and her friends think whatever they wanted because they could understand that I wasn't taking advantage of a child."

"It wasn't because they see you as asexual and you wanted to scar their young minds by proving them wrong?"

"…Merely icing on the cake."