This is my first fic on this show so bear with me…

Summary: Jack is gone for the summer and Courtney and Missy both miss him so much. He's been gone for a little longer than anticipated and Missy is worried. JC/JM (beginning)

Disclaimer: I do not own Jack and Bobby. Though I wish I owned Jack. All I own is this idea. And I don't own the song "Come Home Soon" by Shedaisy.

He's been gone for over two months. And everything has been a wreck. Him not being here is driving me insane. I miss him like crazy. I miss his banter and his kisses but most of all I just miss him. It sucks that his mom took him to New York for the summer. Couldn't she of just let him stay here with me? Our relationship was going so well and she just decided on one crazy night that she wanted to take them with her. She must've been smoking something on that night. And so, he broke up with me. Saying that he didn't know what his mom had in store for him. And he didn't want my summer to suck so he would let me free and if he came back before or during the school year we would be together again. I don't know anymore. I don't know if he just said that so he could be with her.

Her being Courtney Benedict. She had caught his eye from the moment she got here. And he had been lusting after her ever since. He claimed that they were just friends. But I knew better than that. I'm not some dumb blonde like everyone thinks I am. I do have feelings and I do have eyes and ears and even surprisingly for some a brain. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out that he wanted her and she wanted him. But they must've thought so since he lied to me. Not once. But twice. The first time was him telling me that nothing was going on between them. He never admitted to lying but I knew something was. At least not really. But in their hearts and minds. And the second time was when they kissed. He said they didn't. And I believed him. That was until I read her diary where she said that she had feelings for him and she wished that she could kiss him everyday. And that she wished he were never with me. We had broken up after that. But we got back together rather quickly and I lost my virginity to him. And then…he left. Kind of ironic huh? Yea, I thought so too. But, when I asked him he sweared that it wasn't the case. Being lied to twice by the same man leaves you to wonder if he would ever lie again. So, if you're wondering if I believed him that time the answer is yes and no. Yes because well he's Jack…how can you not want to believe him. And no because…well you already read why he lied to me. Proof enough? I think so. But when he promised to call me I believed him. And ironically I haven't received not one phone call from him. Not ONE. Not even a stupid letter. NOTHING! I'm sure Courtney's received at least a letter or a phone call. God knows what else she's received. Probably roses or a gift of some sort. He would be one to do that. For the woman he loves. And that wouldn't be me. But her.

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