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Fifteen year old Tomoyo Daidouji and Sakura Kinomoto we're skating to their school. "Hurry up Sakura!" Tomoyo called as she was skating backwards. When she turned around she bumped into the dashing and most handsome Eriol Hiiragizawa. "Ooppps…sorry Eriol-kun". Eriol just gave a wry smile.

"Be careful next time Tomoyo-san", Eriol just said. Syaoran, Sakura's boyfriend was behind Eriol.

"Hey Sak! Hurry up! You're gonna be late!"

"That includes Tomoyo!" Sakura said as she passed by the two with a smirk.

"Sakura!" her cousin yelled. Tomoyo's eyes turned to Eriol. "Sorry again Eriol-kun!" she ran to her cousin. "Sakura matte kudasai!" Eriol doesn't know why but he smiled.

Terada-sensei the new teacher in high school went in the classroom where Tomoyo and the others are. The classroom grew silent as their Homeroom teacher had come in. Terada looked at them seriously as Eriol was looking outside coz' he was near the window. "I've heard there's a fraternity group in Tomoeda". Gasps were heard. Eriol was listening right now. "Tomoeda gang as what they called. Please my dear students don't enter any fraternity. Fraternity was supposed to be a nice group, a nice gang. But…the image of fraternity has changed. So please I beg you don't join this group".

"Yes sensei", everyone replied except Eriol.

'Too late though coz' I'm a member of that group', Eriol thought. His seatmate Tomoyo noticed him not in the right thought.

"Eriol-kun are you okay?" Tomoyo asked as she placed her hand on top of his hand. He looked away blushingly.

"Yes Tomoyo-san I'm fine", Eriol replied. He could never understand this feeling…whenever she does this to him.

The four friends we're taking their lunch in the canteen. The three we're waiting for Tomoyo to arrive coz' she was still buying her lunch. "So Eriol-kun are you going to tell her that you're one of the members of the Tomoeda gang? She's the only one who doesn't know", Sakura asked, keeping her voice low so that no one will hear what they're talking about.

"I don't know Sakura. It's so hard to break the news to her. I don't know why", Eriol replied, eyes downcast.

"Are you falling for Tomoyo, Eriol?" Syaoran asked. Eriol shook his head.

"It's just that…I don't want to see her sad if ever I'm going to tell her".

"We'll talk about this later coz' Tomoyo's coming", Sakura said as her cousin sit happily next to Eriol.

"Sorry it took me so long guys!" Tomoyo began.

"No problem Tomoyo!" Syaoran replied.

"Let's eat!" the cherry blossom said cheerfully. As Eriol was eating he stole a glance at Tomoyo who is also talking to Sakura and Syaoran across the table.

'I can't tell her coz' she the reason why I became happier. Ever since Kaho and I broke up she was there to comfort me, tried her best to put a smile on my face. And if I'll tell her that I'm also a member of the Tomoeda gang…what kind of payment is that I return to her? She'll never forgive me…I'm sure of that', Eriol thought. Tomoyo caught him glancing at her as she turned to him and smile. His cheeks turned red as he smiled back. 'Tomoyo I'm sorry'.

"Eriol-kun you're not eating", Tomoyo began.

"Sorry Tomoyo-san", was all he could say as he resumes to eat.

"So we'll see each other", Sakura said that dismissal time.

"We always see every weekdays Sak", Syaoran added.

"We'll never know if there's no class on a particular day", Tomoyo barged in.

"Guys see you! I've got to go somewhere else", Eriol said. Syaoran and Sakura looked at each other and sighed. The two knows where he is going.

"You're gonna be fine?" asked the cousin of the Card mistress.

"I'll be fine. Sorry I can't take you home right now Tomoyo-san".

"That's okay", Tomoyo replied as she looked away blushingly.

"Okay then. See you three tomorrow!"

"Bye Eriol!" the three chorused as they planned to go home.


Eriol went to his house, tired from school. His girlfriend Kaho Mizuki was sitting on the chair. Her eyes were glaring at him. He didn't pay heed as he went to her as he was supposed to kiss her. But she stood up and pushed him away. "What's the matter Kaho?"

"Stop you're act Eriol! Will you just stop it!?" Kaho exclaimed. Nakuru and Spinel heard it from the kitchen. They're worried of what might happen.

"What act?" he asked. Kaho rolled her eyes disbelievingly.

"From the moment you were classmates with her I can sense you have changed. From simple touches to kisses that you gave to me…they were different. They were different ever since Tomoyo came!"

"What? And what do you mean by that? That I like her? Maybe I like her but I don't love her like what you're thinking. I lover her as a friend!"

"Friend? It seems like you're even comfortable whenever you're around with her!" Kaho's voice rose as she was arguing with Eriol. Eriol found this fight nonsense. He loves Kaho not Tomoyo.

"You're jealous", Eriol said with a smirk. "That's why you're doing this".

"No Eriol. I just want you to know that I want you to realize who you really want and love. Me or Tomoyo? Think about it…for now I'm ending our relationship. If you had realized who you really want and love…tell me", Kaho said. Tears were streaming down her face as she exited Eriol's house. And Eriol just stiffen. Nakuru and Spinel went in to the living room to check on their Master.


"Don't worry Nakuru! I can do this!" Eriol told them. If he can really do it…if he can really live without Kaho for many days.

After one week later Eriol had received a call from Kaho that she's in England. She told him she'll be back if he decided he'll choose her over Tomoyo. But he hasn't decided yet…so because of his confused mind and heart…he joined a fraternity named Tomoeda gang. Fritz as the fraternity leader. "So you wanna join our group?" Fritz asked.

"Yes", Eriol replied.

"You choose?" Hermione, one of the members of the gang asked.

"To be beaten up by a paddle", he replied. The members gasped.

"What? But you're too cute and handsome. So sad that lovely face of yours will have bruises", Ivy said seductively as she ran her fingers on Eriol's face. Eriol just gave a wry smile.

"That's what I want".

"I object! Fritz let him in if he wants to! I really don't want his lovely face to be damaged", Ivy added.

"Fine then", Fritz replied.

"On one condition", Gerard said. They all looked at him. "What's you're reason why you want to join?" Eriol remained silent as they all looked at him.

"That's a privacy", Eriol demanded. "I will not tell".

"Then you can't enter if you won't tell us", Hermione said. "You're lucky you won't be beaten up sixty times. Tell us the reason…and you'll be a member to our group". Eriol sighed. He finally had to give up.

"Because of my love one who thinks I like or love somebody else. She wants me to realize if I love her or my friend. Until now I'm confused. And also angry. I want to join you're group coz' I hate my life. I don't know if this is a valid reason. But I only hope you'll understand". The members looked at each other. They looked at Eriol then nodded.

"Fine. Reason accepted. Welcome to the Tomoeda gang…um…"

"Eriol Hiiragizawa".

"Ah yes…welcome to the Tomoeda gang…Eriol Hiiragizawa", Fritz said.

"Thank you". But actually he doesn't know if this is the right thing…

"You enter a fraternity group?!" Sakura exclaimed when they we're sitting under a cherry blossom tree. Actually Tomoyo hasn't arrived yet.

"Eriol what the hell do you think you're doing?!" Syaoran exclaimed, also angry.

"I'm confused that's why. But really I don't know if it's the right thing. I don't know who to choose…Kaho or Tomoyo. But I don't have feelings for Tomoyo!" Eriol replied, running his fingers though his hair. "I hate it!"

"So tell Kaho that you love her", Sakura advice. Eriol just sighed.

"Too late though…I've seen Tomoyo another person. But I don't know if I lover her". The two we're silent. Actually Sakura and Syaoran knows that Tomoyo had fallen for Eriol. Ever since first year high. But Tomoyo tried her best not to look so obvious. Coz' Eriol loves Kaho by that time. And she doesn't want to break their relationship.

"Tomoyo's coming!" said Syaoran in a sing-song voice. Eriol looked at her as she was running to them…smilingly.

"Sakura and Syaoran I've got a favor to ask…"

"Which is…?"

"Don't tell Tomoyo that I've joined a fraternity please? I don't know…but I don't want her to know". The lovers looked at each other then nodded.

"Don't worry Eriol we won't tell her. We promise", Sakura said. Then Tomoyo arrived as she dropped herself to the grass, painting and clutching her breath.

"S-Sorry guys I'm late!" Tomoyo said, stammering. She looked at them and smiled.

"That's alright Tomoyo", Eriol said. She smiled sweetly to him. And that made him pause. She was beautiful.

End Of Flashback

'I'm really sorry Tomoyo. I hope you'll forgive me someday', Eriol thought as he went in to the apartment of the gang.

"Eriol's here!" Hermione exclaimed. He gave a wry smile to them.

"So…what are we going to do?"

A ball pen in hand and eyes staring up at the ceiling. That's what Tomoyo's doing. She couldn't concentrate coz' she's thinking about someone…'Eriol's not coming with us every afternoon. He always goes somewhere else. Wonder where he's going…I'm really concerned about him. I hope if he has problems he'll open up to me'. Then suddenly the telephone in her room rang. She picked it up immediately. "H-Hello good evening?"

To be continued…