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"You and Tomoyo have a date today?" Eriol shook his head, still smiling.

"I'm gonna tell her the truth".

"What?" Syaoran pressed.

"That I'm not a member of the Tomoeda gang anymore", Eriol began. Syaoran was shocked then he smiled.

"That's great. Sakura will be happy for this. And I'm happy too!"

"Li your voice please", Terada began. Everyone looked at the two. Sakura rolled her eyes. As Tomoyo giggled.

"What is he up to?" Sakura muttered.

"Gomen nasai", Syoaran said. Terada nod his head and back to his discussion. "And Tomoyo will be very happy", he added in a whisper. Eriol smiled and nod his head as he looked at Tomoyo who is seated at the front. But suddenly she looked at him. He blushed and looked the other way. Tomoyo face the front as she giggled.

"Really? He's going to say something to you?" Sakura asked as they were cleaning the classroom. "You should go NOW!"

"But...I'm still cleaning!" Tomoyo replied. "Later..."

"But I'm so excited to know what he'll say!" Tomoyo just chuckled. "Man this is a BAD timing!"

"A bad timing indeed but I think I know what Eriol will say..."Syaoran began. His girlfriend went near him and keeps shaking him.

"Tell me! TELL ME!"

"Sa-ku-ra! You're hurting me!" Tomoyo just chuckled as the two couples were still quarreling and arguing. As Tomoyo was sweeping the floor she's thinking what Eriol will tell it important?

Eriol is waiting for Tomoyo at the rooftop. He leaned on the rail as the wind was playing his hair. He sighed. His heart was beating fast of what he'll tell Tomoyo. Will she accept his love too? He really wonders. He didn't even hear the door opened and Tomoyo walked quietly towards him. Deep in thoughts, he never knew. Tomoyo covered his eyes. "Tomoyo-san..."was all Eriol could say and Tomoyo smiled to herself. She uncovered his eyes.

"Good guess!" Tomoyo said as Eriol turned around to see her, smiling. She felt she could melt because of his smile. "Sorry it took me so long because I'm a cleaner".

"I know".

" are you going to tell me? Must be very important since", scans the area. "Were only two". Eriol nods his head.

"Tomoyo...I hope you'll be happy with my news...I'm not a member of a fraternity group anymore", Eriol explained. Tomoyo was shocked as she smiled. She hugged him suddenly.

"Eriol thank you!" Tomoyo exclaimed. She didn't notice she was crying! There's a reason too why Tomoyo doesn't want Eriol to join in a fraternity...something might happen to him. Eriol whose eyes were covered under his bangs, suddenly hugged her...closer. "E-Eriol-kun?"

"Tomoyo what I said in the letter is true! I also back-out in the Tomoeda gang because I'm not confused anymore...I love you...very much! The same as you love me!" he hugged her tightly. "I'm very sorry..."she broke from the hug as Eriol wiped her tears. "Tomoyo from now on will you be my girl?"

"But Mizuki-sensei..."

"I'll call her and tell her about that. Please...will you be my girl?" Eriol asked again. Tomoyo smiled.

"Of course Eriol! Why shouldn't I?"

"YES! YES!" Eriol exclaimed. "Tomoyo I LOVE YOU!" Eriol shouted. Tomoyo blushed as she holds onto his arm.

"Eriol people might hear that!" Tomoyo said.

"I don't care!" he inched closer. "Coz' that is how much I love you". He kissed her passionately like the last time. Deeper that the last time. A kiss will always be a promise.

Ten years have passed and Tomoyo and Eriol are married. They had a five year old son named Clow after the name of Clow Reed. "Clow be back this 3p.m.!" Tomoyo exclaimed.

"Yes Mom!" Clow replied.

"He's going to Sakura's house again?" Eriol asked from behind.

"Yeah. I wish our son has a bright future", Tomoyo added. Eriol nod in reply.

"And I wished he won't enter a fraternity..."

To be continued...or end?

Author's Notes: Actually I want to continue this fic and the couples will be Clow, Tomoyo and Eriol's son, and Nadeshiko, Sakura and Syaoran's daughter. And the title will still be fraternity! I'm so confused! And I don't know what to do! If ever you guyz will review...please give suggestions if I'll continue or not...even though it's my story it's hard to decide that's why I'm asking some advices from people! Thanks for reading fraternity! x