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She wanted so hard to believe.....She wanted to believe every word he said. Every word he wrote. Believing was something that took time for Hermione. She believed what she read of course, but people were different for her. She had seen the jealous stares of fellow students....she had survived the threats...she had survived the final battle even.... She had seen so much that she didn't believe people. She believed Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Luna. But she didn't believe anyone else most of the time. People just seemed to cause unwanted and undeserved pain for her. She had kept to herself and her inner circle.

But he had done it.

He had broken the stone and brick barrier she had put up against people. He got under her skin and opened her eyes. She had kicked, screamed, and punched him but he still stood beside her, unwilling to give up. She couldn't understand how someone like him had gotten to her. He was wrong for her. He insulted her, tormented her, and hurt her. But her guarded heart some how had given itself to him. And to her surprise he had done the same, except she had his heart.

Or at least she thought.

He was her first love. Her first kiss. Her first everything. Even if was all in secret, she still felt it was special all the same. But she should've known secrets always end badly. No, they fooled her friends, but his family was different. They pulled him from school, and forced him to the dark side. It was just like that. A snap of the fingers and he was gone from her life forever. She suspected that his memory had been erased.

She didn't get it.

Love couldn't be erased. Or she had thought. She thought that magic couldn't tamper with love. But she was wrong. She knew that he didn't care about her anymore and if she ever saw him again, he would call her "Mudblood" or "Granger". But she really didn't care anymore. Even if was one word or argument, she would get to hear his voice again. She would give up all the fame, money, everything she had for him to talk to her. Or to even look at her. But everyday when she got up, the painful realization hit her like a ton of bricks. He wasn't there, and he never would be.


The day was clear for the second day in a row. She was actually enjoying it for once. She was slowly repairing the damage of her heart and looked forward to the Hogwarts Reunion. She, Harry, and Ron walked arm in arm to the castle. She took a deep breath, trying to push all the terrible memories of that night out of her mind.


The night had gone normal enough. They had done their homework together and were readingin front ofthe fireplace.

"Mione?" he had asked, looking at her from the book. She snapped out of her book trance.

"Yea." she said.

"I love you and I always will. Remember the it only takes a kiss to remember." She had smiled but was a bit worried. What he said sounded like he was going away or something would happen. But she was touched all the same.

"I love you too, sweetie." she said leaning in and kissed him. Suddenly the windows in all the rooms was shattered. They both stood up, not bothering to investigate, they both ran out of the room and into the hallway. They made their way up an abandoned tower, sure that they wouldn't find use there. But just when it seemed like they had won, the door was shoved off it's hinges, and he had held her tighter to him.

"Come along boy." his father had said, coldly. He eyed her. "Stop wasting your time with a mudblood, you are to work for the Dark Lord."

"No." he answered.


"No." he said again, clearly staring his father down. Shadows started to fill the room. She didn't know what they were, but suddenly her love was on the floor contorting in pain.

"Leave us alone!" she pleaded with them, running over to him. Praying that he wouldn't die.

"He has his family to uphold, girl. He will not shame me or his family. He's coming with us, where is he will learn the errors of his ways." he said, motioning the shadows to take her away. She struggled, still seeing the man she loved in pain. But the shadows were doing their own pain to her. They cut her, deep and painful. She was getting colder as the warm life of blood was seeping out. The shadows then beat her. And the father looked at this, with a twisted joyful grin on his face. He didn't do anything to stop it. When she stopped resisting, they let her go. She tried to go over to her boyfriend, but she was tired and there too much blood spilled. His father simply picked his sonup and off they went. As if they hadn't just torn apart their love. As if they were doing something routine. What they hadn't counted on was the fire that was born in her that day. The fire of hate for his father.

End of Flashback:

She had personally broughtthat homewrecker to justice and made sure he got the death penalty but by then her lover was gone. She couldn't find him. She had realized he knew about them coming after them, that was why he had said he loved her one last time. She was a bit angry, they could've told Dumbledore, but no, he wanted to protect her. And it was that thought kept her crying at night.

As she looked to the castle, she hoped that she could remind him of the love they had shared only a year ago.

He couldn't figure out why this girl haunted his dreams. She was pretty. Brown hair and eyes. She was tall and he knew he liked that since he was tall also. He liked talking to people that were on his level. He knew she was smart and that in his dreams she made him laugh. But he never could rememberher name. When he asked his father about her, he would get angry and tell him it was nothing, a "Figment of your mind". But he felt like this girl was real. That she was out there, maybe even waiting for him. But why would anyone want to wait for him? He thought. His father and taken him out of the only place he felt safe enough to call home and forced him to work for the Dark Lord. He knew he must have done something terrible, but what exactly he couldn't remember. This puzzled him for some time. But he had put it out of his mind, survival was the number one on his list. After the Lord had been defeated, heran awayto America. He didn't want to face the reaction of the defeat and his father. But he was moving back since his father was recently been put to death. He planned to take up the mansion and make the Malfoy name a clean one. As he looked upon the castle of Hogwarts, he was drawn to a tower window. He didn't know why, the tower was never used but for some reason, his eyes wondered there. He shook his head. He continued to the Great Hall, he had come to reunion looking for answers. As he entered he saw Hermione Granger. When he caught her eye, her eyes lit up and she looked as if she were going to cry. He didn't get it personally. But there was something about her eyes...they look like the ones from the dream...he didn't believe it though. A mudblood and him? No. Those things simply didn't happen. And they never would.

When she first saw him, she was overjoyed. She wanted to cry right then and there. But then she saw that he almost glared at her. Her heart fell to the floor and shattered again. She was right. He didn't remember. She swallowed, and tried not to cry. She wouldn't cry! But just seeing him again. He was alive! Brought some sort of hope to her. She didn't know how she would help him remember but she would...somehow.... She still remembered his words.

It only takes a kiss to remember.

"Hello Draco." she tried, after dinner.

"Mudblood." he said coldly. "What do you want?" She tried not to show her heart breaking.

"You don't remember do you?" she asked.

"Remember what?" She stepped closer.

"This." she leaned over and kissed him. He felt a sort of electric spark suddenly, like everything was coming into sharp focus. When she pulled away, she had to admit that she expected him to suddenly remember. For him to throw his arms around her neck and say that he loved her. His eyes were blank. Nothing, just....


She felt tears welling up and before he couldsee them.....

She ran.

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