Author's Note: Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me all this way. I know that it took me a crazy long time to finish this fic, but it's finally finished now! Can I get a "woop woop"! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Although it was annoying, I really did like writing it. Anyway, thanks to the reviewers, and also to the people who just read it. According to my stats, there were a lot of you. Wink. Now, go on and enjoy the last part of "Unreality", because there will be no more sequels after this. Tear.



Ralph had decided to accompany Jack when it was time for the latter teen to go to the train station and return to London.

'You'll call me when you get home, right?' he asked anxiously.

'Yes, I promise,' Jack said, staring at his lover (which would have been rather unnerving for Ralph had it been anyone but Jack). 'God, I miss you already and I'm not even gone yet.'

'Don't joke about stuff like that!' Ralph laughed.

'I'm not joking.' Jack smiled and softly kissed the other teen. 'I really do.'

'I'm not going anywhere, Jack,' Ralph reassured him. 'I'm still here.'

Jack placed a hand on the other's chest, feeling the steady beating of his heart.

'I know you are.'

Ralph returned the gesture. Then playfully asked, 'Do you think I'm attractive?'

'No, I think you're beautiful.'

'Am I in your heart?'

'No, you are my heart.'

'Would you cry if I walked away forever?'

'No, I would die!'

'And do you love me?'

'Yes, Ralph. I will love you until the day that I die, and even then I will refuse to rest until I find you and we are together again.'

Ralph tightened his grip slightly, fisting Jack's t-shirt.

'I love you, Ralph Macpherson,' Jack said, sincerity apparent in his gaze.

'And I love you, Jack Merridew,' the other said in turn, vaguely thinking that their dialogue sounding like some sort of cheap drama. 'I love you with all my heart.'

Then the two teens clasped their hands together and shared one final kiss.


The train whistled loudly and Jack stepped onto it, not releasing Ralph's hand until the doors closed.

'I love you,' Ralph mouthed once more. And, through the window, he read the words on Jack's lips.

Then the train slowly started to move, carrying his heart away with it.

Ralph did not know what the morrow would bring . . . but, frankly, he didn't care. There were still a lot of clinks to work out in their relationship, especially with Ralph living in Surrey and Jack having financial problems, both of which would affect their relationship, even if on a small scale.

But, frankly, they didn't care.

The two teens knew that they needed each other. The two teens knew that they loved each other.

That was all that mattered.

Neither Jack Merridew nor Ralph Macpherson knew what the morrow would bring, but they were staking everything that they had on finding out, one day at a time.