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WARNING: Nothing much to be warned about in this chapter except for a few swear words.


Sephiroth and Cloud were walking on the vast grasslands surrounding Chocobo Ranch. A chocobo ran past Cloud.

"Oohhhh!!!!" Cloud screamed. He started chasing it.


"SHUT UP I'M HAVIN FUN HERE!!" Cloud yelled. The chocobo ran into the ranch. "COME BACK MY PRETTY CHOCOBO!!!!" Cloud screamed. Sephiroth shook his head, muttered "idiot", and walked after Cloud. Sephiroth arrived just in time to see the chocobo jump over the fence and Cloud run into it.

"Ow...." Cloud said falling down. Sephiroth just laughed a bit. He walked over to Cloud and knelt down. Sephiroth hit the side of Cloud's face softly.

"Cloud..Cloud..WAKE UP YOU MORON!!!!" Sephiroth practically screamed in Cloud's ear.

"....but mommy....i wanted bacon bits....not crutons...." Cloud said in a babyish type voice. Sephiroth stared at Cloud and sweatdropped. He sat Cloud up against the fence. Sephiroth then reached into his pocket and pulled out a long rope. He dangled it infront of Cloud's face.

"Huh....that's not a bacon bit...." Cloud said.

"It's called a rope, Cloud...." Sephiroth said. Cloud's eyes widened. Cloud reached for the rope. Sephiroth pulled it away.

"Hey!" Cloud said.

"You wanna catch a chocobo?" Sephiroth said. Cloud nodded rapidly.

"Let me show you...." Sephiroth said. He got up and walked away. Cloud got up and followed Sephiroth. They reached the outside of the ranch.

"Watch and learn!" Sephiroth said. Cloud folded his arms and kept his eyes on Sephiroth. Sephiroth positioned himself a few feet away from a chocobo. He made the rope into a lasso and twirled it in the air. Cloud yawned.

"I'm waiting...." he said.

"Shut up...." Sephiroth said as he let the lasso got. A few minutes later Sephiroth reeled in the chocobo.

"See...." Sephiroth said.

"Wow...." Cloud said "You're good!!!!" Sephiroth laughed a little.

"....I know....Now you try...." Sephiroth said releasing the chocobo from the lasso. He handed the lasso to Cloud. "Lets see if you can do any better!!" Cloud just snatched the rope away from Sephiroth.

" me I can do much better than you!! You jsut watch the master!!" Cloud said walking toward the flock of chocobos. He placed himself far away from them and twirled the lasso above his head. He then let it go. Sephiroth just had his eyes glued on the rope. A few minutes later they heard a scream.


Cloud reeled in the "victim." Sephiroth looked at the person. He walked over to Cloud and smacked him upside the head.

"Watch the master were supposed to reel in a chocobo!! Does that look liike a chocobo to you!?" Sephiroth screamed.

"....Uh yes?" Cloud replied.


"Well..maybe he's a chocobo in disguise!!!!" Cloud said. Sephiroth just rolled his eyes and let Vincent loose.

"No!!!! What's wrong with you!? You let the evil chocobo escape!!" Cloud said running after Vincent. Sephiroth sweatdropped.

"....Idiot...." he said lassoing Cloud. Cloud fell to the ground with a loud thump.

"Hey!" Cloud said "I'm not a chocobo"

Sephiroth sighed. "No comment...." he said.

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