OK. Thought I'd try something new for once. This is my bery firstcross over fic. And in this one, there will be none of the newer Pokemon. So......... ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1:

"Ash!" Misty yelled. "Stop eating like a pig!" She scolded him, not bale to eat while was eating like such a pig in front of her.

"I'm hungry Misty!" Ash replied, still stuffing his face with Brock's home cooking.

"Come on Ash." Brock told him, sitting down with his apron still on. "You could at least show some table manners while eating."

"I'm a growing boy! I need to eat!" Ash yelled, mouth full of food as he talked.

The gang was eating their lunch on a grassy, little hill of a park they were walking through. (Think of the firstscene where they're eating lunch in the first movie). It was a beautiful day out, Pikachu was sitting on top of the small picnic table they had found in the park, eating his food.

"Pika!" Pikachu exclaimed, obviously liking the taste of Brock's Pokemon food.

Misty was sitting down, trying to eat her food with Ash stuffing his face in front of her, and she was feeding Tokepi (I seriously hope I spelled that right).

"Toki! Toki! Pree!" Tokepi kept exclaiming happily as it took the food Misty was feeding it into its mouth. "Prrreeee!"

Then someone came up to them. It was a girl. But she was keeping her distance. You couldn't see her face, it was covered by a hat that looked like Ash's. All you could see was an evil smirk on her lips. You could also see that she had long black hair, and she wore a black shirt with a tan vest over top that had a bunch of pockets in it, and on her legs she wore a pair of jeans with sneakers on her feet.

"Hello Ash." She said.

Inuyasha and Kagome were walking through the forest, looking for more jewel shards.

"Come on Inuyasha!" Kagome complained. "Can't we take a short rest? We've been walking all day." Kagome continued to complain.

"Quit your complaining!" Inuyasha yelled at her. "We have to keep searching for any clues that will lead us to the next shard." He told Kagome.

"Can't we just take a tiny break though?" Kagome asked. Then she saw the bushes behind her start to rustle. "Ah!" She yelled as she clench her hands onto Inuyasha's shoulder.

"What the?" Inuyasha asked.

"There's something in the bushes!" Kagome told him.

Then something jumped out. It was very fluffy looking. Its fur was brown and it had more than one tail. It had big ears, like bunny ears, but it looked like a dog.

"You're afraid of that little thing?" Inuyasha asked as he pulled out the Tetsusaiga.

"Don't kill it!" Kagome yelled.

"Why not?!" Inuyasha yelled.

Then Kagome's eyes looked watery, like she was doing a puppy dog pout, as she looked at Inuyahsa. "Because it's so cute." She said.

Then the small mammal opened its mouth and let out a cute, "Eevee!"

"Wow! It talks too!" Kagome exclaimed.

Then the small animal's ears twitched before it turned around and jumped back into the bushes.

"Wait!" Kagome yelled to it as she chased it. Then she ran into the bushes after the little creature.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled, then he figured she wasn't going to turn around. So he started to chase after her.

AN- Now who is this girl? And what's the little creature, even though I'm sure all of you know. But still.I had planned to have you guys figure out whothe girlwas in this chapter. But I thought maybe to keep you guys in a bit of suspence. So..... Plz R&R. This is my first Poke Fic, so be nice. AndI know there will be questions about how they Poke gang is in feudal Japan. Well......... JUST DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!Thanx! TTFN!!!