Chapter 1

Hatori looked on as he saw the files on his desk, he began to look at an old photo album, containing pictures of his times with Kana. He felt as if tears would reach his eyes, he wanted Kana back so badly. 'I erased her memories though; I can't bring back memories that would hurt me if I remembered them. Being with her after all this time, would only spread darkness in my soul.' He silently looked at a picture of Tohru, Yuki, Kyo, Shigure, and himself. They had just arrived at the lake that day, on golden week. He remembered having to drive them to the lake, annoyed at Shigure's lie. Shigure's drivers license had about 1 point left on it. If he ever drove again, he just might lose it for a lifetime. "Hatori-san, time for Akito's check up." A woman silently greeted him, her voice almost inaudible.

"Thank you, I'll get right to it." He silently got up, walking out of his office. He made his way through the long walk to Akito's room. Akito was silently lying down, waiting for his checkup. "How are you doing today Akito?"

"I feel well enough." Hatori silently checked everything that would be needed, just incase Akito was feeling sick. Akito didn't have a fever, so nothing seemed wrong. "You may go now Hatori."

"Yes Akito." He got up, thinking about what to do next. He wanted lunch, but he couldn't bring himself to make it at the moment. 'Not even if I got served lunch.' He looked at the calendar; it was a Sunday. 'Maybe I could ask to have dinner at Shigure's house. Tohru-kun's cooking should help.' He reached for the phone silently, slowly dialing the number. He had wanted to ask to go to dinner for a long time, but felt a blush every time he thought of Tohru. He had thought of what Ayame had said at the lake, and he thought of Tohru every time. 'Could she make me happier than I ever could be with Kana?' He heard the phone ringing; making his thought on hold for a while.

"Hello?" It was definitely Shigure's voice.

"Shigure, I was wondering if I could come over for dinner today."

"You want our little flower's cooking? Of course you can."

"You make me sound as if it's a crime to ask."

"Heh, well, see you at dinner Ha-san." The phone hung up, and Hatori finally managed to eat something, but he began blushing as he thought of Tohru. This was definitely out of hand; he couldn't control it alone. Around her, he could hold it. Considering Shigure would certainly try and pry it out of him. He simply waited until dinner, working on files as he thought of it.

At Dinner…

Hatori got out to his car, letting everything go for a while. The drive didn't take too long, as he finally saw the house after ten minutes. The door opened, revealing Tohru's face she was smiling happily as she looked at him. "Hello Hatori-san, I hope you like the food."

"Of course I do Tohru-kun, you make most any food edible." Hatori said, thinking about what could possibly have made him say that to her. He saw Yuki and Kyo sitting as Tohru made her way back to the kitchen. He sat down, finding Shigure's gaze at him. He simply glared softly at Shigure, making him back off just as he was about to crack at joke. He silenced himself as he saw her come out, putting the food down. He waited until everyone else seemed to have been served, then was about to grab a rice ball. Just then, Tohru's hand seemed to touch his; he pulled back fast. He didn't want Tohru to see him blushing even just a little. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay Hatori-san, do you want to get one first? I don't mind."

"Uhh.Sure." He pulled the one he and Tohru's hands brushed against, hoping not to blush at the same time. He regained his composure, eating the rice ball silently. This was how he was mostly that night. His thoughts went to Tohru once more, thinking of her happy expression. 'I don't know what Kana would think, but my feelings for Tohru are getting so strong. Would Kana smite me, if Tohru had been around the time we were going to get married? I know Kana wouldn't smite me, but what would Tohru think? I'm still cursed; we all are still cursed. I couldn't hug her, even if I wanted to.' The sound of plates took him away from his thoughts; Tohru was gathering them. "I'll help."

"Thanks Hatori-san." She let him help, walking along as they set down the plates in the sink. Just as Tohru was beginning to put the last plate in, she tripped on a small mouse from Kyo's fun. Kyo used to plan what he would do with Yuki, when he was in rat form, of course. Hatori luckily grabbed her plates in his hand, catching her in the rook of his arm. He was glad he hadn't transformed, that wouldn't have helped him, but he was blushing madly. His heart thumped loud in his ears, his feelings coming around him, as time seemed to stop. 'I feel as if something inside me is glad I'm right here with Hatori-san, but that can't be right. Why do I feel so embarrassed, and why do I feel as if I want to hug him? What is wrong with me?' She finally felt her body able to move, a stifling silence coming around them as she began to wash the dishes.

"Tohru-kun, I would like a walk later."

"Of course? Is something wrong?"

"I hope not, I just want to let something off my chest."

"Then, I will always help!" Her smile made him almost unable to hide his blush, his awkward smile shining out as he walked out. He simply sat outside, feeling his eyes shut a small moment.

Flashback-Hatori's POV…

I remember looking at the files of the many patients of my family. Akito took a lot of time, and I always was special. I could always erase moments, just like when I took away Yuki's friends memories. Ever since the time I had started, I was just like snow. I always brought bad thoughts. A woman entered the room, her face smiling genuine. "Hi, my name is Kana, it's quite amazing. We're in the same family, but I've never heard of you."

"I want to ask you a question before you begin."

"What is it Hatori-san?"

"When snow melts, what does it become?"

"Spring, of course!" This woman's voice was the first time he had felt relief, too bad she would end up facing the same fate as Yuki's friends.

End Flashback…

"Hatori-san! I'm ready for to hear about your problem now." Her voice was very soft, and I walked down the path through the woods. "What's wrong?"

"Tohru, I've been thinking lately."

"About what?"

"My feelings, I remember Ayame's words at the lake. I think I may have found someone that makes me happier than I am with Kana."

"So, why are you telling me?"

"Tohru, it's you who I'm thinking of." Her eyes widened as she heard the words from his mouth, her body stayed still. She was in shock, and he knew she might not accept it.

"Hatori-san, are you really sure it's me you are thinking of?" Her eyes looked him; they had both looked shocked by now. 'I know I've had feelings for him, but what could possibly make him able to feel that way?'

"Yes, I really feel that way. I'm afraid that I might make you run away though."

"Of course not, but I do have feelings as well. I don't want to make others unhappy though-" Her voice was unable to do anything, as Hatori's lips came on her own. She couldn't resist, her feelings were taking over her. She didn't hug him, and he didn't hug her either. The kiss ended too soon, too soon for both of them. 'I want to love Hatori-san…I love Hatori-san.'

"I love you Tohru."

"I…love you too, Hatori-san." Her eyes looked at him silently, knowing what must be going through their heads. "I better get back to Yuki and Kyo."


"Yes Hatori-san?"

"I hope we can love each other, but if you can't…I'll understand."

"Of course we can, I've always had these feelings. I've never been able to see Yuki and Kyo that way. Hatori-san, I want to love you."

"Then, I guess we can try to hide it. Tohru, would…you like to try it this way for awhile?"

"Like what?"

"Like dating."

"Most likely that will show if our feelings are the same." Tohru and Hatori's walk took a short time, and the two were smiling as if on cloud nine. She looked at Hatori as he made his way to his car. "Stay safe, Hatori-san. I will try my hardest to find a day when I'm not busy to get over."

"Of course, Tohru-kun. I wish you to be well and safe as well." Hatori drove off, finally getting back to the compound. He silently thought of what Tohru had done, finally feeling less afraid. She had accepted his feelings, and told her own feelings for him. He fell asleep holding his fingers to his lips.


Tohru lie in bed, thinking of the kiss she and Hatori had shared. 'I truly love him, I just hope this will work.' She fell asleep, holding her fingers to her lips. She was hoping to feel his feelings as she slept.