Chapter 14-last chapter

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Before everyone had known it, many years had passed. It had been about 6 years since Tohru and Hatori had moved. For now, it seemed almost serene, and the shock of the move had finally been adjusted to. Tohru and Hatori were coming back for a visit, one that would only last a week. The sparse times Tohru had visited her mother's grave, was barely enough to see her with. They were all waiting, at the main house, for their arrival. Anticipation was on his or her face, trying so hard to keep up with everyone else. Their ears focus on the sound of a knock or a doorbell. It had been so long since Tohru and Hatori had shown their face. A doorbell!

"Sorry we're late, there was some traffic that couldn't be avoided." She had truly changed, her hair was longer, and it curled at the bottom just a bit. Her clothing was more of a casual housewife, although she worked hard at a clinic with Hatori. Hatori had his hair shortened a bit, making sure not to look like Shigure. Of course, Shigure had married Mit-chan, Yuki had married Matsumori last month, and Tohru had married Hatori 4 years ago. There beside them was their child, a boy who looked very shy. He was wearing shorts and a tee shirt, and looked very comfortable. "Everyone, this is Kiyoshi." Hatori nodded towards him as well, this boy fit his description, and he was shy and nervous.

"It's okay, go right ahead and say hello Kiyoshi." The boy began to move over to the area where the others were, seeing Matsumori and Yuki first.


"Hello there, you have a nice name Kiyoshi."

"I…guess." A cute blush adorned his face. He then looked at Shigure and Mitchan.

"Well, hello there little one." Shigure noogied him with a laugh, Mit-chan simply nodded with a smile.

"Um…hello." He had gone over to everyone by then, running back to Hatori who gave a small embrace to calm him. Lunch was simple, and Matsumori made it this time.

"Wow Yuki, she's a really good cook." Tohru complemented over the taste and the way the cooking had been done. Guess Tohru was like her normal self finally. Kiyoshi was only three though, and never really had to do much more than eat his food at times like this. Though almost spilled his entire lunch on himself by tripping over the floorboards. The entire room laughed softly, and Tohru had to clean him up gently.

Two days later…

It seemed like everything was becoming normal again, the painful fog in the air was leaving the area for now. Everyone seemed to be happier than ever, and it was all thanks to Tohru's visit. There were signs of relief from the two, almost as if Otsu had become too populated. "Something wrong?" Matsumori was up as well, but had seen worried looks on their faces. It almost seemed as if they were hiding their real thoughts.

"Not really." Hatori said, but the wavering in his voice was too obvious. Tohru was holding Kiyoshi's sleeping form on her lap slightly. He was drooling on his mother's skirt, though she didn't seem to mind it.

"I can tell you're lying, tell me the truth. I don't like to have secrets being kept away from me, or any of the family however."

"We might lose the clinic in Otsu." Tohru's voice said, with a sudden dip in her smile.

"Why is that?"

"We were sued…for some unknown death."

"O…what do you mean?"

"A rich contributor sued us, there is barely any money to support us at home, let alone pay the employees." She stroked Kiyoshi's hair from his face.

"And we might have to move back to the main house, no matter what."

"What's so wrong with moving back?"

"Kiyoshi has friends there…and we have a lot of people that trust us there too."

"Well, you could always just move back, and let your other patients…come here if needed."

"The problem is…we can't commute to Otsu." Hatori looked at Tohru's sad face, putting an arm around her softly. Her head landed against his chest, this made Matsumori want to leave, so she went back to her and Yuki's room for now. She didn't know other than to mention it to Yuki in the morning. She placed a warm robe on, and sat outside as she fell asleep, against her will of course.

The next morning…

'Warmth…really warm arms around me…' Matsumori's eyes opened to a very concerned Yuki. "Matsumori, what are you doing out in the cold like this?"

"I thought you might need some extra sleep…and then I fell asleep out here…" She said drowsily, getting inside. Yuki nodded that she shouldn't do it again, and then he heard the news.

"We should get them to move back."

"They've been connected to Otsu all these years though…"

"We have no choice."


Tohru and Hatori: Did end up moving to the main house again, but after a few more years.

Matsumori and Yuki: Ended up making a restaurant, which was coincided on the same street as the new clinic that Hatori and Tohru had started again.

Shigure and Mitchan: Mitchan still is her husband's editor, though she often has private sellers. Shigure has written 15 bestsellers in a row, only 8 have made it to America for specific hentai reasons. They have a child named Uma.

Kyo and Kagura: Have a small place that sells a lot of items, not a real specialty store except for the animal shaped rice balls. They have a child named Yutaka.

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