The Lost Letter

Summery: Scully finds a letter from Mulder to her. .

Scully walked into her's and Mulder's office and realized he wasn't here.

"Oh yea, UFO convention with the Gunman." She thought aloud, she walked over to his desk and sat down; wanting something to do she opened his drawer. She found letter under a punch of pencils. She pulled it out and un-folded it. She began to read…it was a letter…a letter to her.

Dana, It's too hard to say it, so I'm going to write it. I love you. Ever since the moment you came in to spy on me. I even loved you when I was first starting to trust you. Deep Throat said 'Trust No One'. Well that's pretty damn hard to not trust someone you love so much. I can't NOT trust you Scully! It's impossible! As many times as I've been sick or hurt you were there for me and that's only one of the many reasons I love you for...

When you were battling your cancer, I almost couldn't take it. I nearly killed myself, literally. But the Gunmen stopped me, and I'm glad they did, because you were cured and I would have missed it. I would have missed your smiles, your laughs, you. But I'm not sure I could ever say this to you.

That's why I write this, but I never plan to show you this. I fear that that lovely laughter will rise up and laugh at me. And I wouldn't be able to take it. Even after our Bermuda Triangle incident, you said 'O Brother…' How do I know you won't respond that way now? No. I can never tell you. That's why I hide the key to my heart…forever. But if you ever trust me here it is. The key to my heart. Use it, please.

I love you.

And I always will.


After his signature was a small key taped to the paper. It looked like an old key you would use on a medieval chest in an abandon castle. She took the key and held it to her heart as tears began to fall down her cheeks onto the paper.

"He loves me." She said aloud.

Next Morning

Mulder walked into the office to find Dana Scully holding something in her hand and looking at it. It looked like a…key…o god. That was the one on the letter he wrote…oh no…

She looked up.

"You love me?"

He looked at her in disbelief "…Y—yes. Yes Dana Scully. I love you with all my heart even if you laugh at me for it." He blurted out. Before he had the chance to turn red in mortification, she walked out and their lips touched. Lips parted they deepened the kiss.

And neither pulled away.

She didn't laugh

She didn't cry

She Kissed Him.

And He Kissed Back.

And for the moment…

Life was perfect…

The End

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