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"Ura..." A faint whisper filled a dimly lit room. A young man began tossing and turning in his bed, his breathing was heavy and sweat dripped off his body. His moving seemed frantic, panicked, and of course scared. "Ura...shi...no...please...Ura..." The teen's arms shot out reaching for something it would never find.


Kazuma Kuwabara sat straite up, wincing at a searing pain in his sides. He looked around his room and turned the lamp on that sat next to his bed. His pale blue eyes scanned his own body, and examined every wound. The bruised knuckles, and scabbed over gashes decorating his arms. The bandages on his head, around his wrist, and his chest.

He instinctevly reached behind him and touched two identical scars on his neck, that was shapped like sqaures. He could tell they were there, for the scars seemed to rise up off his skin. Kuwabara ran his hand through his coppery hair, his hair gel gone to who know where.

"This can't be true..." Kuwabara whispered, gripping the sheets, the pattern of them beginning to form on his hands. Tears filled his eyes as he remembered the turn of events that took place just last night.

It had been a bothersome case...Koenma was knocked into a coma, one Rekai member from another team dead, and only Yusuke, Hiei, Kurama, Kuwabara, and a new Rekai, the water demon, Jinji, to stop the demon behind all the trama. It was in the final showdown that led to this moment, the death blow that caused Kuwabara's new found misery.

The demon had decided he would not go alone...he was going to take all of the Rekai with him....


"FOOLS!" A demon roared, blue blood pouring out his mouth. He could barely stand, but he was not the only one terribly wounded. Hiei had passed out from using his Dragon of The Darkness flame technique, and Yusuke couldn't stand without Kuwabara's help. Only Kurama and Kuwabara seemed to be the ones with the least injuried.


"What in Koenma's name is he going on about!" Yusuke whispered angrily, Kuwabara shifting Yusuke so the wounded youth would feel less pain. "Brace yourselves..." Kurama whispered turning so that Hiei was behind him.

"He's buiding up his energy, stacking it higher and higher..." Kuwabara whispered, "It's going to exsplode." Kurama looked back at him, "What?" Kuwabara swallowed, "You know when your a kid you keep stacking your things building blocks higher and higher until it finally comes crashing down...I'd say we have a minute before his power comes crashing down!"

"Ah fXck! Why can't winning be easy for-erg..." Yusuke went silent when the pain of talking grew to great. Kuwabara looked at him concerned, ignnoring the blood that tried to spill into his eyes. Yusuke msiled at him, and plased a kiss on his neck, which he was curently eyes level with, "I'm okay...we need to stop him..." Kuwabara blushed at his lover's showing of affection. The two had been together since 17 and currently Kuwabara was 19.

"I know..." Kuwabara gently set him down. He took in deep breath, drowning out the sound of Kurama and Yusuke asking what he was doing. Both his hands shot straite into the air, and he screamed as he formed a small shield big enough to cover them. Kurama had to jump back, for the shiled was fangerouse and burned his arm. "Stop! You'll kill yourself!" Yusuke cried alarmed, and then began coughing painfully.

Kuwabara's eyes were closed in concentration and he looked over at Yusuke, smiling at him. "I can't let you die...I love you..." Kuwabara close dhis eyes bracing himself as the dmeon finally died, and his energy exsploded. He screamed as the rush of energy surrounded them. A minute went bye and Kuwabara was brought to his knees, panting hard, he could barely breathe.

"Kuwa!" Yusuke cried heart broken at his lovers suffering. His concern quickly changed to anger and he yelled, "You bastaXd stop right now!!" Kuwabara looked at him tears in his eyes, "If I stop you'll die..." He was almost on all fours, "I can't lose you...and poor Jinji gave up his life to-to help us..." That was true, Jinji had disapeared at one of the beasts last attacks.

Yusuke stood on unsteady legs, looking up at the energy surrounding them, breaking the shiled. He walked slowly to Kuwabara and collapsed, that small effort tiring him. His lips found Kuwabara's and danced across them. "I love you." Kuwabara fainted as Yusuke knew he would, and Yusuke tackeld him to the ground shielding him. "I can't lopse you..." Yusuke whispered his voice silenced as the energy smashed into them.

"Kuwabara..." The blue eyes man's eyes opened slowly. "Oh good your alive!" A blue haired demon, badly hurt, cried joyously. "Jin-Jinji?" Kuwabara sat painfully up, blood covering him. He looked around the destroyed battlefield, "Where is everyone?!" He looked at Jinji who turned away. "Please! Where are they." Jinji swallowed, "Dead...their bodies were compleatly destroyed."

A howl of suffering filled the air, and Kuwabara lay crying on the floor. "NO! NO! YUSUKE! YUSUKE!! OH GOD LET ME DIE TOO!" Jinji shook his head, "You don't want that." Kuwabara sobbed into his hands, "Yes...Yes I do!!" Jinji swallowed, "Do you want them back?"

Kuwabara sat up, "What?" Jinji avoided eye contact, there is a way to bring them back...but the side effects...they will cost you dearly."


"I do."

"Then what are you waiting for."

Jinji looked at him with calm gray eyes, "I can recreate them,a nd return their souls...but you must give up all your spirit energy, and spirit awareness. Also...everyone who was involved in any missions with you will forget that you were there....The dark tournament, Rando, Sensui, Saint Beasts...everything..."

Kuwabara starred at him and Jinji squeezed his eyes shut, "I will have to rip your power from you, and they won't even be able to thank you for saving them, and I won't be able to tell them about you, for I'll forget you as well! You and Yusuke will just be the same as when you two used to fight all the time! Yusuke will only reember posessing you at one point, and helping you when he was dead, besides that...nothing. Kurama, Hiei, Boeton...everyone will forget you even exist!!

Kuwabara sat there blood pouring freely from all his wounds. "Yusuke won't...he won't remember what...he won't remember that I love..." Kuwabara swallowed, and looked at Jinji with crazed eyes, "Then so be it...I won't lose them...I won't!"

Kuwabara stood, Jinji rising with his as well. The demon swallowed hands glowing, "When I am done you will pass out and wake up in your room...You will have no power, and become as weak as any human." Kuwabara starred at him with glassy eyes and a sad smile. "It doesn't matter...either way I'm going to lose them...I'd rather lose them while they're alive." Jinji turned away, "This will hurt."

Energy rose from his hands like ligtening and crashed down onto Kuwabara's neck. Out of two sides of his neck sqaure spots opened orange energy was pulled away. In too much pain to scream, tears fell down his face as he watched his friends materilze before his very eyes. As everythign began to get dark he saw his friends laying perfectly still on the ground, hurt but breathing in a steady rythem.

He shed the last of his tears as he finally balcked out.


"So it's true...it all happened..." Kuwabara whispered touching the sqaure shaped scars on his neck. After an hour of quiet sobbing he got up and dressed, not bothering to gel up his hair. He wore a short sleeved shirt, and black jeans not caring if people saw his injuries. Exiting his room he was greeted by his sister, "Hey Kazu...man you look worse even fixed up." She smiled as he sat tiredly down at the kitchen table.

"So who beat you up?"

Kuwabara opened his mouth, and got an idea, "Toguro." He said quickly. She pursed her lips, "Who the hell is he?" Kuwabara swallowed back a lump that formed sharply in his throat, "No one of any importance." Shizuru shrugged lughting a cigerette. "DOn't worry, I'll leave your apartment as soon as you start heling up, you have some nasty wounds. "Okay..."

His mind reminded him of something, and he rose headed for the door, "I have to check out something...I'll be home as soon as I can."

Kuwabara walked briskly towards Yusuke's apartmen, ignoring the stares he recieved from the people. When he neared Yusuke's apartment building he stopped seeing Hiei, Kurama, and Yusuke standing outside talking to each other. His heart beat fast, and threatend to leap put of his throat. He listened to their conversation a bit, hearing that Koenma was still in a coma, and Boetone was taking care of him.

They spoke nothing of him.

Sighing he began to walk towards them, deciding to pass them, to see if they recognized him. As he neared them his heart beat faster and faster, praying, hoping Jinji was wrong. He walked pass them a little ways when an all too familiar voice called out, "Kuwabara is that you?" The copper haired boy turned to look at his friends. Kurama and Hiei looked at him, no sign of recognition entering their eyes. Yusuke stared at him with an arrgont, and amuzed smile. "Your hair is down...that's new..." He began laughing, "Who the hell beat you up!? Hahaha! You looking for a fight with me again?" Yusuke asked smirking at him, getting ready for an attack.

"I gave up fighting."

Yusuke's face was visably shocked, and he folded his arms, "Why in the world would you do that?" Kuwabara looked away, "I'm too weak." Yusuke shrugged, "I knew that, but it never stopped you before." Kuwabara looked at the ground, kicking at a rock, "I was too weak to save my best friends...the most important people to me...and now they're gone." Yusuke's face went seriouse, "Gone?" Kuwabara looked at him feeling weak, "Gone. I was to weak to help them, and now I'm paying for it...I give up...I'm done fighting."

"That's a cowardly thing to do."

Kuwabara looked over at Hiei, Kurama frowning at him for breaking into Yusuke and Kuwabara's conversation. "If you want to avenge them you should get stronger, keep fighting, its an honorabale thing to do." Kuwabara looked at him, the lump was back, "No it's not. The monster is dead...I'm the only one who survived...I lost two of my best friends...and someone I loved dearly..." Kuwabara felt his cheeks go red when Yusuke looked at him, looking confused, "I don't deserve to fight anymore. I'm done."

He turned to leave, but Yusuke stopped him, "Was it Okubo and the others or something?"


Yusuke snorted seemign bored with Kuwabara's problem, "Who killed them?" Kuwabara looked at him, seeing Yusuke visably shiver under his stare, "A monster...an honest to goodness monster with fangs and claws," He smield, "go ahead and think I'm crazy...a monster too them, but even if the monster did it, it was still my fault in the end." He smiled, "Maybe I'll see you around Yusuke." He walked off, "Take care Hiei, you too Kurama."

When Kuwabara rounded the corner he realized his mistake. "Oh God..." Kuwabara shouldn't have said Hiei and Kurama's names. Heart beating harder he listened to his former friend's conversation.

"How the hell did he know my name?" Hiei growled.

"He's spiritually aware, he senses things...I know this becuase I posesed him to get a message to Keiko...that's proably how he knew you."

"What a sad man...I feel bad for him."

"Humans are weak, they shouldn't fight in the first place."

"I feel cold." Yusuke whispered, "Guilty almost...he called me by my first name, he's never done that before...never...I feel as if I just watched one of you two die...strange."

"I feel a sense of deja vu...does he goto my school?"

"No...he goes to mine..." Yusuke sighed lously, "Enough of that guy, looks like I won't be fighting him! Let's go check on Koenma...maybe he woke up."

Kuwabara stood alone, and sunk to the ground feeling alone. He stayed there for hours people walking by, ignoreing the fact that he existed. "They don't remember me..." He smiled as it began to rain, "Not at all...I've been fogotten..." He smiled suddenly, and began to laugh, "I've faded away...and they're gone from my life..." As the rain poured on him, he noticed he was not aware of the ghosts around him. He no longer felt them. He was not able to feel any power course through his body...he felt nothing...he felt empty.

"I've lost everything..." he whispered as a wave of sleepiness fell over him, and sleep took him.


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