Team eight isn't actually a democracy. Naruto numbers among the many things that are not mine.

"If we circle around and set traps here and here-" Shino's bugs moved in tiny spirals at the places he indicated. It was so much easier having a living, adaptable map; you didn't need to waste extra scrolls that way. "We should be able to ambush them and capture our target easily."

He looked up at his teammates expectantly , or appeared to. It was hard to tell what he was looking at behind the glasses and the collar. Hinata was staring at the map- or just the ground, it was sometimes a little hard to tell with her, too, with the lack of pupils in her eyes. Kiba was staring off into the underbrush, nose twitching, not even pretending to pay attention. Shino didn't sigh; he was used to this.

"Kiba, you will help me set the traps; Hinata and Akamaru will watch for our target." That got Kiba's attention, and a small smile from Hinata.

"Hey. Hey! Who elected you team leader?" Whatever interesting smells had been distracting Kiba before couldn't distract him from a direct order. He glared at the other boy, teeth bared in challenge.

Hinata brought her hand part way to her mouth and stopped, trembling fingers hovering indecisively. "I- I did, Kiba-kun." She was still staring resolutely at the ground, but the blush on her cheeks had heightened slightly.

Kiba gaped at her, and Shino had to remind himself that it would be out of character to laugh. Instead, he allowed himself a grin, well hidden behind his collar. Hinata probably saw it anyway.

Akamaru barked twice, and Kiba scowled at the dog. "Shut up, Akamaru. Hinata-chan, you've been spending too much time with Naruto." He crouched down beside the map and poked at Shino's bugs. "Where d'you wanna start, Shino?"

Shino pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and smiled again, not caring if his team saw.