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Background: This takes place in a regular high school setting and none of the characters are witches and wizards… or are they?

Chapter one

Harry slumped down in his desk that was incredibly small for him, cramping his long legs, and his right hand barely keeping his head up. Mr. Simms, and old, feeble man with white hair—well what hair there was left, droned dully on about the life styles of the ancient Egyptians. Though Harry usually enjoyed learning about this great civilization, his vividly bright emerald eyes seemed to glaze over as his teacher's mono-tone voice drifted in one ear and out the other. Each minute seemed like an hour as Harry then found himself in the pharaoh's palace with a radiant beauty standing next to him smiling. She wore the traditional light weight fitted dress and gazed at him with her deep, round chocolate colored eyes. His wife followed him as Harry walked to the near by wall and looked out at his great kingdom.

Harry was suddenly awoken from his daydream by a sweet call, "Mr. Simms!" The teacher looked up from his papers and saw a girl of 16 with wavy brunette hair, looking at him with her deep brown twinkling eyes, smiling.

"Hermione Granger!" He exclaimed, "so wonderful to see you!"

"Yes, it's good to be home" she said happily.

Harry watched as the apparently old but new student gave the teacher a short hug. Then Mr. Simms told her "why don't you take a seat. There is one in front of Harry."

He gestured towards Harry at the empty seat in front of him. She smiled and nodded while turning to walk over to the open desk. Harry was momentarily lost in her eyes as she came toward him until she slid into the seat and turned around. She stuck out her hand and said in a slightly whispered voice, "Hi. I'm Hermione Granger."

Harry quickly, almost too quickly he thought, took her hand and shook it politely. "Harry Potter." He stated.

"Well, it's nice to meet you—I don't remember you being here before."

"I just moved here about two months ago."

"Oh, I see. I must have left just a couple weeks before—it was almost Christmas break."

(A/N: making it February now….. Valentines day just around the corner!... coincidence? I think not! Lol)

"Ahem," Hermione quickly turned her head to Mr. Simms. "It is delightful that you are back, Miss Granger, but I would as that you please pay attention?"

"Oh yes, sir," she said quickly in a sweet voice and she bit her bottom lip as she noticed everyone looking at her. "sorry…" she said quietly.

The teacher just smiled and continued on with his drawling lecture. Harry noticed Hermione turn her hear back and flash him a quick smile. He returned it as she fully turned to the front of the classroom leaving Harry gazing at her hair brush against her shoulders and thinking, "that smile, wow." And let out a soft sigh.

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