Chapter Ten:

Izzy had gotten home and her mother immediately began nagging on about what all needed to be done. After she had finished all the household chores, she went to the kitchen to make a sandwich. She went up the stairs to go to her room. Izzy laid on her bed reflecting of what had all happened that day. "I've never felt so happy in my life." She thought, "But, I mean… it's RON, how could I do that, how can that happen? We've known each other forever. What if we do end up where something happens and then something goes wrong with that, our friendship would be totally ruined!" She let out a frustrated sigh into her pillow. Looking at her computer she thought, "I told Hermione I'd be on, but I know Ron will be on to, I don't know if I can quite talk to him yet. Why does this have to be so complicated?!" She sat just looking at the computer across the room, "I know! I'll just sign on, if Hermione's not there, then I'll get off before anyone can say "hi" to me!"

Izzy went across and moved the mouse for the screen to illuminate and signed on. She looked at her list and saw Hermione wasn't there, but before she could log off a small window on her screen appeared.

PianoMan: Hey!

"Crap! It's him! Well I can't just not say ANYTHING, god how rude will would that be?"

FiddleChick: Hey, what's up?

PianoMan: Oh, not too much. I just finished dinner, you?

FiddleChick: Yea, same here. Came home, mom nagged, made a sandwich, the usual.

PianoMan: Ah, I see I see.

There was an awkward pause. Izzy never felt it this hard to talk to Ron before. After about five minutes of just staring at the screen, she typed again.

FiddleChick: Has Mione been on yet at all?

PianoMan: Nope, not that I've seen. Probably still with Harry in a sing-songy voice

FiddleChick: hey now! We talked about that haha. You know she's not going to do anything too rash. I mean… this is HERMIONE we're talking about. And… Harry doesn't quite seem like the go-getter type either.

PianoMan: That is true, I mean think about it, I think the most he said today was maybe two sentences.

FiddleChick: yea, but he still seems really nice, so don't be raggin' on him just cause he's shy!

They're conversation finally started to lighten up and Izzy felt much happier. They were talking and joking just like they had before, never mentioning anything that had happened that day. At about Nine o'clock Izzy decided to call it a night.

FiddleChick: Well, I'm going to go get a shower in and get to bed early tonight. I really need to get in another good practice tomorrow.

PianoMan: Aw, ok. I'll see you tomorrow then. And stop worrying about that stupid competition. Really, you're going to great! I mean what do you expect when you've got such a fine, handsome piano player like myself backing you up.

FiddleChick: haha Oh my God, you really need to stop that. Ok, I'll see you tomorrow, good night!

PianoMan: Ok, sweet dreams. Love you!

Izzy smiled at this, "I love you too. More than you know."

Ok, ok, I know I know, SOOO incredibly short! I'm really sorry, but for some reason I was just hitting so many brick walls tonight. I mean it took be about three freakin hours to just get these two measly chapters written! Sigh, just not my night I guess, but don't worry, I'm not giving up! Please review, I really need to know if everybody is happy with the direction I'm taking this and if the whole thing is making sense with Harry and Hermione's pasts or if they are just totally stupid. So give me some good, critical critiques please! Thanks!