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Here is the revised Chapter 1.

Forceful Discoveries

Ranma sat on the roof of the Tendo Dojo, as it seems he's done almost every night since he arrived. He always went there to think, usually about how much farther his life has sunk into the crapper. This night was no different. Except that he was more beat up than usual, courtesy of Akane and her damn mallet. As well as Ryoga, Kuno, Kuno's crazy sister, Shampoo, Mousse, Ukyo, and Happosai. But mainly Akane. After all, he was her personal punching bag. Whenever she got angry, jealous, or frustrated she would always take it out on him. After all, he never fought back, so that meant that it was okay. As if. Ha!

Anyway, all he had done to deserve all this was to have given some new girl some directions to a certain store. Akane had seen this and immediately thought that he was cheating on her with this slut and smacked him with her mallet; all the while screaming at him as loud as possible. Her screaming caught the attention of Ryoga, who just had to punish Ranma for cheating on Akane and making her upset. When they started fighting Akane yelled at him to 'stop picking on poor Ryoga' and smacked him again. During this Shampoo showed up on her 'Bicycle of Doom', landing on Ranma of course. He made such a soft landing. With her arrival, Akane's jealousy showed up as well. Not long after Shampoo got there Mousse showed up and immediately grabbed onto who he thought was 'his' Shampoo. Unfortunately, he grabbed Ryoga. While Ryoga pounded on Mousse, Ranma used this chance to catch a quick breather. However it wasn't to last as Kuno showed up on the scene, his sister not far behind. They're arrival set off both Ryoga and Mousse, who remembered about Ranma. Then to make things even worse, Happosai showed up after a successful panty raid. However, just as he was jumping over the fight, a human projectile in the form of Mousse shot from the fight by a hard uppercut from Ranma. They collided in mid-air, causing Happosai to lose his entire batch of womanly goods. After pounding on Mousse for hitting him, Happosai jumped into the fight in order to get at Ranma, as well as grope the girls. Ukyo was the last to show up, she having been chasing Happosai. Sometime during the fight, Ranma had changed into a girl. She ended the fight with a massive Hiryuu Shoten Ha.

As Ranma looked at the stars and thought about his life here, he couldn't help but wonder if it was worth it. The chaos, the fights, the fiancées, the fights, the rivals, the pain, the fear; and most of all, the fights. Was it worth it? Did he want to continue this hell he called life? As he felt himself grow angry and depressed he realized what was happening and stopped before things got worse. He went into a meditative state and started to relax. He did this every night. It was the only way he could go through everything that he had and still be sane, without ending up like Ryoga. It brought him a sense of peace and control. Plus, every time he did this he could feel his power grow.

Ranma has never been what you would call normal, but there was something that he had never told anyone. That there seemed to be a power of some kind that only he could feel. A power that surrounded everything, yet at the same time, was everything. He knew he wasn't insane. Yet, he also knew that it wasn't because of stress, he'd felt it all his life. It had always talked to him when he meditated, especially ever since he visited a Tibetan Monastery. They had taught him many things, but what had helped him the most were the meditation techniques. To an eleven year old, they brought a sense of peace and hope. They also brought about a small voice that when he listened, told him of a 'force' that could do many miraculous things. At times, it would show him what would happen before it would happen. Lately he had been feeling an impulse to do something, but what he couldn't tell.

Tonight the feeling was stronger than usual. He shook off the feeling and started his exercises. Not one's normal exercises, but exercises for his control over the 'force'. He had discovered seven years ago that he could make things move just by concentrating on the 'force' and raising his hand. Tonight, as all other nights for the last seven years, he practiced. He would concentrate on a loose rock, lift it, and make it do different things. Tonight he would try making figure eights. As he started doing his exercises, he noticed a tingling sensation run through his hand. When he started paying attention to the tingling sensation, he noticed that impulse to do something come back with a vengeance. Suddenly, he knew what to do. He concentrated on the force and then on the rock, trying to send as much force at it as possible. Suddenly a bolt of lightning shot from his hand and destroyed the rock. He sat there for a while, stunned. A whole new realm of possibilities had just opened up to him.


As he sat on the roof in wonder, he never had a clue as to the changes his life was going to go through very, very soon. Certain events had already been set in motion. Events that would lead to either the salvation or the destruction of an entire civilization. Events such as two Jedi being sent to resolve a trade dispute on a planet called Naboo.

Things were about to get a lot more complicated, very fast, and very painfully.

Author's Notes:
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