This is kinda my breakaway piece from Forbidden. Try as I may, I can't update the darn thing. So this is my compensation. It's mostly Beast Boy/Terra angst, partially onesided, then Beast Boy/Raven. (Call me evil, but I love to massacre the Beast Boy/Terra relationship.) They are the major characters in the story. Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg only appear in the prologue but are mentioned throughout the story. My idea is that it's a 4-shot song fic- there will be 3 chapters excluding this that contain an excerpt from the song "She Has No Time" by Keane. Well, I hope you like it! By the way...this is all in the past. Enjoy!

"So...we're really doing this?"

Robin sighed, running a hand through his shoulder length ebony locks. He propped his leg against the wall behind him and leaned into it, fingering his pocket where a box of cigarettes were calling his name. It was a dirty habit he'd picked up, but with all the added stress lately he thought it was justified. He looked up at his team, strangling his hold as leader.

"That was what we agreed on. It was a unanimous vote." It was a tired response, but he couldn't muster anything else. He was so tired. Everyone was.

On the opposite side of the stage where the team hid, a congregation of media members clamored in confusion. It was extremely rare for the Teen Titans to hold a press conference, especially under these pretenses. Robin had sent out the message this morning for all reporters to meet in City Hall. He said it was an emergency. There was a buzz of excitement and panic running through the crowd, the thrill of obtaining this new and electrifying story, but the fear of what that story was.

Terra stole a peek outside before nervously biting her thumbnail. "Even still, as much as I want to do this, I...I can't help having second thoughts..." The blonde began nervously braiding the ends of her hair as Beast Boy rubbed her knee reassuringly.

"Of course you're having second thoughts. We all are. This isn't something trivial like whose turn it is to take out the garbage. This is gargantuan. It could completely shatter life in Jump City as we know it." Raven quipped, her sad amethyst eyes glinting under her white hood. Cyborg sat on a crate, ignoring its creaking under his weight.

"Well, let's figure out all the reasons." Beast Boy groaned.

"We DID that already!"

"And we're gonna do it again! Now...why do we want to do this?"

Starfire twiddled her thumbs, her deep crimson bangs falling into her bright, normally excited eyes. "Because we have rid the city of all known villains."

"Because we need some time to chill out." Beast Boy piped.

"Because we have never known a life of privacy." Raven added.

"Because we can't be expected to run the show for the rest of our lives."

"There. See? There it is." Robin pushed himself off the wall and stepped into the center of the circle. "We all want the same thing. To be anonymous. To have peace. To be alone. We've lost our entire childhoods saving this city over and over again, and I'm sick of it. They can't expect us to do this for the rest of our lives. I mean, look at us! We're all in our twenties and none of us have even been to high school! We-We've never had to take a calculus test! We've never been to a school dance! We've never been picked last in gym class! We've never even been to a detention for being caught in the wrong locker room!"

"Geez, if being a normal teenager means doing all that, I say we stay superheroes." Beast Boy joked, but no one laughed, and he sunk into silence.

"My point is, we've missed out on being kids. I don't want to miss out on being adults too. The people of this city seem to forget that we're not machines. We're people, just like them. We have wants, needs, desires. And I don't want to save the world anymore. I want to be normal, to settle down...and have a family." He smiled sweetly when he said this and glanced lovingly at Starfire. She returned with a small, shy grin and took his hand in hers, the one that was garnished with a beautiful diamond ring. "So...what do you say?"

There was a long silence as each member of the team had their own epic battle within themselves. Starfire was the first to speak.

"I have resided on this planet for an extended period of time...and yet there is much I have not seen because of our...duties. I wish to explore every inch of this wondrous earth, I wish to see everything I can, and I wish to know things that no one else knows. I wish to be with Robin, too, and I wish not to worry that every time we go out on a of us will not be returning." She paused and squeezed Robin's hand, taking a deep breath. "That is why my vote is yes."

Cyborg cleared his throat and looked up. "I've always wanted my own garage. To be able to trick out even the dingiest vehicles. Hell, I'd put "Pimp My Ride" to shame. I'm not bein' cocky y'all but, hey, I'm good. I'm real good. I've got a cousin in Metropolis that can hook me up with a sweet place. It's small, but it's heaven. I can start from scratch and be the best mechanic in the city. Just like my dad. Just like I always wanted to be." He stared up dreamily, smiling wistfully as he conjured the idea. "So...I'm in, too."

"Dudes, I can use my fame to start an animal rights foundation. People always want to help out celebrities, and I could really do some good! Think; I could help save the rainforests!" Beast Boy was excited by his idea, and his eyes lit up at the thought of it. Terra giggled and threw her arms around his neck.

"I just wanna spend as much time as possible with my little green elf." She laughed, ruffling his hair." Robin turned to Raven, whose leg had suddenly tensed for reasons she was, even after all these years, still unwilling to admit.


The empath pulled down her hood and shook out her gorgeous lavender hair. "When I asked all of you to join this team, the main purpose was to defeat my father and stop him from emerging and taking over the world. Now that he is destroyed and I am pure...I see no reason to maintain this team." Her voice was as cold and unfeeling as ever, but her eyes were downcast and pricked with some unknown emotion that the others could not decipher. "I will miss it, though." she breathed as an afterthought.

"Me too." Beast Boy whispered.

"A world without Teen Titans. Why does that sound scarier than I thought it would?"

"Because we are giving up the one thing we have known for nearly our entire lives to start something entirely new. The idea is daunting. I do not know if I am ready..." Starfire bit her lower lip anxiously and hesitated. "Friends....I wish for you all to promise me...that we will always remain companions. No matter where life's long road may lead us, promise me we shall always remain friends. Forever."

The young woman still held that air of innocence she possessed at sixteen. Her teammates couldn't let it shatter. Not just yet.

"Of course, Star." Cyborg said with feigned cheerfulness.

"Always and forever!" Terra chimed, and Beast Boy nodded. Starfire smiled in return...but she knew in her heart that they were lying through their teeth.

Terra glanced beyond the curtain again. "They're getting antsy out there."

"Whose gonna do it?"

There was a long, awkward silence as each of the six adults ran headlong into the brick wall of reality. After some effort, Raven spoke.

"I will." She stepped out of her corner and bravely walked to the edge of the stage, where the curtain parted the safe realm of her childhood from the frightening world of growing up. She raised a hand to push the red velvet aside, but soon found herself shaking. Her hand remained suspended in the air for a moment or two, before it dropped like a weight to her side and she dejectedly rushed back to the wall, head hung and arms crossed. "I can't. I can't do it." Her voice actually cracked, if only in the slightest, and Beast Boy draped an arm around her slim shoulders. She shivered from the touch, but did not pull away. Terra defensively snatched his other hand, but no one seemed to notice.

Robin swallowed, his adam's apple bobbing up and down nervously. "I will." His voice was stalwart and cool, like the famed action hero of Beast Boy's favorite movie or the quarterback who threw the winning touchdown of the superbowl. He rolled back his shoulders and held his chin high, and for one brief and shining moment he was Robin again, the fearless, clever leader of the greatest crime fighting team Jump City had ever known. Releasing Starfire's hand, he walked confidently to the edge of the stage, his cape floating behind him like a cloud.

"Are you sure man?"

He paused at Cyborg's voice. Turning back, he smiled sadly at his team. His team. He was really going to miss those words.

"Consider it my final act as leader."

The Titans rose and took their places behind him, bracing themselves for impact.

"We're here for you, dude." Beast Boy said as he clapped a hand down on his shoulder.

"For the last time." Raven murmured, but everyone heard. The group took a collective breath, and Moses, parted the Red Sea that was the curtain, and stepped into the line of fire.

There was a resounding roar of shutters clicking and bulbs flashing and the senseless babble of reporters as they all tried to get one single question in. Robin raised a gloved hand, and the crowd was silenced. The team was mesmerized by his command over the people. He stepped forward, where a podium adorned with dozens of tv microphones awaited him. Every fiber in his body screamed.

'Run. Run fast and run far. Never grow up. Be a kid forever and stay up late and watch scary movies and eat ice cream for breakfast every day. You can have it all. If you run.'

But he pushed past it, and with a strong, deep voice he spoke.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice. I suppose you're all wondering why we've called you here. What I am about to say will come as a great shock to everyone. Please realize that this decision was unanimous, and only made after much deliberation." A beat. He drew a breath. "All great things must come to an end, and we are no exception. We've called this press conference to announce that the Teen Titans are disbanding."

No matter how eloquent and well spoken the rest of Robin's speech was, it was lost in the sledgehammer impact of that one sentence.

The Teen Titans were no more.