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Chapter 1

July 16, 1966

The smell of rain filled a large office that was occupied by an elderly man. Albus Dumbledore turned to the window and sniffed the sweet air that came from an open window. A storm was coming in soon. It was a nice reprieve from the heat wave that surrounded the grounds in the summer season.

He sat at his desk and scanned over the papers that were scattered over his desk. Each one he saw had to deal with the ministry asking for advice. Sighing, he was about to turn back to his papers when a screech came from the window.

He turned to see an owl that was perched on the window sill. The old man shook his head, another letter from the ministry asking him for more advice he assumed. Though his mind started to wonder, the bird wasn't the normal brown tawny owls that the ministry sends. He finally concluded that it was from a personal source. The black horned owl shrieked again and lifted its leg the older mans nimble fingers reached for the letter. As soon as the letter was taken the bird raised his wings and took off into the cloudy grey skies.

The old man returned to his desk again and gently opened the letter. His twinkling blue eyes scanned fast over the words and seemed to be dimming with each line. Once he finished the letter he scanned it over again but couldn't find the wording changed in anyway. He placed the parchment down finally and folded his hands.

So much potential.


Wasted by the influence of desperation and hopelessness.

Albus picked up the letter again, a pang of guilt ran through his body. Knowledge of what he should have done to prevent the boy's death filled his mind. The lad did have potential to have a right future, a good future, a solid one. But the boy didn't see it through. He should have prevented that. This old man didn't listen to the cry's that the young man had. The taunting...the abuseā€¦ everything. Yet he didn't do anything.

So many times the young boy had entered into his office. Bruised, beaten, often come from the hospital wing. The boy didn't admit anything to him for some time but the look in his eyes screamed with answers. However under school law if the boy couldn't admit the perpetrators he couldn't do anything.

All along he knew. When the lad finally admitted it, it was under the circumstance that he would have to take the side on the ones who were in the wrong. It was probably the last straw the boy could take.

It was probably the last straw Severus Snape could take when he committed suicide at the age of sixteen.

He decided not to think more of the depressing news and pushed the letter aside to continue working. It was then that a light knocking came at his door.

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