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Chapter 3

July 16, 1966

It was with a loud thump and an ache in his back that Harry Potter eyes opened to. Not really the most wonderful feeling in the world but, however, he was lucky to be alive, and by checking his limbs, with everything still intact. In his palm was, or once was a brass time turner. The tiny glass had shattered completely and the little sand that had been inside was completely gone. Now that wasn't good was it?

Hermione was going to kill him. He only wanted to see the timeturner for a moment, just so he could have a little bit more time to finish his charms essay. Yes that was it, but he had to slip and fall, crushing the precious object with his hand.

The green eyed boy pushed himself up into a sitting position and looked around. He was still in the exact place, but where were Ron and Hermione? He couldn't have gone that far back, or out in time had he? A moment of fear came over him what was he going to do? Maybe Dumbledore was around he could help him, or any headmaster if it need be. So pushing himself to his feet he barely begun his way towards the headmasters office when he noticed how alone he was.

The castle must be on holidays, deducted his brain a moment or two from looking at the lush green scenery outside a near by window. However he could smell the soft rain scent from outside. Usually Hogwarts was always buzzing with students going in and out of classrooms and down the hallways.


"E're now what's this? Oy you ain't supposed to be here!" A gruff voice barked in the background making Harry slightly jump. The dark haired boy looked back to see a rather scraggly bent man, holding a cane to support himself. He was dirty from head to foot and rather reminded Harry of Filch. The man however accompanied with a cane, was rather quick with it and caught up to Harry and grabbed his arm.

Great now what? Harry thought. The grubby man still had a hold of him. He didn't struggle though, and as he was thinking about the situation maybe it was a good idea.

"Name boy?" The man asked, taking a good look from head to toe.

"Harry Potter." Harry responded quickly.

"Potter eh?...Potter, Potter. E're now...I re'ember...boy like you. Yea' comm'n back. I ain't that old now." He threw his head up, chuckled, but still held a firm grip on Harry. Tossing his head down he looked at the boy very serious. "Troublemaker. I swears I had to clean up your dung bomb for a' week in one of te corridors...Well come on you.. Best get you to 'eadmaster. Your just plain lucky he's e're for the 'olidays."

Plain luck indeed. Harry thought back. Well from this man he could tell a lot about what time frame he was in and least know that it really was the summer holidays. He back tracked to what the grubby man answered. There was another Potter that must mean..

What stroke of luck indeed. It was even better then what he had planned. Harry was grinning now from ear to ear. His mind occupied with the opportunities, so much so that he didn't realize the other man had lead him down the halls, called out the password to the headmasters office and was leading him up the stairs. Harry's mind still swam with thought. Really how lucky was it for him to actually see his father and his mother?

A soft knock made him come back to reality.

"Come in." Was all the reply from the inside the door. The man with the cane opened door and lead Harry in.

"Hello Darius." Dumbledore's voice said mildly from across the room. "Care for a peppermint humbug?"

Darius gave a nod of acknowledgement but shook his head on the offering of sweets. "Not this time 'eadmaster. Looks like I found a straggler. I'll leave yah to him."

Darius let go of Harry's arm and closed the door behind him. Harry stood there for a moment or two not saying anything. Which was a little awkward. Dumbledore just smiled however and said quite calmly.

"I believe you have a story to tell am I correct?