You remember sometimes that you want the world to be as it was before.

well for some the things are clear. The world is perfect until one little element comes in between, that's when all changes and a new place have to be won.

The discovery.

Hot Shot looked at a youngster train. the youngster was Sideswipe, he had just joined the team and Hot Shot wanted to see what Sideswipe could.

"oh no!" he said as he missed a hologram, that was going slowly. Sideswipe bowed his head and saw Hot Shot come in.

"you need to start from the bottom, Sideswipe. before we can get you with us on a mission" Hot Shot said. Sideswipe nodded, he wanted to learn from the best and he hoped to be just as good as Hot Shot.

Sideswipe had arrived just two days earlier and wasn't fully accepted, but if he could prove himself in some skill, then he was welcome. Blurr had recognized the youngster as one, he had 'saved' from an Autobot fall trap and now Sideswipe had followed him to earth.

But they had otherproblem, Wheeljack, a old friend off Hot Shot's, was back and wanted revenge

Sometime after Sideswipe had been training. The alarm went off and they got attacked at the base. Sideswipe was the first to the scene, but the others soon followed.

Not farthat off a human noticed the smoke. Something deep down the soul called it, the human glowed in a bright light and soon a slight fighter was flying to the scene.

"this one's for me!" Wheeljack yelled. Hot Shot dogged, hit his old friend in the stomach and was quickly out of reach.

"not so fast!" Sideswipe yelled and attacked Wheeljack from behind.

"Sideswipe!" Hot shot yelled, but saw that Sideswipe had a point from where he was attacking. He couldn't injure him! But he would get Wheeljack of his guard and balance as well.

Sideswipe had luck. The plan had worked and now, he was sitting on Wheeljack, who tried to get the youngster of him.

"YOU'RE MINE!" a voice suddenly screamed all of the sudden.A big bright light was approaching from where Optimus and Megatron was fighting.

"NO!" someone screamed. Hot Shot looked and saw Starscream and Jetfire on the way to the spot. But each hit a shield they fell to the ground.

"TRANSFORM!" Megatron yelled and drove over Optimus, who screamed. He was severely damaged and couldn't stand much more.Jetfire hit the shield again and again, but without luck.

"OUT OF THE WAY!" a womanlike voice said. They all turned to see a seeker stand with several weapon forward. All ran away as the femme was loading up to give a full amount of her strength. Both sides looked at each other, no one knew if the transformer wanted Optimus or Megatron or just to help one of them.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Megatron yelled at the femme like, he knew her then a bright flash appeared from each of her weapons.

"ULTRA MEGA SHOT!" she screamed all weapons gave a beam of light. They hit the shield and the shield broke down. She flew in and began to battle Megatron, but he then ordered a retreat.

"We aren't finished Megatron!" she called after him and narrowed her optics into a very faint blue streak.

"who are you?" Optimus asked before going into stasis.

"that's the story" the femme said. She told them, that she had been on patrol, when she got a signal in from a Minicon on Europe, a small moon of Jupiter's, and then she flew to the Earth to give the Minicon to them. But she had to interfere in the battle, that she had reacted on sometime earlier. "But i have to go. My group leader won't be happy with me, because i broke down my mission"

the femme left them, even before they could get her name.

The transformers tried to call Cybertron on info on the seeker, but no group leader was missing a member.

"very mysterious, she's not in the new archives…" Jetfire said

"neither with the old" Sideswipe said as he turned towards the Shuttle, "it's like she's not an Autobot"

Jetfire looked at the youngster, "hey you know, you may have something there. Do you think you can hack into a file for me?" The shuttle asked.

"name it!" Sideswipe said and turned towards the computer again. hacking his way into the Decepticon files.

"let me see... highly classified there it is! 'operation Air' hack into that one" Jetfire pointed at a very classified file, that they both read with great interest.

"I knew, that I had seen her before. Take a look at this 'the seeker in this experiment Air Line, daughter of Skylines, was killed in this experiment'!" Jetfire sounded like, he was in shock, "but then who is our transformer, who helped Optimus?" Jetfire looked at Sideswipe.

"back to the Autobot files sir?" Sideswipe asked. Jetfire left the youngster, "I'll take that as a yes"

The youngster hacked in and out of files. He found look a likes and males at the same size. But the name Skylines came up many times, so he located the file on the dead Autobot leader.

"Name: Skylines Prime original name Skyle.Position: leader of the Autobots and grounder of the C.W. Cybertronian warriors. Children: 5 (2 dead at the birth not to save, 2 alive not locatable and1 missing) 2 alive sons youngest onesis still alive. 1 missing older daughter, Air Line, believed to be dead. Many are still trying to locate the seeker and the two sons. Time of death: Three circles before Air Line's disappearance." Sideswipe looked at the name Air Line, "if only we knew more"

Sideswipe left the room after logging out. The names Air Line and Skylines stillwasin his mind.