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The dreadful memory


"Let them go!" Air Line yelled all looked around. The scene had changed Megatron was holding two transformers a blue/orange and yellow/red.

"Airier" they yelled.

"Give me an offer and I will tell you a secret as well Air" Megatron yelled.

"Tell me the secret first!"

"well, since my brother is dead, I can as well tell you; it was I who murdered our father, but only because he wanted the universe so is it with your father join me Air and together, we'll get peace here on Cybertron"

"Okay, on one condition; leave my brothers alone they haven't done anything" Air said and moved forward


"Airier!" the two youngsters said as they came running.

Air Line cried, "Sorry, we are declared enemies now. Promise me never to get into the wrong hands off anyone" she said the two youngsters nodded and cried as well, "Sootier, promise me that you'll look after Swapper."

"Airier, I promise" Sootier answered. Air Line nodded and rose from the ground. She looked at the twins for two seconds, then at two elder transformers that came running calling out their names.

Air Line walked over to her uncle, leaving the two youngsters that suddenly ran.

"AIRIER!" they yelled, as two transformers grabbed them, "Skier! Wheelie! Leave us alone! Airier!"

/\Air Lines room/\

Air Line woke with a scream; she stayed calm for two second listening. No one had heard her, she leaned over. This memory had haunted her sleep in what had seemed like centuries and now the memory threaten to take her sanity away from her.

She lay back down and looked at the ceiling, then over at two pictures which she had always had. One of them had her full attention, there were two transformers on this Air Line looked at it for a little while knowing all about the truth behnd it. She closed down once more into her memories that were more evil than good

/\Memory Cybertron/\

"Come on Orion. we can go faster than this"

"Air Line, slow down a bit you know I'm not a flyer" a young Optimus called up to a seeker.

"you used to brag about being the fastest," Air Line called down flying backwards over, so she was right above him, "Jetfire at least give me some challenge"

"Jetfire is also a flyer, you should know that!"

"Maybe I do" Air Line sounded sad, as she suddenly transformed and landed behind Optimus, who transformed as well.

"What's up?"

"It's just something, that I learned about you" Air Line began "you see I listened in on a conversation and it said…"

/\Lounge room next day/\

"Optimus does or did Air Line have any family?" Hotshot asked the Autobot leader, who stood with a pad in his hand.

"She had two siblings Hotshot that's why she's protective of some of you" Optimus said looking over at the reading Air Line that looked up in return over the edge of the Data pad, which Zarya had provided for her.

"Who were these siblings?" Sideswipe asked he wanted to know.

"I'm not sure they were lost in the system which many young transformers were" Optimus answered