Michelle-Note: Yeah...I dunno where this will go, or how much time I'll have to write. This is a sequel, and if you haven't done so, I encourage you to read Merging or else this won't make complete sense.

Warning: Slashy-ness will be present. If that bothers you, don't read this, mmmkay?

Merging Again

Chapter 1: Again?! WTF?

Ren: Stevens' House, living room, Sacramento: 3:39pm: 17 June

Tawny had always liked me. Kate was in love with Lizzie, and Lizzie was in love with Kate. I almost made out, and did other things with Kate's ex-boyfriend. Tawny was never going to talk to me again, and Kate left, again. It was raining, and I was standing just inside our front door. I felt like I should at least try to stop the girl, and just do something. I had no idea what I would do. She needed to call a cab and would just be out in the rain until it got here. I could tell her to come inside and wait. It made sense for me to stop her because she was going to be out in the rain, at least, not because of Lizzie, but just because she was a nice girl. Stupid, but a nice girl. I was stupid, and Lizzie was stupid too; the whole damn lot of us were completely stupid. We all messed everything up.

"Go." Ruby mouthed, silently.

I nodded, took a deep breath, then tore the door open intent on running out in to the rain to chase down the blonde girl who was already completely drenched, but I then stopped, and stood there in the doorway as it poured outside.

"I didn't leave this time." She said as she stood directly in front of me.

Surprised, I looked back at everyone else. They were surprised as well, expectedly. Again, they had all turned, and were trying to look out the door. Lizzie had sat up.

"Should we try this again?" I asked.

"Lizzie McGuire…dammit…you're going to forgive me, and I can too change…" She said through her tears, "I didn't leave, and I'm not going to…even if you want me to, I'm not going because you would never leave me alone, and if you want to push me away now like I did you for years, then fine, I deserve it, but I'm tired of running, and hiding, and just walking away when I should stay…" She took a deep breath, "I'm tired of messing everything up, and I don't care about Ethan…or…or about Claire…or you, Miranda. I don't care if you don't like me, and you don't think I'm worth a shit. I'm not worth a shit, and I know it, but I can change…I changed into this shitty person I am now, so I can change back."


Kate continued, "I don't care anymore who hears this, Lizzie, but I love you…" She looked away, and tried to wipe her eyes, frantically, then looked back up, "I love you."

A crack of thunder rumbled close by. I grabbed the girl's wet arm, and pulled her in, then slammed the door, saying, "Stop standing in the freaking rain."

She stumbled in, and looked at Lizzie, "Say something, for God's sake, Lizzie. Tawny told me you liked me back, so say something, so I don't feel like a complete dumb ass." Then she added, "Please…"

Miranda spoke up before Lizzie, "You are a dumb ass…a big fucking dumb ass…"

"Oh my God!" Ruby screamed, then dove off of my couch, over Gordo, and tackled the girl who was crouched on the floor next to the loveseat.

I locked the door quickly, and stood in front of it, making sure she didn't try to run.

"I deserved that…" She sighed.

"You didn't let me-" Miranda started to yell, but Ruby laid on top of her and covered her mouth with her hand.

"Shit!" My friend cried out, pulling her hand away, having been bitten.

"You're a dumb ass, Kate, for leaving at the hospital, then coming here, and for walking outside, and making us all think you left!"

We all stared at her.

"I know I messed up…more times than I can remember…" Looking back at Lizzie, she shrugged, "I'm more sorry than I can put into words…"

"Kate…I…" Lizzie started to stand, but Miranda and Ruby guided her back down.

"You have to stay." Ruby coaxed.

"Yeah…don't move, I'll come…there…" Kate said before she began to move slowly and awkwardly toward her, "I'm sorry about kissing Tawny…she thought it would convince you to talk to me…seeing as I was too stubborn to talk to you…"

"Do what?" I asked.

"What're you talking about Ren?" Gordo asked.

"Kate and Tawny…I…I thought that…but…no…it was…"

"Spit it out." Ruby glared.

"You and Tawny kissing was some plan to get Lizzie to talk to you?" I asked Kate.

She nodded, "Did she not explain that?"

"We haven't talked…She…she said she doesn't wanna be friends with me anymore, and she's avoiding me…and Louis it looks like…" I was baffled.

"She loves you, Ren…more than anything…so much that she could never bring herself to tell you…"


"No buts…she dated everyone because she was trying to get over you…she thought she would find someone she liked more than you, but she never did…"

"Why's she doing this then?"

"To get over you, Ren…I already told you. As long as she's friends with you, she felt like she'd never be able to move on." Lizzie said.

I rubbed my temples, "Maybe…maybe I don't want her to move on…"

"Maybe you should tell her that…" Kate turned back to Lizzie, "Do you think we could talk…alone this time?"

The blonde on the couch looked at all of us.

"Let's disperse." Ruby said, and headed for the kitchen.

"I'll get you a towel, Kate…you're kinda wet…" Gordo said, and went for the closet.

Miranda looked the new addition to our group over carefully, as if to make sure she was safe, then she looked at Lizzie, and sighed before walking past me and upstairs. I just stood there. I didn't know what to do. For once, I didn't know how to react. Should I go to Tawny's house, or call her, or both, or write her a letter, or just go to her house and try to talk to her? Maybe I should just leave it alone. There was no one in the same boat as me anymore. I was alone, and in a shitty boat, and it was still raining; thundering now too. That didn't make it any easier.

"Ren? Hey…Ren?"

I looked at Lizzie and Kate sitting together, blinked, and went to my room to find the phone. I sat on my bed, and stared at the button for I don't know how long. I pushed in Tawny's cell phone number, and hoped she had it on her because she hardly ever did. It rang five times, and then her voicemail picked up. I hung up, and stared at the buttons for a while more before dialing her home phone number.

One ring…two rings…three rings…

"Hello?" Mr. Dean answered.

"Hi, Dr. Dean, can I talk to Tawny please?"

"She's in the shower." He said calmly.

"During a storm?"

"Excuse me?"

"It's storming…she shouldn't be in the shower…she could be struck by lightning…"

He hesitated, "Oh…um…"

"Is she there?"

He was covering for her, I know it, "It is storming, and I really don't think it's a good idea for you two to be on the phone…lightning and all…"

"I'm coming over. Tell her I'm coming over." I hung up. Then hurriedly put on my flip flops, grabbed my keys, ran down the stairs, and outside into the rain.