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It really seemed like a good idea at the time. He was just trying to improve on a justu! Give it something only he could do! Make it special! Make it… something that would show people he would be Hokage! It was the most brilliant thing he had ever thought of!

"That was the dumbest thing I have ever seen!! What did you even think of doing that for?!" yelled Jiraiya, right in Naruto's face. He waved an arm in the general direction of the 'that' that he was referring to.

"Ah, heh heh heh… well, I thought I could make it better! You know, since it didn't work to well against Kabuto-san…"

"It was impressive…" And I must admit, it scared all the young ladies right out of the bath… without their towels… Shaking his head to clear away the slight reddening of his cheeks, the perverted hermit continued. "So why did you do it now?! Why didn't you wait to go to a training ground?!"

"Ano…" Naruto kicked idly at a rock. "I didn't wanna wait!" he finally declared.

"BAAAAKA!! Now we'll be banned from the hot springs for life! Oh, all the pretty girls…" Jiraiya moaned.

"Come on, it's not that bad," Naruto said, clapping a hand on the ero-sennin's back. They walked down the road, towards more training. "Let's get some ramen."

Behind them, a mountain was missing, and a crater stood where it used to be, the results of Naruto using the Nine-tailed fox's charka to power the Rasengan.


Just as idle thought that struck me. What would happen if Naruto had done that somewhere in the series?