Disclaimer: I don't own Alias or the characters. I'm just playing with them. And these lines are from the episode "Succession."

Some Things Never Change

I walked towards the cell with a feeling of apprehension growing in my stomach. I knew Sark had been a prisoner of the CIA for the past two years…but I had to talk to him. He had to know something about what had happened during my two missing years.

The cell door slid upward as I approached. I walked through it to stand before the glass of my mother's old cell. Except Sark now inhabits it. He was sitting on his bunk, head against the wall, knees up, with his arms lying across his knees. And still dressed in black, even if it was only a pair of loose pants and an old T-shirt.

It seemed prison life wasn't treating him so badly, as he still looked in shape. Even imprisoned, Sark wouldn't let himself get soft. Damn, some things never changed, did they? Somehow, that thought gave me comfort.

"I wanted a word before you get traded." I said, breaking the silence.

Sark looked over at me, clearly shocked. And since he already knew someone was there, the shock my have been because of my appearance. He got off his bunk and walked over to the glass.

"Dear God, it can't possibly be you..." he whispered.

"Don't start this conversation by acting surprised that I'm alive." I snapped, despite the doubts that his reaction to my appearance was, well, genuine.

"Sydney, you know how highly I regard your abilities as an operative, but even I didn't think you were capable of cheating death once your remains had been identified." He told me smoothly, his mask firmly back in place.

Once again the cold blooded assassin stood before me. "Which begs the question: if it wasn't your body they removed from the ashes...whose was it?" he continued.

But my mask was every bit as good as his. "I read the transcripts of your confessions – including the fact that you and a woman named Allison Doren killed my friend...Francie."

Saying that out loud hurt. Francie was dead…I still didn't want to believe it.

"If you've read my transcript, you know how cooperative I've been. I'll be glad to pay you the same courtesy if you simply tell me what you're getting at." Sark said.

"That explosion in my apartment was a cover up...to make the CIA believe I was dead." I said coolly. "What I believe is that Sloane abducted me, I think you know why...but you failed to mention that in your confession."

"If I'm to understand what you're saying, you have no idea where you've been for the last two years." Sark sounded surprised.

I didn't answer, but I don't think I needed to. Sark had always seemed to know me better than anyone else…including Vaughn.


I glared at him and he let out a short laugh. "Unbelievable!"

He laughed again. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh, it's just...I'm speechless. Sydney, if Sloane had intended to abduct you, I wasn't privy to it."

"What if I said I still don't believe you?" I snapped, but strangely enough, I was actually beginning to think Sark was telling the truth.

"I'd say it'd make no difference. In 24 hours I'll be free, and...you'll remain in the dark." Sark smirked.

We stared at each other for a long moment. I wondered for a second about what it could have been like if I had accepted his offer to work with him. My life could have been a whole lot different…and I think I could actually have been very happy. It was a scary thought, but true all the same.

I turned to leave. "See you in Mexico." I said as I left.

I couldn't help but smile as I walked away. Sark hadn't changed at all – and that, more than anything else, comforted me. My world may be falling apart around my ears, but Sark was still the arrogant bastard he always had been.

Mexico would be fun.